Are Pulsar generators any good? – Review

are Pulsar Generators any good

Extremely quiet, modern, exquisite, and 6x more potent than other brand generators. Yes, Pulsar generators are not only good but great generators. It is an American company, with its head office in California, USA.

A Chinese company named Ducar manufactures the generator engines for Pulsar. And they make both 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines. It is one of the fastest-growing popular generator brands. There are various kinds of generators of this brand. It is a portable generator producing company. So you can quickly move their generators around.

It offers not only single fuel generators but also dual fuel generators for its users. You can use pulsar generators for your home, job site, camping events, hotels, schools, etc. You can buy their models according to your power needs. The foremost reason for their popularity is that they provide good quality competitive generators at comparably low rates.

To help you in deciding which model you should choose, we have reviewed the two best models also and have also provided you with the answers to your most asked queries.

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Characteristic aspects of Pulsar Generators

Characteristic aspects of Pulsar Generators

Power range

The output power provided by these generators ranges between 1200w-15000w. Therefore, suitable for home, job site, or any other purpose.


These generators are modernly designed with a blend of black colors, and some models also have a gray matte finish. These are modern, stylish generators for your home or job site. They are designed while keeping in view their portability. Most of these generators have wheels and handles; therefore, you can carry or move them anywhere you want with ease.

Although being less costly, they are well and strongly built and have quality frames. You won’t complain about losing parts of your generators.

Quiet Generators

The engines used in these generators are quiet in contrast to other generator engines. Their engines are a lot quieter as compared to their competitor brands.

User-Friendly Control Panel

Their generators come with a very easy, understandable control panel. In almost all of the models, the control panel tech being used is the same and very easy to operate. Whether you’re targeting a conventional open-frame or an inverter generator, these generators generally feature a very user-friendly interface designed for ease of use.

Dual Fuel Technology

Dual fuel technology is one of the best features of these generators. You can use the fuel easily available or which gives you a better economy.

Provide stable Output

Some generators can’t produce stable fluent electricity. Because of inconsistent Output or fluctuations, many electrical devices get harmed or burnt while operating on such generators. But these generators are stable and provide you with clean electricity. Thus, save many expensive and sensitive devices from any kind of mishap.


Considering safety as your foremost priority, this brand provides you with the benefits of overload prevention, automatic voltage regulation, circuit protection, and low oil shutdown safety features

Automatic voltage regulation is one of the main distinguishing safety attributes of this brand. It can protect your generator from damage. When your generator is extra-loaded, the overload security system turns off the engines, thus saving your machine.

And similar is the case in a low oil shutdown system that shuts off the engine during running with lower oil levels and prevents your machine from any harm.

Top Two in our list and their complete review

We have reviewed the two best of this brand and have played our part in helping you to decide which one to buy to quip your needs.

Our two picks are Pulsar PG10000B16 and Pulsar G2319N.

Pulsar PG10000B16 is the most powerful generator of this brand designed for empowering heavy machinery and is a strong home backup. You can put a huge amount of load on it. While

Pulsar G2319N is designed for sensitive home appliances and for tailgating, camping, and other such purposes.

Pulsar PG10000B16

Features you may know:

This model is a dual fuel generator, and it is capable of producing 10000W power at maximum. It delivers up to 10,000W power when running on gasoline and up to 8,000W power when fueled by propane. Despite being a heavy model, it is very portable too.

It offers a fold-down handle and 10-inch no-flat tires, which make this generator very easy to transport, and the sturdy construction stands up to heavy use and rough treatment.

It comes with a 420cc Ducar engine. There is a built-in LPG connector that easily shifts from gasoline to propane tanks. This Switch & Go technology enables you to switch between fuel sources during operation. Fill up the gasoline tank, then power your appliances for hours and just simply connect to a propane tank when you run low on gasoline.

It has a total of six outlets. This Pulsar generator has four 120V outlets that allow you to connect up to four appliances or devices to this dual-fuel generator. It has a 120V/240V RV outlet which enables you to power recreational vehicles when you’re done driving for the day.

A 12V DC outlet lets you trickle-charge car batteries and is also ideal for getting your RV ready for your road trip again. You can use this dual-fuel portable generator to keep the lights on during power outages, power your RV, charge your power tools and provide electricity at work sites.

This generator has a fuel capacity of 6.5-gal. On gasoline, it offers up to 8 hours of operation on 50% load. And you can also switch to propane gas when you run short on gasoline which is its main feature.

This generator comes with an electric starting system, and it also eases its users with a backup recoil starter system to make it start. The included battery is easy to install. You can attach the included battery to start it with the electric starter by just pushing the button or by just giving the recoil starter a pull to start the engine.


  • Dual Fuel
  • 10000w Power
  • Switch between fuels while running the generator
  • 6-Outlets
  • 6.5-gal Fuel tank
  • 8-hour operation on 50% load


  • Noisy
  • Heavy

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Pulsar G2319N


This is an inverter generator. It is a highly fuel-efficient model and has a fuel capacity of 1.18gal. It is capable of producing 2000w power, and it is one of the most rock-bottom options in its class, and it doesn’t compromise much on its attributes.

This generator offers an eight-hour runtime at 50% load – enough to run a few appliances or tools for an entire workday without the need to refuel.

It has a recoil starting system which is very reliable. It comes with an 80cc OHV-engine, which can run for several years without any malfunctioning.

Pulsar G2319N has a comprehensive interface panel but is very simple to operate. There are indicator lights to warn you when the oil is running low, or you are close to overloading the generator.

It also has a special feature of an economy switch that can help you lengthen the generator’s runtime. You can turn on the switch when you’re not using all of the available 1,600 watts, and thus it will provide power output according to your need.

Pulsar G2319N has two outputs, including a single USB port, so you can take advantage of the inverted power and charge your smartphone easily, as well as it has a 12-volt DC outlet for charging a battery.

It produces a sound level of 59db.


  • Inverter Model
  • Stable Electric power
  • Eight Hour Runtime at 50% load
  • OHV- durable engine
  • Recoil Starting system
  • Low oil and Overload notifies systems
  • Inexpensive


  • Loud
  • Not suitable where heavy power is required.

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Why Go For these Generators?


Low economic pricing with quality products is a premium attribute that this brand is offering. These generators are made of good quality and are easy on the pocket too.

Parts Availability

Their parts are also low priced and easy to buy. Their replacement parts are widely available and are very easy to buy and install.

CARB compliant and EPA approval

Most of the generators of this brand are CARB compliant and approved by EPA also.

Service, Manual, And Warranty Feature

This brand provides a user manual with their generators which provides a complete detail about when to get your generator serviced and also a whole information guide regarding its usage and installation.

A 3-year residential warranty is provided with most of its models.

Sturdy Construction and Durability

These generators are well built, and because of their strong, sturdy construction, they are long-lasting in working.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pulsar Generators are manufactured by which company and where it is located?

Pulsar Generators is an American company, and Pulsar Products, Inc.’s manufacturing units are located in Ontario, CA, and the United States.

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Who manufactures engines for Pulsar Generators?

Pulsar Generator engines are manufactured by a company named Ducar which is located in China.

Are their Generators CARB and EPA compliant?

Yes, most of their models are CARB compliant, and EPA approved. uses affiliate links (No Additional Cost For You). As an Amazon Associate, I earn when you purchase Using My Affiliate Link. Learn more.


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