Are Westinghouse Generators any good?

Are Westinghouse Generators any goodDo they meet customer requirements

Yes, Westinghouse generators, on the whole, are great generators to buy for your house, workshops, and outdoor requirements. They are well-known generators for their economical pricing and provide powerful engines that supply you with absolute and reliable power in every type of situation. Westinghouse generators shine pretty much because they have all the technologies that you’d want to have in a modern power generator.

George Westinghouse established this generator brand back in 1886. This brand name is given just because of its power generation feature. It is a generator manufacturing company which has been well known all over America. Astonishingly, its lineup consists of all kinds of power generators, from conventional open-frame to inverter and solar power machines.

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Features: Westinghouse Generators

Spotlight attributes from Westinghouse generators

Portable Westinghouse Generators are specially designed for outdoor recreation and can also be used for home power assistance and professional appliances. These Generators have a wide variety of variants that provide power ranging from 1200 watts to 12,000 watts power and supply electricity which is best suitable for RVing and camping purposes.

They can run refrigerators and sump pumps during outing events, and the larger powerful models of this brand have the capability that they can power your entire home. Retraining, they can run air compressors, table saws, grinders, heavy-duty drills and keep the battery-powered tools charged and ready for use.

Their Portable Generators comfort you with a 3-year residential and 1-year commercial warranty. Their portable generators come with 4-stroke overhead valve (OHV) engines and are built according to EPA and CARB standards.

Therefore, these are their complaints also. Their generators are Super quiet, fuel-efficient, eco-friendly, and modern design in the industry. Other generators are nowhere near a competition compared to sound production levels and fuel economy.

Typically their portable generators run at a constant 3600 RPM to maintain the 60-hertz frequency, and they retain the wave size required by North American appliances, tools, electronics, and lighting. And these generators use electromechanics to output a near-perfect waveform at the required frequency while producing minimal distortion. At minimum load, they run at the slowest necessary speed.

And in some of their flagship models, instead of providing constant velocity, the engine runs fast enough to provide enough power to meet the current load requirement. As loads increase, engine pace is also increased. This is the main reason they use significantly less fuel, make less noise, and last longer.

Our top 2 Generators of this brand: Expert Analysis Review

In our review list, the two best generators of this brand are WGen12000 Generator and WGen9500 Generator.

The WGen12000 is not your average generator; it’s something way more potent than that. It is a job site generator that provides up to 12,000 watts of billowing power. It will stand up to any official site or any such demands you require from it. And surely, It can be said that it is an emergency power generator that must be a part of your home. And it is EPA certified and CARB compliant also.

While the WGen 9500 is the full package. If you are thinking of a generator which must fulfill your requirement plus it must be convenient to carry smart enough to meet your modern era demands, then this is the model to go for. It has a simple design with an electric plus recoil starter and an automatic choke. It also has a remote control, which allows you to start or stop the generator, or you can control it from an interspace of up to 109 yards.

WGen12000 generator

Talking about its main features, it provides 15,000 watts of starting power and 12,000 watts of running power. It has a 5-gallon gas tank. It weighs around 352 pounds which is very less weight as compared to other powerful models of competitive brands.

A dynamic 713cc OHV engine not only adds to its power but also increases its demand and market value. It has 120/240V outlets and two 5V USB ports, thus providing ease.

It offers plug-and-play features. No difficult procedure or installments are required. It also offers a remote key controller for operating it from a distance. A very important main point is that it is OSHA, EPA, and CARB compliant. And like most other brands, it provides a 3-year limited warranty.

Most of the people looking to buy this generator are contractors or building companies looking for such a machine that can empower heavy load equipment, such as powering multiple drills at once. It provides you with 11 hours of runtime at 50 % load and sixteen hours of runtime at 25 % load.

If you need a generator to be running all day and you are also worried about interruption or outage, this model is perfect for you. And not only being so powerful, but its noise level is also only 74 DB—which is really very impressive while keeping in view this generator’s power output.

Apart from its power capabilities, it has many other super cool features, including a modern digital look, an LCD display that shows voltage, frequency, and remaining running hours. It features a single on/off switch button and a remote that allows you to operate the unit from a distance. We feel this is the best modern portable inverter generator out there in the market.

If you need the best generator for the best sort of heavy output, It will undoubtedly get the job done. In a nutshell, this model fits the bill.


  • Powerful and sturdy
  • Runs for hours
  • Easy Assembly
  • Modern Technology used
  • Remote control system
  • Electric start
  • 5-gallon tank
  • 3-Year warranty


  • Loud
  • Portability issues
  • Heavy

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WGen9500 Generator

If you are looking to purchase an affordable portable generator, then this is worth contemplating regarding this model. This portable generator provides an extraordinarily multifaceted balance of power output and reliability. It provides a minimum power output of 9,500 watts, And with that amount of power production, it can meet most of our home, outdoor, RV, and construction site electricity needs.

A generator that is capable of generating up to 12,500 watts of operational power is often quite expensive. It is, however, surprisingly inexpensive and easy on the pocket.

This generator is a conventional fuel type generator that runs on Gasoline. It produces starting watts of about 12,500W and 9,500W running watts of power. This model has a 457cc OHV 4 Stroke engine. Starting methods for this generator are very easy, which are Electric, remote, or recoil.

The fuel tank capacity of this model is 6.6 gal. It has a run time of 12 hours on 50% load. It has two Outlets; one is of 120/240V L14-30R, and the other is of 120/240V 14-50R. It has two USB ports which increase its usage comfort.

The sound level produced by it is around 74 dBA. It has a surprising weight of 208 lb. And like most other brands, it provides a 3-year limited warranty( residential ) and 1-year commercial warranty.


  • Automatic Oil shutdown control mechanism.
  • Voltage regulation and overload protection
  • Rugged flat wheels
  • Economical
  • Remote, Recoil, and Electric Start
  • Ideal for home backup power


  • Less portable
  • Conventional design

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Things to Consider While buying Pulsar Generators


Generator prices vary a lot. Different brands offer similar products at different prices, which is a cause of customer confusion. So one of the most important considerations when buying a generator is how much you are willing to spend, as your budget will surely affect which generators you are considering and ultimately buy.

So in such a case, this brand offers good manufactured and well-engineered products at very economical rates.

Power Requirements

The generator selection involves power considerations. Not all generators are manufactured equal when it comes to wattage. Some are designed for commercial purposes, some for RVs, and still others for emergency power backup, and some for home power backup, etc.

So firstly, determine your plan regarding your generator usage, and then you have to go through the selection phase. This brand offers various products to meet all such requirements.

Quality Product

This brand offers well-controlled, well manufactured, and quality-containing products, and this is a big reason for being one of the best brands in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs.)

Where are the Westinghouse generators made?

It is an American company, and generators are manufactured in The United States Of America.

How long has Westinghouse been making generators?

Westinghouse has been manufacturing generators for 126 previous years. It built the world’s first industrial alternating current (AC) generator at the Ames Hydro-electric Generating Plant in Colorado, the USA, in 1891. And in 2011, the company launched its own range of portable consumer generators.

Are there generators noisy?

They are of conventional type but less noisy. And the inverter models from this brand are the least noisy or super silent models. uses affiliate links (No Additional Cost For You). As an Amazon Associate, I earn when you purchase Using My Affiliate Link. Learn more.


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