Are Predator Generators Any Good? Which One To Buy?

Are Predator Generators Any Good

Yes, Predator generators are good generators to buy for your house, workshops, and RV. The Predator generators are well known for their well-priced, powerful engines that provide reliable and constant power supply in every type of situation. Their bigger models are the best selection for home or office, while the smaller models are ideal for travelers.

To help you choose the best predator generator, I have answered your most asked question; Are predator generators any good? I have also covered a comprehensive buying guide, reviewed the two best predator generators, and answered some frequently asked questions.

Good Predator Generators And Their Distinctive Features

Are Predator Generators Any Good

Predator is a reliable brand that has proved its reliability repeatedly. The company uses Briggs & Stratton engines, renowned for their durable and efficient engines for home and professional use.

Predator generators are pretty famous for their Honda clone engines, which have a wattage range of 2000W to 11,000 W with single fuel usage. These portable units have a noise level of 56-70 dB that can be considered relatively quiet. Moreover, most of their generators have CARB and EPA III certifications.

  • When compared to other brands, the brand sells its generators at a low price. The price starts from around $350 and ranges up to $800, with an average price of $500. The units have moderate weights similar to other brands, and it increases with the engine’s size, wattage and capacity.

Buying a predator generator will get you a great deal packed with reliability, fuel efficiency, and great output. In most of the models, you will also get an electric start, low oil indicator, shutdown indicator, and five power outlets.

Though their engines don’t have the dual-fuel capacity, one can easily add it with the conversion kit. Overall, units are easy to set up, and use, and their replacement parts are also easy to find.

The company has a wide range of portable and quiet generators, making them a top choice for the customers. Looking at the online customer reviews, one can be more than convinced that the Predator brand has excellent portable generators.

In short, whether it is an office, home emergency, or camping, the predator is the perfect choice for every type of need.

Viewing their amazing performance, you may plan to buy a predator generator. However, choosing the one that meets all of your needs is a matter of time and effort. You need to look for many models, options available in those models, and their specifications.

The 2 Best Predator Generators Review – are they good?

We have reviewed the two best Predator generators to help you decide which generator could be the best choice to equip your needs.

Our top two picks are Predator 8750 Generator and Predator 9000 Generator.

Predator 8750 is a strong portable generator by Harbor freight. It is specifically designed to manage tasks that demand a lot of watts. As a result, it can be the perfect backup power source in hours of power outages.

Predator 9000 is also a robust portable generator for rough environments. The unit works best for job sites, emergencies, or outdoor activities. It is an impressively high power generator with the capacity to simultaneously power various home appliances.

Is Predator 8750 Generator any Good? – Review

For high demanding tasks that require a lot of watts, 8750 generators are a good pick, and the best part is you don’t need a professional to clean this generator you can do it yourself.

  • Portable Open Frame
  • 8750 W Starting Watts
  • 7000 W Running Watts
  • 420cc / 13HP engine
  • 6.6-gallon tank

Its Features

This unit has a 420cc 13 HP air-cooled OHV engine with a fuel tank capacity of 6.6 gallons. The unit is best used indoors and outdoors. When indoors, it can power lights, fans, microwaves, refrigerators, ovens, and other appliances.

Instead of a conventional manual startup, the unit has an electric start. However, if the electric start fails, you can recoil.

The unit has 8750 starting watts and 7200 running watts. It has two 240V plugs and six outlets so that you can use various electronics for different sites.

Another quality of this unit is that it doesn’t need any professional cleaning. You can easily do it yourself, thus keeping it in good condition.

It can be operated for around 10-12 hours at 50% loads. If you run at the highest loads, don’t forget that it will use more fuel to run for 12 hours.

Since it has a bigger size, you cannot put it under the featherweight category and need a wheel kit to move. The bigger size with 220 lbs. also speaks for its loudness. At 50% load, it has 76 dB of noise. Despite its loud sound, it wouldn’t be a major concern if used at construction sites or during complete power outages. However, if you want to use it at sites or situations where minimal disruption is desired, we would not recommend it.

On the whole, predator 8750 is a worthy product for high demanding tasks. Though its big size and high noise level can be problematic, its powerful performance can overcome this downside. It is a trusted unit among the customers, which you can buy without any hesitation for various indoor and outdoor works.


  • Durable construction
  • Powerful engine
  • Large fuel tank
  • 12-hour run time


  • Bigger size
  • Noisy
  • Heavy/ Can’t move without wheel kit
  • Loud
  • Don’t come with a wheel kit
Is Predator 8750 Generator any Good?

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Is Predator 9000 Generator any Good? – Review

Are Predator Generators Any Good

Based on the wattage, efficiency, durability, price, capacity, and engine performance of the two units, Predator 9000 generators are really good.

  • Portable Open Frame
  • 9000 W Starting Watts
  • 7250 W Running Watts
  • 420cc / 13HP engine
  • 8-gallon tank

Its Features

The unit has a 420cc / 13HP air-cooled OHV gas engine with a fuel tank size of 8 gallons. 9000 starting watts and 7250 running watts help it run various home appliances at a time (Good for big houses). The unit has an electric starter or can be started with the pull start button.

The 8 gallons fuel capacity permits a run time of around 10-13 hours at 50% load. You can think of it as an accessory that you can start promptly without putting in much effort.

In case of complete power outages, the unit will be enough for a backup power supply for the whole house, and that too for several days.

It has a simple design with a modern overlook. There is also a low-oil indicator and low fuel shutdown built-in. So you can categorize it as the safest generator.

Though it is under the portable category, it is heavy at 195lbs which makes it difficult to move. However, you can move it quickly with a wheel kit which you can buy separately.

It has six DC outlets and one DC outlet. The six AC outlets are two duplex 120V 20A GFCI, one 120 30A receptacles, and one 120/240V 20A receptacle. One DC outlet is 12V 8A which allows quick battery charging. Therefore, you can power up everything with these seven outlets.

The downside of the unit is its high level of noise. In case you are considering using it in quiet areas, it can be problematic for you. As it is equally perfect for outdoor activities, it allows RV connection via an L5-30P adapter.


  • Large fuel tank
  • 13-hour run time
  • Powerful running and starting watts


  • No battery included
  • Not equipped with remote start
  • Does not come with a wheel kit
  • Heavy
  • Somewhat loud

In conclusion, predator 9000 is a powerful generator for home use and professional use. Additionally, it is the best choice for outdoor enthusiasts, concerts, festivities, RV travelers, and food truck owners. The unit can definitely improve the camping experience for RV travelers.

Is Predator 9000 Generator any Good?

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Which One TO Buy? – Buy Predator 9000 Generator

Based on the wattage, efficiency, durability, price, capacity, and engine performance of the two units, we would recommend the Predator 9000 Generator. Although both units have comparable features, extended run time with an 8-gallon fuel tank, 9000 W starting and 7250 W running time, low weight, and indoor and outdoor utility of Predator 9000 generator win the game.

What to Look For While Buying a Predator Generator?

All predator generators have safe construction with the same material. Therefore, it is safe to say that all predator generators are durable and safe.

Still, many features differ, and these are the ones on which you make the decision.


Wattage describes the magnitude of work the engine is capable of doing. With a higher wattage level, the engine works faster.

The wattage that you need in your generator depends on your needs. If you only need it for home, a wattage of 3000-6500W works perfectly. While for offices, you need above wattage 10,000W.

Run Time

Any generator would work for home use, but if you need it for office use or other outdoor recreation, get one with more run time.


Indeed, we want to get a good product with minimal investment. Predator generators are not cheap; still, they are a lot cheaper than brands like Honda and Yamaha. With reasonable prices, they give a fantastic user experience.

Generator Fuel

Modern generators on gas such as propane are more efficient and cheaper. Petrol or diesel generators are faster but not efficient and cost a lot. We would recommend air-powered generators to save performance and money.

Noise Level

The noise level will impact your decision as per your needs. It may not matter for big job sites, but it will if you are RVing or running a food truck.

If you want a super quiet generator, you may want to switch to an inverter generator.

Engine Capacity

It is the engine’s capacity to hold the air-fuel mixture. Engine with more capacity has more fuel and burns more. This, in turn, provides a high power output. A generator with a 420cc capacity is optimum for home use.

Conventional or Inverter

Before anything else, you should decide on whether you need a conventional generator or an inverter.

Conventional generators are powerful, quite heavy, and have a long run time.

Inverter generators are lightweight, have less capacity with low noise levels, and are more expensive.

To choose between the two, you must look for how long and how many devices a generator can power and decide based on your needs.


Another biggest concern while buying a generator is safety.

All predator generators have some safety features, but you should look for the following in every unit.

  • Circuit overload indicator
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • Dual-element air filter
  • Low oil shut down
  • Fuel overflow control
  • Adequate circuit breakers

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are predator generators made?

They are made and assembled in China. Despite their manufacturing in China, their quality assurance is done in the company headquarters, i-e in the USA.

Read More About Where are Predator Generators Made.

Is the Predator engine a Honda clone?

Predator (Harbor Freight Tools) and Honda are the biggest rivals on portable generators. The generators used by both companies are durable, quality efficient, long-lasting, and easy to move and start.

Despite being the biggest rivals, Predator engines are not Honda’s clones. Predator engines such as 212cc have quite similarities with Honda GX200 engines. Still, they are not clones.

Some of the features exist in both brands’ engines, while some are entirely different.

In terms of similarities, Honda and Predator engines have similar fuel efficiency, power supply, and power output. Units from both brands show high power working and produce clean energy.

However, predator inverters are more durable and quiet.

Is there any drawback to using the Predator brand?

Generally, no serious problem occurs while using a Predator generator. But there is a constant problem that customers face because of the inappropriate design of the oil gate. For the predator units with oil gates located under the engine, customers find it impossible to reach it, even with an extended funnel. uses affiliate links (No Additional Cost For You). As an Amazon Associate, I earn when you purchase Using My Affiliate Link. Learn more.


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