Can Portable Solar Generator Run a House? (Calculate)

Can Portable Solar Generator Run a House

Are you looking for a backup to cope with power outages? If yes, you’re at the right place. I am totally amazed to know that solar has become a huge source of energy by converting sunlight into power. A portable solar generator is all that you need. 

Yes, a portable solar generator can run your whole house. It also depends on the ability of the generator to produce enough energy. You must estimate your power needs and purchase your portable solar generator accordingly. 

In this blog, I have added a table to help you find out the wattage of household appliances and a calculator to help you make a better decision if a portable solar generator can run your house or not.

What Size Solar Generator Do You Need To Run Your House? 

Can Portable Solar Generator Run a House

The size of the generator plays a mandatory role in running your house. I have a very simple rule to conclude the size of a portable solar generator. According to my research, a bigger generator will produce more energy as compared to the small one. 

If you want to run your whole house via a portable solar generator, you must consider the amount of energy you need to power your appliances.

How To Calculate Your Total Energy Needs? 

Here’s a short quick list of the steps to calculate your total energy needs for a solar portable generator:

  1. Determine the power consumption (in watts) of each device/appliance.
  2. Estimate the average daily usage hours for each device.
  3. Calculate the energy consumption (in watt-hours) for each device by multiplying power consumption by average daily usage hours.
  4. Sum up the energy consumption values for all devices to find the total daily energy needs (in watt-hours).
  5. Consider additional factors like solar charging inefficiencies, battery storage capacity, and desired days of autonomy.
  6. Calculate the total energy storage capacity (in watt-hours) required for the solar generator, considering the total daily energy needs and additional factors.

Below is the Watt calculator to make it easier for you. Try It!

Solar Generator Calculator

Solar Generator Calculator

Total Energy Needs:

While choosing the size of your solar generator, you’ll need to calculate the total required energy.  In my collected data, I’ve seen that an average American house utilizes around 893kWh every month. 

It illustrates that the daily usage of the home is about 30kW. Nevertheless, I have seen that the power capacity of the largest solar generator lies around 2000 watts which is enough to light up minor appliances. 

Therefore, you should estimate the power needs of your appliances which will help you to determine the number of generators to run the whole house. 

Let me make it easier for you to estimate the power needs. Here’s a list of appliances and power requirements. 

To help you find the watts of your common household appliance the following table is for you.

ApplianceStarting WattsRunning Watts
Refrigerator800 - 1200150 - 800
Air Conditioner1500 - 30001000 - 2000
Microwave800 - 1200800 - 1000
Television100 - 40080 - 150
Laptop/Computer50 - 25050 - 150
Washer1200 - 2200400 - 1200
Dryer1800 - 50001000 - 4000
Dishwasher1200 - 24001200 - 1500
Toaster800 - 1500800 - 1200
Coffee Maker800 - 1200800 - 1000
Electric Oven3000 - 50002000 - 4000
Electric Range3000 - 50003000 - 4000
Water Heater3000 - 50003000 - 4000
Vacuum Cleaner800 - 1200300 - 1200
Ceiling Fan100 - 30020 - 75
Electric Heater1000 - 1500800 - 1200
Hair Dryer1000 - 18001000 - 1600
Iron1000 - 1500800 - 1200
Blender300 - 1000300 - 800
Electric Grill1200 - 20001200 - 1800
Food Processor400 - 800200 - 500
Clothes Washer1200 - 2400400 - 1200
Clothes Dryer1800 - 50001000 - 4000
Freezer800 - 1200150 - 800
Dishwasher (Heated)1500 - 24001200 - 1500
Bread Maker500 - 1000500 - 800
Air Purifier50 - 20050 - 100
Humidifier100 - 50050 - 200
Gaming Console100 - 20050 - 150
Router5 - 505 - 30
Modem10 - 5010 - 30
Printer50 - 10030 - 70
Please keep in mind that the wattage ranges provided are approximate and can vary depending on the specific model, brand, and usage of the appliance.

Hence, you can add batteries or more than one solar generator to run your entire house. 

How Long Can Solar Generators Keep Running?

You might be thinking how long your solar generator will keep running. You would have heard the myth that solar generators can run infinitely. Somehow, it makes sense but not completely true. 

I have connected my home with a 2000W solar generator which gives me an instant power supply whenever needed. I have estimated the working hours of solar generators for a few appliances. 

Let’s have a close look at how long my 2000W solar generator will work. 

  • 50” TV - 50 Hrs
  • Run various kitchen appliances 
  • Refrigerator - 30 Hrs 
  • Charging a phone - 300 Hrs
  • Laptop - 40 Hrs 

And likewise, the working time of other appliances also varies. 

Pros & Cons Of Portable Solar Generator 

Before purchasing a portable solar generator, you must be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of a portable solar generator. 

Let’s delve into and explore all of them. 


Here are the advantages of using a portable solar generator. 

No Fuel

Many of you might be afraid of the fuel costs of generators but don’t worry. Solar generators directly work on the sunshine that is free of cost. You don’t need to refuel your portable solar generator every second day. 

Quiet & Low-Maintenance

I have researched that there are no moving parts in the solar generator. If you’re irritated by the unusual noise of gas generators, a portable solar generator is the best choice for you. 

Solar generators do not make noise and also don’t require any specific maintenance. The absence of any moving part states that there’ll be no breakage, so no hectic maintenance.   

Clean Renewable Energy

I personally prefer solar generators because they do not emit any harmful gases. As you know, other generators work on gasoline which has fatal effects on the environment. 

If I talk about solar generators, they work on clean renewable energy. You don’t need to worry about the cleaning and pollution side effects. 


Here are a few drawbacks of a portable solar generator. 


As I have told you that solar generators don’t require any operative cost. However, you’ll need to make an initial investment to relax for a long time. An average cost of a gas generator is $1000 while the estimated cost of a solar generator is $2000. 

So, many of you might see it as a drawback of solar generators. 

Limited Power Supply

You might know that the size of the solar generator battery will affect the power supply. If you have an average size solar generator, you won’t be able to run your whole house. 

Although, you can charge your mobile phones, and laptops, and operate tiny equipment. 

Slow Charging 

Another thing I'd like to add is that solar generators are dependent on the climate. You’ll notice that cloudy weather will reduce the charging capacity of your portable solar generator. A 100W power output panel will take approx 9 hours to charge.  

How To Maintain Your Solar Generator?

Now, if you have decided to own a portable solar generator, you should know the maintenance as well. Here I’ll teach you how to maintain your portable solar generator for long-lasting assistance.


Safety is the most crucial factor to consider while having a generator. You must not place any flammable object near your solar generator. Although solar generators are safe, you should be conscious to avoid any disaster. 


I have noticed that sometimes my solar generator overheats due to various reasons. You should make sure that your solar generator is placed in a well-ventilated place to avoid overheating. The lack of overheating will ensure a long life for your generator.  


Charging is an essential thing to maintain your solar generator. Your generator must maintain an optimum charge between 50% - 75%. If you want your generator to work properly, you must pass your generator through complete charging and discharging after every six months.  

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Final Verdict 

Now, I have told you everything regarding a portable solar generator. You have explored the advantages and disadvantages of solar generators. You can also maintain your solar generator with the above ideas to increase its life. So, what are you waiting for? Switch to this renewable energy right now! uses affiliate links (No Additional Cost For You). As an Amazon Associate, I earn when you purchase Using My Affiliate Link. Learn more.


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