Best Time To Buy A Generator

Best Time To Buy A Generator

A portable generator is a life-saving piece of equipment for those who live in areas with severe weather conditions like rain, storm, or hurricanes. People living in such regions often think what is the best time to buy a generator?

Different sources give different answers to this question. The answer depends on whom you ask the question. In my opinion, the best time to buy a generator is when you do not need one. Just the way we say, think before you speak, similarly, we advise you before you get stuck in severe weather conditions like a hurricane and complete power outage, and you badly need a generator, you shall buy one prior to that need.

Buying a generator before need allows you to shop around and give you ample time to consider all brands available in the market and their latest models without the pressure of having to make an urgent decision.

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Three circumstances to determine When you need a generator

People argue that the right time for buying a generator changes and it depends on the various circumstances and the prices of generators too. However, the following are three important considerations that determine when is the right time for buying a generator for your house or office.

Buy it before time

If you are living in an area of severe weather conditions, and you know you definitely would need a generator in any case, then don’t waste time and buy it before the bad weather sets in. Let’s suppose you are living in Texas, which is known for its hurricanes starting from June and ending in November, then the best time to invest in a generator is in Spring. Remember, hurricanes leave hundreds of families in the dark if they are not prepared for them.

For those families living in such regions, the sudden and extended power outage is not something new. They highly depend on generators- portable or stationary both to charge the household electric appliances, like electric heaters and stoves to keep them warm and mobile phones to keep them connected with the rest of the world.

We suggest that even if you are also living in such regions where you often encounter the issue of power outages, and you still have not yet decided on buying a generator then what are you waiting for? It sounds stupid to wait for the next power outage that would convince or rather say force you to get a generator for your home or office.

Why is it important to get a generator before time?

Other home appliances like a TV can be bought and installed on the same day. But this is not feasible in the case of a generator. When there is a sudden power outage and you need a generator, it would take many days or even weeks to reach you because of high demand and more prices in the market.

When you buy a generator you first need to install it properly with the help of a generator installation electrician. Before you invest in one, first you would also consider the needs and requirements of your household. In case of an emergency, reaching a local generation electrician to install the life-saving equipment for you would also be difficult or in some cases impossible. Remember, in such situations, hundreds of other people are also looking for his services.

It is important to invest in the right side of the generator. If you invest in a generator that is of lower capacity than the requirements of your household, it puts strain on the engine. When the generator exerts force to run the appliance connected, it is experiencing force on its engine beyond its capacity.

Note down the timings of severe weather events

Power failure is normally due to a severe weather event like a thunderstorm or a hurricane. According to science, these weather conditions for different regions take place at a set time of the year. In the USA ( the eastern seaboard and south) the hurricane stuck from May to November. While across the western part of the US, wildfires are common among extreme weather conditions. In these regions, wildfires happen in the hot summers.

The above explanations mean that a specific region has its set pattern of severe weather conditions. You shall know about the region you are living in. It is important. People encounter a tough time in getting a generator for their homes with short notice during the hurricane season in Texas and wildfires in the weather part of the states. Since it increases the demand for generators and their installation.

If you have not yet equipped your dwelling with a generator, and are residing in an area with severe weather patterns, take out some time this year and think why do you need a generator? And what did you do in the event of a power failure last year?

Stay Updated With Weather conditions.

Be ready for the unexpected conditions

Certain events can be planned like a thunderstorm, hurricanes, and even wildfires. But some catastrophic conditions like an earthquake or floods cannot be forecasted in advance. Even in the case of an earthquake, human life comes to a halt with a long list of destruction. Be ready for unexpected catastrophic conditions and invest in a generator today to keep your dwelling and loved ones protected from any unexpected conditions.

In the US, earthquakes usually occur across the pacific states of the country. The pacific states include Alaska and Hawaii.

A major mistake that people commit

While today many people have realized that generators are life-saving equipment, that keeps their house cold in summers and warm in winters. A generator also keeps the kitchen cooking and helps people to communicate by charging the mobile phones and laptops. But still, many families are residing in regions with severe weather conditions. They buy generators when the weather gets worse and there is a power failure with darkness everywhere. This is a major mistake, they commit.

Buying a generator in extreme weather conditions is not only costly, but it’s installation can be dangerous too. Working in cold and dark by a flashlight, in a hurry to get the lighten the home and charge the electrical appliances, they usually forget to take the important protective measurements. The quick setup without taking safety measurements can be dangerous.

Every year hundreds of people die due to improper installation of generators or from the carbon monoxide gas coming out of them. We don’t want you to put your lives in danger and do not commit this mistake if you are living in such areas of the US or anywhere else across the globe.

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A power outage is a part of your life, especially if you are living in areas with severe weather conditions. In 2017, In the US, on average the citizens living in the above-mentioned areas experienced more than seven hours of power failure. If you have also experienced it or if you are living in those areas, and thinking about the best time to buy a generator- the best time is now. This year before you encounter such a situation- a complete power failure, buy one now. uses affiliate links (No Additional Cost For You). As an Amazon Associate, I earn when you purchase Using My Affiliate Link. Learn more.


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