Powerhorse Generators Review, Are They Best To Buy?

Powerhorse Generators Review, Are They Best To Buy

As the generator is the main household item for emergency situations, choosing the right one is gravely important. However, there are a ton of choices, and selecting one and buying it is seriously a big issue. Powerhorse is by far the most trustworthy brand when it comes to making steady, high-tech, innovative, and advanced generators.

Powerhorse has a lot of models in inverters, open-frame, portable, and other various latest types of generators. This Powerhorse generators review article is all about enabling you to choose the best one from them. We have gone through a lot of research and afterward have come up with the result that Powerhorse generators truly are the best ones to buy. And have enlisted the two best of the models we got from the research. Sharing them with you for one and only purpose to help you buy the best of the best. Let’s have a look at the details.

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Some Spotlight attributes

Powerhorse Generators Review, Are They Best To Buy?

This brand is a sub-brand of Northern Tool which has its testing and manufacturing plant in Burnsville, Minnesota. It offers a wide range of powerful and modern generators. Having the power ranges between 2500 to 13000 watt. They also prepare gas generators, conventional inverter ones and any normal generator model usually used for small household purposes.

They have a facility where the generators are put through a lot of different tests and situations to ensure that the generator which may reach you must ensure its prime performance and maximum durability.

These generators are designed in the US but are manufactured in China. However, it is completely assured and verified by them that every product which is dispatched is completely tested and is of the best quality.

(OHV) Engines

They have overhead valve (OHV) engines that are built for superiority, permanence, longevity and resilience. These engines are made of “industrial-strength cast iron cylinder sleeves and dual ball bearing high-performance forged crankshafts†as quoted by the company.

100% Copper-Wound Generator Head

Their flagship models usually have a 100% copper-wound generator head that allows running at full load continuously for weeks without even overheating. The company declares that the generators produce clean power with very less harmonic distortions. Their harmonic distortions are said to be less than 5% which easily power your sensitive electronic devices without any problem.

Low Oil Shutdown Feature

Models which come with a Low Oil Shutdown feature to keep the engine safe during the conditions in which oil level drops below to the unsafe levels. Many of their models come with an electric start as well as a recoil start system. The bigger models are also offered with a wheel kit which you can install yourself easily and it helps to improve ease of handling and portability.

Stock Replacement Facility

They also have a stock replacement facility. This means that most of the parts at their warehouses are all ready to be shipped the same day as the order is received. All models apart from the model which has 13,000 watts power are all covered with a 2-year consumer warranty and a 90-days of commercial warranty.

Their portable generators can be used effectively for any power-requiring device. They are generally great for the purposes of:

  • Camping
  • Tailgating
  • RVs
  • Outdoor events, etc.

And as a home emergency power backup, they can easily power run,

  • ACs
  • TVs
  • Refrigerators
  • Room Coolers
  • Lights and bulbs etc.

They are of prime importance during extended blackouts caused by natural disasters.

Review Of 2 Powerhorse Generators

Powerhorse Generators Review, Are They Best To Buy?

In our review list, the two best generators of this brand are, the Powerhorse LC3500i inverter generator and Powerhorse Open Frame Inverter generator.

LC3500i inverter generator

Features To Know About LC3500i inverter generator:

Portability and Power

The powerhorse LC3500i inverter generator is dynamic and portable. It can power up small houses, campsites, RVs, and has a consistent output for all the devices during your trip. It provides a starting watt of 3500 and continuous running watts of 3000 to fulfill all of your power needs. The power production and fuel consumption of this generator is methodical and also have inverter technology.

Clean Energy and less fuel Consumption

This generator is made up of technology that is safe for any devices such as smartphones, computers, Tv, and other sensitive electronic appliances. This generator can run without any interruption or problem for straight 11 hours at 25% load with very less fuel consumption.

Four Stroke Engine

It has a four-stroke OHV engine with this generator which not only reduces total fuel consumption. But also produces very little noise while operating with a full load. This generator has an option of controlling speed through variable controls that let users adjust output according to their necessity. And its engine heads are made up of pure copper that can prevent overheating.

Parallel Ready Feature

This inverter generator has a parallel-ready feature through which you can connect to another generator in case you have to increase generator power output.

Low Harmonic Distortion

It produces very clean energy with a very less total harmonic distortion. It provides you with constant energy and low harmonic distortion that makes it safer for any sensitive devices like phones, refrigerators or LCDs, etc.

Low Oil Indicator System

It has an oil indicator system that notifies you about the refueling time to prevent any engine problem. It notifies when the engine is running low on Oil.

CARB. and EPA Compliant

It is of well-built quality and is also CARB and EPA compliant.



  • Powerful and sturdy
  • Runs for hours
  • Easy Assembly
  • Modern Technology used
  • Electric start convenience
  • Overload protection


  • Heavy
  • Not suitable for higher altitude

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Powerhorse Open Frame Inverter generator

Our second pick of this review is an open frame inverter generator. It has its major features described as follows,

Features you may know about it,

224cc OHV Engine

It has a 224cc OHV engine. This engine offers very less fuel consumption. It is built of including some latest technology to reduce your fuel expenses while ensuring engine safety. It produces 4500 watts of starting watt and 3700 watts of running watt power. At this level of power output, you’ll be able to run any kind of household appliance without any risk or demerits. It provides consistent power.

Less Harmonic Distortion

It produces very less noise and very less or negligible harmonic distortion. It has a harmonic-distortion rate of less than 2% which helps it produce clean energy for sensitive devices. The recoil-start functions need less effort to start this generator in any weather condition. Furthermore, it can run for 14 hours straight at 25% load, making it the best inverter generator at this range.

Automatic throttle adjustment

It has an automatic throttle adjustment system which reduces the fuel consumption while using it for less powerful devices. This variable throttle setting enables you to control the power according to output. This adjustable feature also reduces your fuel costs while empowering less electricity-consuming devices.

Voltage selector

It comes with an easy-voltage selector that keeps the generator safe even in adverse power conditions. Or some high voltages.

Parallel Ready Feature

It is also a versatile inverter generator and has the parallel-ready feature to increase the combined output by connecting with another generator when needed.

Designed for long term Usage

One can use it for 14 hours straight at 25% load after refueling it for once only.

Low Noise

Its engine produces very less noise as compared to any other high power generator of any other brand. Hence, it won’t disturb your neighbors or fellow campers and even you at first.


  • Automatic Oil shutdown control mechanism.
  • Voltage regulation and overload protection
  • Economical
  • Recoil, and Electric Start
  • Ideal for home backup power


  • Less portable
  • Conventional design

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Hallmarks to be considered while going for this brand.


Generator prices vary a lot. Different brands offer similar products at different prices, which is a cause of customer confusion. One of the most important considerations when buying a generator is that, what is your budget? As your budget will surely affect which generators you are considering and will ultimately buy. So in such a case, this brand offers good manufactured and well-engineered products at very wide economical rates.

Power Requirements

The generator selection involves power considerations. Not all generators are manufactured equal when it comes to power. So firstly, you have to decide your plan regarding your generator usage, and then you have to move towards the choosing phase. This brand offers various products to meet different power requirements.

Quality Product

This brand offers well-controlled, well manufactured, and quality-containing products, and this is a big reason for being one of the best brands in the market.

Less Noise

Its prime feature is its noiseless operation. Many generators produce a sound that is very disturbing to the ears. The unit of measuring the noise level of each generator is decibels or dB. The lesser the dB of the generator, it indicates that the lesser noise is produced by it.

Most of the modern models have noise levels ranging from 55 to 75 dB. This brand offers generators with very less DB levels.

Fuel Type

Choosing the type of fuel is also a key consideration when it comes to buying a generator. The fuel options for a generator are diesel, gasoline, and propane gas. It is a possibility that all these fuel varieties are not easily available around you.

It is also a wise step to check all the fuel prices before going for a generator. Some fuel options are more expensive than others. And this brand offers a line of models of all of these fuel types.

Stationary Or Portable:

It is important to consider whether you want a portable unit or a stationary one. If you are a camping enthusiast or travel in an RV often, you should perhaps get a portable generator. If you are opting for a portable generator, you must know that they have lesser power.A stationary generator, on the other hand, can deliver substantial power. However, the stationary ones are bulkier and more prominent in size.

Both of these kinds of generator models are being manufactured by this brand.


Wattage is one of the most crucial features that have a noteworthy impact on the generator. You must know about the running watts and starting watts of the generator.

This brand is manufacturing models in wide power ranges and thus, it won’t be any difficult for you to be buying within this brand and being very precise of the power ranges.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs.)

Where are the Powerhorse generators made?

It is an American company, generators are designed in the USA while manufactured in China.

When was Powerhorse established and for how long it has been making generators?

This brand is actually a Sub-Brand of Northern tool and was founded in 1981 and for the past 40 years, it has been manufacturing generators.

Are Powerhorse Generators Noisy?

They are very less noisy. And the new inverter models from this brand are the least noisy.

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