3000 Watt Generator What Will It Run?

3000 Watt Generator What Will It Run

If you have recently bought a generator of 3000 watts, you might be confused about the appliances you can use on your generator safely. It is a particularly important thing to know, mainly because most people burn or destroy their appliances because of a lack of awareness.

A generator of 3000 watts can run a laptop, electric bulbs, television, water heater, refrigerator, blender, and an electric grill. There are many more things that these generators can efficiently run, so keep reading to find those out, and do not miss the section where I will tell you about the things not to run on your 3000-watt generators.

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What Appliances Can Run On A 3000-Watt Generator?

What Appliances will 3000 Watt generator run

People often wonder what 3000-watt generators run; there are many appliances that you can run easily on the 3000-watt generators, and we will list them and explain them one by one, so you don’t have to worry about doing it all by yourself. So, let’s get right into it:


You can run a standard and simple television on a 3000-watt generator for a house pretty easily and without any hassle, but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. A super-basic television consumes anywhere around 80-400 running watts depending upon the type of TV you have.

If you actually want to run television on your generator, make sure that you don’t have the one that uses a lot of power because a basic one would be perfect. You don’t want to drain all the power of your generator just on the television.

Most televisions need 30-150 watts of extra power, which kickstarts the appliance and keeps it running for a long time. So, running a television on the 3000-watt generator is not a big deal at all.


Your 3000-watt generator can run an oven only if it is a super-basic one that we usually use for domestic purposes. The oven can use anywhere from 1500-2000 running watts, so as long as it is crucial, you might not want to run the oven on a generator because then you won’t be able to run the other appliances.

Ovens don’t usually need a starting kick of power, but most of them even run at more than 2000 watts if they are advanced. But, you can run a basic oven quite simply on your 3000-watt generator without any hassle.

Light Bulb

You would usually find the running watts of bulbs written on their boxes, and most of them hardly use 75-100 watts which is great because you can even go for 5-6 bulbs, and it still won’t have a major effect on the wattages of your generator.

The light bulbs don’t really need starting watts, so they are perfect and completely safe to use on a 3000-watt generator. Some bulbs even need less than 70 watts, so you don’t have to worry about the watts and calculations at all in the case of the light bulb.


A mid-sized dishwasher would need around 1500-2500 watts for constantly running, so; you might need to switch off other appliances if you want to run your dishwasher on the generator for an emergency.

People usually assume that dishwashers consume more electricity, and that is mainly because of how they look. But, dishwashers only need electricity for pumping water and maintaining control.

But, if you want to use more appliances along with dishwashers, make sure that you don’t have one that uses a lot of power because then you won’t be able to use any other appliance.


The domestic blenders usually need 250-700 watts depending upon their brand and size, but you can safely use them on your 3000-watt generator without going through the hassle of irregularity or disturbance in power.

Professional blenders are bigger in size, and they use anywhere from 1200 watts to 1500 watts. So, almost all types of blenders are suitable and safe to be used on 3000 watts generator. Also, blenders don’t need starting watts which is great too.


If you think that you cannot run a refrigerator on your generator, then you might be mistaken because refrigerators don’t use as many watts as people assume. A full-sized refrigerator usually takes up plus or minus 700 watts, which can run on a 3000-watt generator for house quite easily.

The problem comes at the starting watts because you need at least 2200 watts of power to kickstart a refrigerator which means you cannot use other appliances while you are switching your refrigerator on, but after that, it will run at 700 watts, so you are good to go.


People often get concerned about whether they can use their laptop on a generator or not, but they certainly can because laptops hardly use 60 watts, and they don’t even need any starting power.

So, if your generator provides steady power of 60 watts, then you can use quite a lot of laptops on it without any hassle.


Hair Dryers are a handy appliance, and we always need them when we are on the go; and you would be pleased to know that you can use hair dryers with a 3000-watt generator because hairdryers only use 1250 running watts.

Moreover, hairdryers don’t even need any starting watts, which makes them even more suitable for a 3000-watt generator.

More appliances that can run on a 3000-watt generator are:

  • Water heaters- 3000 running watts
  • Electric grill- 1250 running watts
  • Coffee maker- 1000 running watts
  • Printer- 300-500 running watts
  • Clothing iron- 800-2000 running watts
  • Small water heater- 3000 running watts

Electric Appliances You Should Not Use On A 3000-Watt Generator

Now that you know about all the appliances you can use on a 3000-watt generator, it is also important to take a look at the appliances that you are not supposed to use; otherwise, you might end up messing up your generator or your appliances.

Electric Chainsaw

An electric chainsaw is a pretty heavy-duty instrument. They need around 4000-6000 watts of power, so you should never consider using your electric chainsaw on a 3000-watt generator as your generator won’t be able to produce this kind of power.

Full-sized Water Heater

If you have a regular or full-sized water heater, then you should never use it while your 3000-watt generator is on mainly because these heaters use a lot of power and need more than 4000 running watts which your 3000-watt generator certainly cannot provide.

You can still go for a small heater, but it also uses around 2700-3000 running watts, so it will be harder for you to use any other appliance while using these heaters.

Air Condition

Though the small air conditions usually use 3000 running watts, regular ones need anywhere from 3500-6000 watts depending on their BTU. So, it is better if you avoid using air conditions on your 3000-watt generator because it will certainly not be good for your generator.

Cloth Dryer

Most cloth dryers use more than 3000 running watts because they have to constantly spin to dry the clothes. So, a good-quality cloth dryer won’t be suitable for your 3000-watt generator for the house. If the dryer you are using runs at a wattage of 3000, then you need to switch off everything, and only then will it run.

Also, the starting wattage of most dryers is a lot more than 4000 watts which again would not be possible with a 3000-watt generator.

How Many Appliances Can You Use On A 3000-Watt Generator?

It completely depends upon the type of appliances you are using and whether they use low power or high. For example, if all your appliances use 1000 running watts, you can only use 3 appliances in your house, and that is it.

As the bulbs use a lot less watts, you can use them along with your blender and television and enjoy fresh juice in the morning even if the power is out. You just need to know that you are not touching the 3000-watt limit of your generator, and you can know by adding the wattages of all the appliances you use.

Is 3000-Watt The Right Type Of Generator For You?

Whether the 3000-watt generator is good enough for you or not completely depends upon your requirements and the question of why you do not even need a generator and whether you need it for office use or domestic use.

For most people, a 3000-watt generator works just fine, but if you have a big house with many electric appliances, 3000-watt might not be good enough for your household, and you would have to go for a generator that offers higher numbers of watts.

Also, if you don’t want to back up lots of appliances with your generator, then the 3000-watt feature can be great for your household. Most of the time, a 3000-watt generator is considered heavy duty for domestic use, but if you already have it, stick to it.

You can even run some of the high-powered appliances on this type of generator, and most of them don’t make as much noise as the generators with higher wattages make. Also, some high-end 3000-watt generators even offer impeccable liberty when it comes to using appliances.

So, if you still think that a 3000-watt generator is right for you, then great, keep reading and find out what things that you can run on your generator without worrying.

Top 2 Best 3000-Watt Generators

If you are not sure what 3000-watt generators you should buy, then don’t worry because we have got you covered, so keep reading.

Briggs & Stratton 30545 Inverter Generator

This 3000-watt generator produces clean power so that your appliances run at the perfect rate without the fear of burning up. The speed of this generator also reduces the noise that most generators produce.

Moreover, the Briggs inverter generator does not drink up the fuel unnecessarily, and it is even quieter than most small-sized generators. This generator even has the tendency to provide starting wattages to an RV air conditioner.

Also, if you fill the fuel tank of this generator, it can run for 10 hours straight with plenty of load, so you don’t have to worry about its power going off. Briggs generator is compact and comes with wheels, making it easier to move it from one place to another.

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Honda Power Equipment EU3000IS 3000W 120V Portable Home Gas Power Generator

The Honda power generator has the tendency to run for 20 hours straight with just 3.4 gallons of fuel which makes it the finest of choices for 3000-watt generators. This generator also does not make a lot of noise.

The generator does not take up a lot of fuel and uses advanced inverter technology that will be sufficient to fulfill all your power needs as you can use tv, blenders, furnace, and fridge on this generator.

You can also get a cable and make this generator a 6000-watt instantly. Also, this generator ensures stability while using different appliances and reduces the chances of wrecking your expensive electric items.

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The Ultimate 3000-watt Generator

The Honda generator is the best one among the two options mainly because it can run for longer hours, and it uses advanced technology that makes it easier for you to use your heavy-duty electronics on this generator.

Also, you don’t have to go through a lot of noise while using this generator, and it is super-compact and easy to use because of its simple navigation options and on-off features. The parallel cable feature of this generator also makes it the best among the rest, as you can double the power of this generator with just a cable.

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Having a 3000-watt generator can be puzzling for you, especially if you don’t know a lot about wattages. But, make sure to read all the boxes of your electric appliances and know what their running and starting wattages are, and then you are good to go.

Don’t make the mistake of running a heavier item on your generator and the item that uses more than 3000-watts because they will decrease the life of your generator, and your generator might end up in wrecks.

We hope this article helped you figure everything about what a 3000-watt generator runs.


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