Is A Kohler Generator Better Than A Generac?

Is A Kohler Generator Better Than A Generac

Making a selection of a backup power option might be challenging. However, it becomes more challenging when there are two top generator manufacturing companies, Kohler and Generac.

Hence, both provide dependable performance, high-quality design, and cutting-edge technology in their generators.


Kohler generators are better than Generac generators on various grounds such as durability level, responsive system, fuel efficiency, and good backup power supply. Since Kohler is old and an expert in manufacturing the best generators, it outshines Generac at every level.

Hence, this article is all about the comparison between the features and advantages of these two brands to help you come up with an informed choice.

Let’s dive in!

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Kohler And Generac Generator: Which One Is Better?

Is A Kohler Generator Better Than A Generac?

Kohler and Generac generator brands are famous and high in demand due to various features and benefits. Besides, both brands have manufactured a number of generators for almost every kind of outage and emergency.

Hence, I have cited the best features of both these companies to help you make a wise decision when selecting the right generator that fulfills your requirements.

Kohler Generators: 3 Best Features

Kohler generators are considered new engines to life. Because they are very reliable, well-built, and user-friendly, they provide you with a continuous power supply no matter how bad the weather is.

However, even the smaller size of the Kohler generator can give power to most of your appliances due to its strong engine.

To add more, the following are the three top features of Kohler generators:


The key feature of these generators is that they have been designed to operate quietly. Hence, the quality of working with zero noise makes them an excellent choice, especially for homes.

However, the addition of a soundproofing feature has also raised the demand for Kohler generators in the market because no generator brand other than Kohler has ever provided such a great noiseless experience, especially in the category of Standby generators.

Fuel Efficient

Kohler generators are pocket-friendly too. Hence, the fuel efficiency of Kohler generators ensures that they use the least amount of fuel possible when running.

Further enhancing fuel efficiency and lowering pollutants, Kohler’s EcoThrottle technology modifies the engine’s speed dependent on the load requirement.

Moreover, these generators lessen the consumption of fuel when there is a regular check on them.

High-Quality Enclosure

When it comes to designing the enclosure, Kohler Generator Manufacturing Company always stands out. From protecting the critical components of a generator to working smoothly in harsh weather, this brand has outshone all its competitors.

No matter whether you choose steel, aluminum, or plastic enclosure for your generator, each type is water-resistant and firm as well. Moreover, these high-quality enclosures also enhance the lifespan of your generator.

Generac Generators: 3 Best Features

You can make preparations for an extended power loss and safeguard your most important assets by installing a Generac generator in the system. Hence, these generators are unique and versatile as well.

Also, they are regarded as the best backup power solutions by many Generac users. From supplying sufficient power to ensuring protection, these generators have got you covered.

Moreover, here are the three best features of Generac generators:

Advanced Controlling

With a straightforward operator interface, you can get each detail of your Generac generator. Hence, their Power Zone functions are also responsive which keeps you updated on the generator’s performance all the time.

Moreover, these generators can also diagnose themselves and can automatically intimate you about any fault or fuel deficiency.

Very Durable

The dependability of Generac generators is well-known, especially by its users. However, these generators keep working effectively in any type of weather.

Furthermore, their thicker frame and water-resistant packing allow you to enjoy yourself with a seamless power supply during windy and stormy weather conditions. Since they are well-built, their lifespan is also extended.

Easy Installation

The reason why Generac generators are the most popular is that they are super easy to install. Although you need no professional technician to install it. All you need is a complete tool kit and slight knowledge of electric work.

In addition, they can also be installed within a limited time if you get guidance from the manual book or installation videos on YouTube.

Kohler VS Generac Generators: Pros And Cons

Is A Kohler Generator Better Than A Generac?

While Kohler and Generac generators are famous for providing their users with an ultimate power backup experience, they also have some great features and drawbacks.

However, both brands are reliable and offer uninterrupted power supply during long hours of the outage.

So, I’ll help you make an informed decision by discussing the pros and cons of each brand in the following:

Kohler Generators

Since Kohler generators are fit for both homes and businesses, it is good to know whether they fulfill all your power backup requirements. Therefore, a few pros and cons of these generators are here for your consideration:


  • With a steady power supply, your valuable appliances stay safe from damage.
  • They automatically start and stop operating.
  • Soundproof experience with well-designed enclosure.
  • The use of solid and premium materials in the build extends their lifespan.
  • Reliable warranty.
  • Can also be monitored with the One Cue Generator Management App.


  • Difficult to install and maintain. Hence, an expert is required to make it completely functional.
  • Complicated operating system.
  • Rare replacement parts.
  • May consume more fuel if not regularly maintained.
  • Extreme weather or natural catastrophes might result in a risk of damage or failure of these generators.

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Generac Generators

Generac Generators come in a wide range of models with different features and hitches as well. So, it is important to consider some of the positive and negative aspects of these generators before you buy them:


  • Simple and easy to operate.
  • Dependable power backup during long hours of breakdown.
  • Give you a noiseless experience because of its latest sound-dampening technology.
  • Very durable if properly maintained.
  • Environment-friendly which keeps the air clean, fresh, and breathable.
  • Its Mobile Link and Wifi connectivity features make your life smart.
  • Long-time warranty.


  • More expensive than their competitors.
  • Consume a significant amount of fuel.
  • Some of the models are larger in size and are difficult to transport.
  • Unavailability of spare parts.

Comparison Table


Kohler Generator

Generac Generator

Engine Type

G-Drive Engine

G-Force Engine





A bit difficult

Easy to maintain

Noise Level

Noise resistant

Advanced sound-dampening technology


Requires Kohler expert

Easy to install

Fueling Options

Diesel, Propane, and Natural Gas

Propane and Natural Gas


Firm Material

Lightweight and Water-resistant

Running Duration

Can run for extended hours

Depends on the load

Fuel Capacity

Depends on the model and fuel type

8-338 Gallons ( Varies from model to model)

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Did We Cover Everything?

After carefully examining the features, dependability, and performance of Kohler and Generac generators, It is obvious that are both the finest options for backup power solutions.

Where Generac generators provide a seamless power supply, the Kohler generators are more economical. Therefore, while deciding between these two, take into account your unique power requirements to make the right choice.


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