How To Reset Maintenance On Generac Generator

How To Reset Maintenance On Generac Generator

We all know how big of a holy grail Generac generator is and how much it helps when you are having people over, and suddenly your power goes out. Generac generator saves the day in such conditions.

But the savior also needs some saving at times, and your Generac generator needs maintenance from time to time. And a lot of people have this query about how to reset maintenance on the Generac generator, so it is pretty simple; turn off your generator, clear all the alarms, and then push the reset maintenance button, and voila.

So, let’s give you a deeper insight on how to reset maintenance on your Generac generator and how to actually maintain it.

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Maintenance Of Generac Generator

How To Reset Maintenance On Generac Generator

Your Generic generator needs some attention to function properly, and you need to make sure that you are taking care of it and providing it with weekly, monthly and annual maintenance. The maintenance does not take that long but consult your technician before checking it for maintenance by yourself to know when your generator needs a little look after.

If you are not taking care of your Generac generator properly, the generator would be having different problems. The neglect will also decrease the overall lifespan of your standby generator. Yes, maintenance is that important so let’s find out the best and easiest way to maintain your Generac generator and reset its maintenance.

Change The Oil

Generac generators have combustion engines that are very powerful and need constant care and attention. You need to change the oil in your combustion engine once in a while to make sure it keeps working properly, and its efficiency is not decreased.

If you do not change the oil of your Generac generator for longer periods of time, it will have a drastic effect on your engine, and it potentially harms it a lot. You will have to get the generator repaired then, which would cost a lot of bucks, so it is better to be cautious.

Usually, you need to change the oil of your generator every year, but if you are using it excessively and the set hours are exceeded, then you might have to change the oil twice a year. The total running hours are usually 150, so if your generator has exceeded that limit in 6 months, then you should consider changing its oil.

Change Filters

If you are changing the oil of your generator, never forget to change its filters. Filters trap dirt, impurities, and metal particles that can potentially harm your whole generator, so make sure you change the filters when changing oil.

If you do not change the filters, you will have to spend far more money on repairing the damage caused by these impure filters. It is the first step towards taking care of the generator that you are keeping clean.

Resetting Maintenance

If you want to reset the maintenance on the Generac generator, then go into the edit icon and go to the reset maintenance option by using +- keys. Now when you are finally on reset maintenance, you have to push enter. After pushing enter, push the arrow button and then again push the enter button; it will reset the maintenance light on your Generic generator.

Battery Maintenance

The battery in your Generac standby generator is one of the most powerful and important parts of it, and most of the generators contain one pretty large battery, which keeps your generator running for longer.

The battery also comes with a charger that is connected to it so that the battery life can be increased. When you are checking for battery maintenance, make sure that you check the charger as well whether it is providing enough energy to the battery or not because if not, this can lead to a pretty serious problem.

If the charger or the battery are found faulty or problematic, you need to replace them right away so that they don’t harm your generator, as it would cost much more than the cost of the battery. If your battery is dead and is not working or if your charger is faulty, then the Generic generator is also unable to operate in this condition, and you cannot start it, which tells us how important it is to change your battery from time to time.

Spark Maintenance

Smart maintenance plays a significant role in the sleek running of your generator because if enough spark is not generated, then your fuel source will also become cold and would not ignite. Hence, you need a spark if you want to ignite the fuel source of your generator.

Whenever you are changing the oil of your generator, make sure to check your spark plugs as well. You need to look for gapping, damaged tips, carbon build-up, or overall bad conditions because all these things trigger the spark plug and make it inefficient.

The ideal way to maintain your spark plug is to get it inspected at least once a year so that you know that it is in mint condition. Otherwise, you can get it replaced quite easily.

Fuel Regulator Maintenance

The fuel regulators of your generator are yet another pivotal part, and you cannot ensure your generator’s efficiency is working until and unless the fuel regulators are working flawlessly. Make sure to get your fuel regularly inspected by professionals as you doing it might not be a really good idea.

When looking for the faults in the fuel regulator, look for fitting and diaphragms and check if anything is damaged or worn out. You can easily replace them, but if you neglect these minor problems, they can potentially damage the overall well-being of your generator.


Now that you know how to reset maintenance on your Generic generator and some other basic maintenance, make sure to follow them and take care of all the parts of your generator because a little care goes a long way. You might not want to spend hundreds of bucks just because of your own negligence so solve the issues right away. We hope your generator stays happy and healthy. uses affiliate links (No Additional Cost For You). As an Amazon Associate, I earn when you purchase Using My Affiliate Link. Learn more.


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