Are Champion Generators Any Good? Which one to buy?

Are Champion Generators Any Good

Power outages due to bad weather or any technical reason can hinder your daily work. That’s why everyone prefers to have a generator to charge the appliances and prevent hours of blackout. Since so many brands are in the market, you may find yourself confused while finding a sound generator. One company that stands out for its reliable and budget-friendly models is Champion generators. So, you may ask, are Champion Generators any good?

The answer is “Yes.” Champion generators are best known for their dual-fuel engines and affordable prices. This relatively new producer of generators can be a perfect option for the home, RV camping, and commercial purposes. The brand boasts almost all modern features that top generator producers have, such as electric start, dual fuel performance, wireless remote control.

Still, there will be some queries regarding champion generators that you need to ask before purchasing. We will answer all of your questions and let you decide whether you should buy a champion generator or not?

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About Champion Generator Brand

The brand is an innovator in dual fuel and remote start technology. It produces portable generators, standby generators, and inverter generators.

The champion generator was launched in 2003. It is an American manufacturer with its headquarters in Santa Fe Springs, California.

Its reliable and portable generators are at half the price of other reputable brands. Its production units are established in the Zhejiang district of China, which is the only reason for affordable prices. Not just the price, you can expect the same performance and valuable experience from Champion generators as expected from other good brands.

Another key selling point of champion generators is their customer service. The brand prioritizes its customers’ concerns and reaches out to every customer to solve queries.

Features of Champion Generators

Champion generators can run on either propane or gasoline and include a range of plugs such as a 30-amp outlet, 50-amp outlet, and standard 120-volt outlet. This variable combination of outlets and ability to run on propane make these generators an ideal option for the RV market.

Almost all models run on Cold start technology and have an electric and wireless start. Units are also incorporated with various high-end safety and convenient features and have clearly labeled ports and panels.

It boasts a huge line of generators that ranges from 2,000-12,000-watt inverters.

The latest models from the brand have CO ShieldTM. The inclusion of this sensor makes the generator more environmentally friendly as the unit automatically switches off when there is carbon monoxide buildup.

All champion generators have a strikingly identifiable yellow and black theme. All generators are EPA certified and CARB compliant.

Champion generators have a 3-year limited warranty. Their average price is around $760.Overall, the units can have as low price as $200 and as high as $1900.

The 2 Best Champion Generators

Are Champion Generators Any Good

Our top picks are

  1. Champion Power Equipment 3800 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator
  2. Champion Power Equipment 7500-Watt Dual Fuel Generator

Let’s have a look at their features separately:

Is Champion 3800 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator Any Good?

  • Best for job sites
  • Type: Portable Dual Fuel
  • Running Wattage: 3800
  • Weight: 122 pounds

This dual fuel 3800-watt portable generator has gained much attention, and that’s all for the right reasons.

This conventional 224cc Champion engine unit is electrically started by pushing a button without any bothersome task of pulling a manual coil. It has 4750 starting watts, 3800 running watts and 9 hours of run time on a full gas tank, and 10.5 hours runtime on a 20 lb. propane tank.

The generator specification suit perfectly for RV camping as it was designed keeping that in mind.

The running wattage of 3800W (3420W on propane) is more than enough for a 10,000 BTU-rated TV air conditioner.

As propane is a cheaper option than gasoline, dual fuel generators are ideal. Also, it is an environmentally friendly option. And most importantly, the dual fuel option gives you the flexibility of not always relying on a single fuel type.

You don’t need to worry about running out of gasoline. You can simply connect a bottle of propane and get more runtime. Connecting the unit with a propane tank is pretty straightforward, making switching between different fuels easy.

It features an “intelligauge” that helps users monitor power output and track maintenance intervals. It also has one 20V 30A RV outlet, one 120V 30A locking outlet, and two 120V 20A household outlets.

Its Pros

  • Easy switching between gasoline and propane
  • Can power bigger appliance
  • Fuel efficient
  • Greater power output

Its Cons

  • Can be noisy

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Is Champion Power Equipment 7500-Watt Dual Fuel Generator Any Good?

  • Best for home and job sites
  • Type: Portable Dual Fuel
  • Running Wattage: 7500
  • Weight: 202 pounds

It is among the best champion generators on budget.

Champion 7500 dual fuel generator caters to nearly every situation. It can efficiently power almost all items such as refrigerator, window AC, lights, modem/router, security system, furnace blower, fan, TV/DVD, computer, well pump, sump pump, microwave, etc. The unit is a complete backup for home and construction sites.

The unit has a huge range of outlets. One is a 120V 30 Amp outlet (type L5-30R), one is 120/240V 30 Amp (L14-30R), and four are 120V household outlets with GFCI protection.

This outlet combination and high wattage make this unit a good choice for home back supply.

It has a full electric start, and the unit comes with a battery for an easy Touch start. The push-button electric start also includes a battery charger.

On gas, it produces 9375 starting watts and 7500 running watts, while on propane, it has 8400 starting watts and 6750 running watts.

As we look at its size, we can expect it to be noisy. This makes it not so good choice for camping or RV. However, it works perfectly for construction sites. It can power the most energy-consuming devices used at construction sites, such as air compressors.

Its Pros

  • Very powerful, can run multiple appliances at a time
  • Fuel efficient
  • Long run time
  • Budget-friendly

Its Cons

  • Quite loud

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The Best Pick: Champion Power Equipment 7500-Watt Dual Fuel Generator

Both units are best for different uses. The 3800 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator is perfect for RVing and camping. With its portability, dual fuel options, and electric start, you can have the best camping experience. However, our best pick out of the two is Champion Power Equipment 7500-Watt Dual Fuel Generator. Its dual-fuel option, fuel efficiency, full supply backup for home and construction sites, and electric start make it an ideal choice for most of your tasks.

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Final Verdict

When you plan to purchase a reliable generator for power outages, the Champion generator will serve all of your needs. Although Honda and Yamaha are some of the best generator producers in the market, it doesn’t mean that these are the only best brands in the market. The incorporation of modern features of technologies combined with low prices makes Champion generator a rival to many top brands.

We would highly suggest you go for Champion generators. However, before buying, do your research and closely look into generator type, price, portability, flexibility, and safety of the unit to cater to your needs. uses affiliate links (No Additional Cost For You). As an Amazon Associate, I earn when you purchase Using My Affiliate Link. Learn more.


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