How to Make a Generator Automatic Start?

How to Make a Generator Automatic Start

Starting a generator is one of the hectic tasks in the areas where power breakdown is most frequent. It’s pretty annoying to turn on the generator by going outside and returning to turn it off when the light gets back. That’s why the majority of users prefer using automatic start generators to avoid the inconvenience of starting the power supply manually.

You can automatically start a generator with several steps. These steps include mounting up the unit, compiling the 20-contact Connector, connecting the generator to the wire box, joining the harness to the automatic device, and connecting the control panel to other devices. After all these steps, another important step is to verify the power configuration.

The More steps for automatically starting a generator, either portable or standby, are given as under:

  1. Check Your Generator’s Manual
  2. Check the Gas Leakage or Any Damage
  3. Set the Proper Position of the Generator
  4. Ensure the Efficient Fuel Level
  5. Don’t Join Any Cords.
  6. Mount the Auto-Start Device Unit
  7. Attach Wirings to the 20-Contact Connector
  8. Connect the Generator to Auto-Start a Generator
  9. Connect Wirings and On/Off LED
  10. Enable the Control Panel and Other Devices
  11. Verify the Configuration and Power

Regardless of the complete series of steps, it’s not always easy to start a generator automatically. If you’re wondering about auto-starting your generator, the following guide will be helpful to you!

11 Handy Steps to Auto-Start a Generator

How to Make a Generator Automatic Start
Steps to Auto-Start a Generator

Almost every standby generator comes with a different procedure to start it either manually or automatically. However, when it comes to starting a generator, relying on an experienced person is suggested if you don’t know the complete procedure.

A single wrong step can make you suffer financially and with the power supply to your appliances. That’s why we have collected a comprehensive series of steps to guide you properly about starting a generator automatically.

Here’s a table that mentions the importance of each step in auto-starting a generator:

1Check Your Generator’s ManualModerate
2Check the Gas Leakage or Any DamageHigh
3Set the Proper Position of the GeneratorModerate
4Ensure the Efficient Fuel LevelHigh
5Don’t Join Any CordsLow
6Mount the Auto-Start Device UnitModerate
7Attach Wirings to the 20-Contact ConnectorModerate
8Connect the Generator to Auto-StartHigh
9Connect Wirings and On/Off LEDLow
10Enable the Control Panel and Other DevicesModerate
11Verify the Configuration and PowerHigh

In this table, the importance of each step is categorized as high, moderate, or low. This provides a clear understanding of which steps are crucial and should be given more attention during the auto-starting process.

Check Your Generator’s Manual

All types of generators aren’t available with a plus point to start them automatically. The majority of the power generators are manual. That’s why experts suggest it check the generator’s manual for confirming the type of your generator. Read all the instructions about starting it properly. It’ll help you to get a better insight of the process.

Check the Gas Leakage or Any Damage

A single gas leak in your generator can cause a fire in the whole house. Thus, there’s no need for you to compromise on the presence of any type of leak or damage in the generator. If the engine’s pipes are leaked or not functioning properly, make sure to repair them before starting the generator.

In addition to this, it’s also suggested not to use a gasoline-fueled generator if there are small leaks in the pipes. You’ll be suffering a lot while running the generator with leaks.

Set the Proper Position of the Generator

Positioning your generator at the right place before starting is also an important step when you’re automatically starting it. The manufacturers and safety experts prefer using a generator outside the house, either on the porch or in a backyard. The primary reason behind using a generator outdoors is the availability of proper ventilation.

Make sure to start the generator at least at a distance of about 15 feet from the house. Don’t dare to use the generator inside your home because it produces carbon monoxide, which can cause suffocation to the members of your house.

Ensure the Efficient Fuel Level

It’s also recommended to check the proper fuel levels in the generator’s engine before starting it. The portable or standby generators should have the tanks full of fuel before running. Most of the generator manufacturers prefer using fresh gasoline in the automatic generators. Some essential reasons behind using gasoline are the extended efficiency and easy starting process of the generator.

It’s suggested not to use ethanol gas since it absorbs large amounts of water of time. Moreover, stale gasoline will make it impossible to auto-start a generator.

Don’t Join Any Cords.

Make sure to remove all the unnecessary cords from the generator before running it. You should connect the generator to the main power supply of your house for continuous and efficient power production for longer durations. The addition of extra power cords to the generator increases the working load on it.

That’s why make sure to disconnect all the cords before running a generator. Once you’ve removed all the cables, connect the generator to the power supply of your house.

Mount the Auto-Start Device Unit

Once you’re all prepared for starting the generator, mount the auto-start device to an appropriate location. Make sure to hang it on the wall so that all the connectors and cords can connect easily. You can use a drilling machine to mount it up on the wall.

If you’re mounting the auto-start device on an already drilled wall, make sure to check the drills with a template. There’s no need to put the power source in danger.

Attach Wirings to the 20-Contact Connector

After mounting the auto-start device, the next step is to connect the necessary appliances like thermostats or external switches with the help of a wiring harness—plug in all the wirings into the 20 contact connector. Use wirings of the same color as the circuited wires.

Use the bottom panel of the device for connecting the Connector to the wirings. The attached connectors should approach at the open-circuit voltage of 30V and over-current protection of 5A.

Connect the Generator to Auto-Start a Generator

When you have mounted the auto-start device, it’s time to connect the generator to it. But before joining the generator to the auto-start device, you’ve to make sure everything about the start cable arrangement. If you’re thinking of operating the generator remotely, make sure to correctly identify the remote cable.

The remote and Connector cable of the generator should be equipped with the ground, start, and stop panels.

Connect Wirings and On/Off LED

Select the 9 and 11 wires from the connectors and fit them with the LED and another light. The primary reason for attaching the wires to the LED and other lights is to generate a remote on/off switch. This switch will automatically start your generator from a remote location.

After connecting the auto-switch, the next step is to connect the necessary wiring harnesses to the device. Make sure that all the wiring parts of the Connector must be connected with the controller. For doing so, you have to enter the wiring ports in the Connector.

Enable the Control Panel and Other Devices

The auto-start device of the generator operates with the help of a control panel or other devices. Thus, to make it work properly, you’ve to connect the control panel and other related devices with the auto-start device of your generator.

Make sure to put the system in safe mode while installing the control panel on the auto-start device of your standby generator.

Verify the Configuration and Power

After carrying out all these steps, it’s time to check the indicator lights for the proper functioning of the generator. Configure all the different options on the generator and its auto-start device for automatically starting or stopping it. In addition to this, try to check all the other control panel options on the screen.

The operator should adequately understand all the power supplies and configurations for automatically starting a generator. Moreover, you can change the settings for varying the delay time and method of operation for the auto-start device.


Operating a generator that has an automatic device for auto-operation is challenging to control. But, the above guide contains some helpful steps by which you can easily auto-start your generator. Thus, make sure to follow all these steps for running a generator without having any distress. uses affiliate links (No Additional Cost For You). As an Amazon Associate, I earn when you purchase Using My Affiliate Link. Learn more.


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