How To Make Portable Generator Power Clean?

How To Make Portable Generator Power Clean

A portable generator is the need of every family that lives in areas with extreme weather conditions. A modern household depends on electrical appliances to run their daily chores. It includes central heating or cooling, cooking in the kitchen, refrigerators, and charging phones or laptops for communication or work.

A portable generator is a life-saving equipment, and it is important to maintain it well. The most important area of a generator’s maintenance includes the cleaning of its power. The power cleanup makes the generator function in the case when it is needed and also lets it run for a longer time.

Portable Generator Power Clean

The portable generator power can be cleaned in multiple ways. However, first, let our readers know what dirty power means?

What is a Dirty Power Generator?

Dirty power is also termed electrical pollution. There is no protection from dust, and it exists in every household. No matter how conscious you are about keeping the electrical appliance clean and caring about its usage, they will catch it.

The quality of electricity delivered to appliances directly depends on electrical pollution. This abnormality or declined quality of electricity delivered to the appliances is called dirty power. This dirty power is a life-threatening situation for our appliance that we need every day and also malfunctions the generator. If you would connect any appliances or gadgets to a portable generator that’s power is not cleaned, it would damage them either permanently or temporarily.

The damages caused by the dirty power vary from household to household and situation. Dirty power can also permanently damage the devices connected to it or in some cases, it causes malfunctioning. This makes it important to regularly clean the generator, to bring the power back to its original status.

We recommend never to take a chance with a generator that is showing signs of dirty power. Why take a risk with your expensive appliances? Some of the obvious signs of dirty power are:

  • Flickering and blinking lights
  • The vibrations sound heavy
  • Bothering and cranky noise
  • Excessive heat in some cases

You can also not ignore these signs:

Also if the generator shows a variation of frequency, poor power elements, frequent tripping of nuisance breaker, and unexpectedly low system capacity.

These signs of dirty power can also be noticed through the functioning of the electrical appliances connected to it. For instance, your smartphone might not be fully charged with a dirty power generator although it is showing a fully charged sign. The cooling of a refrigerator might not be satisfactory enough with a generator that has dirty power.

What causes dirty power?

The major reasons for dirty power are:

  • Low-quality generators generate dirty power ( It is better to invest in a valued brand with good market reviews)
  • The generator fuel used is contaminated.
  • The generator fuel filters or other internal components are not cleaned regularly.
  • The used oil is not replaced while cleaning the generator.
  • Frequent shifting of loads when the generator is running.

How to make a portable generator power clean

How To Make Portable Generator Power Clean

For power, and cleaning use an inverter generator

Using an inverter generator is the easiest technique of cleaning the power of a portable generator.

An inverter generator does not have the traditional mechanical alternator installed in it. An inverter has the ability to generate power according to the requirements of the load connected to it. When the load is high, an inverter generates more power but in the case of less load, the number of rpm is reduced.

Besides it also detects any kind of harmonic distortion. It not only discovers but also removes a harmful event. This ability of the inverter to maintain the amount of the required voltage is outstanding and makes it a great option for every household or commercial area.

Though inverter generators produce a clan power- right according to the requirements. However, this power is small in comparison to the power generated by portable generators. If you are seeking clean power but high output, you might not like to invest in it.

An inverter generator comes at a higher price than a regular portable generator.

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Using Uninterruptible Power System AKA UPS ( Uninterruptible Power System)

In the power supply industry, UPS is one of the most common devices that people are using these days. A UPS is designed with basic circuitry, and it can be connected to one or more high-voltage appliances.

It can also be linked with a portable generator to generate an output of a smooth wave. What a UPS does is transform all the dirty power into a clean sine wave. This clean wave produced would run your appliance without any fear of damage.

This makes UPS a good option if your portable generator has dirty power. It runs the appliance with the uninterruptible power that it produces. The latest UPS models from various brands are also designed with an in-built automatic voltage regulator (AVR). This makes it a perfect solution for the fluctuations in voltage. The fluctuation in voltage also results in dirty power.

Another advantage of a UPS is that it also provides a short-term backup. In case of a power outage for a short interval, you can connect the appliances to the UPS. Even if your portable generator runs out of fuel, use a UPS.

Make sure to invest in the right kind of UPS. You shall get one that is compatible with your portable generator. A mismatch can further worsen the condition rather than help. There are various models of UPS devices in the market. Before you invest in one, conduct market research first and read the online reviews about the product.

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Use an Automatic Voltage Regulator

An Automatic Voltage Regulator can be another alternative to avoid dirty power. An AVR transforms the dirty power of a generator into a steady power. This steady power generated is best for running even the most sensitive household appliances.

The AVR stabilizes the fluctuations in voltage and also lowers the RMP fluctuations of a portable generator.

Again while investing in an AVR, it is important to invest in the one that is compatible with your generator, else the results can be unexpected. The ideal AVR would have a voltage in the range of your generator. Conduct market research and read online reviews of multiple AVR models available in the market. This is for your safety and wise investment, though it is a bit cheaper than a UPS.

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Use a standalone inverter

A standalone inverter transforms the direct current power into alternating current power and generates a smooth and clean power to the appliances connected to it. For this purpose, you will first install an inverter system in your portable generator.

Besides this, the standalone inverter also maintains the speed of a generator according to the load or say the total number of appliances connected to it. This mechanism also improves the consumption of fuel and makes it an energy-efficient gadget.

Though the installation of a standalone inverter in a portable generator makes the power clean, it also loses power in the connection. However, this amount of power lost is ignorable.

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Use a power line conditioner

A power line conditioner stabilizes the power generated by a portable or stationary generator. It is connected to the generator and works by minimizing fluctuations and noise and providing a stable voltage to the connected appliances.

The power line conditioners are considered appropriate for repressing power surges. The ability to suppress power surges makes it a better option than a portable generator surge protector.

It is a simple gadget to get rid of dirty power. However, just like other gadgets, AVR, inverter, and a UPS, a power line conditioner shall also be compatible with your generator.

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Use a power filter

A power filter is an electronic gadget that minimizes the level of electromagnetic interference of power to an appliance. This makes sure that no dirty power is created and also reduces the cranky noise coming from the device.

You will use an oil filter or an air filter with the device to generate a steady voltage to run the appliances.

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Stop living in fear of losing your expensive yet most required everyday or other highly sensitive electrical appliances. For the smooth operations and longevity of your electrical appliances, it is better to make portable generator power clean. The aforementioned methods would have given you an idea of how to do it. There is no rocket science in it. Just choose the one method that best suits your situation and pocket.

Do something today about the power cleaning of your generator. It is never too late!

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