What Can I Run with a 5000 Watt Generator?

What Can I Run with a 5000 Watt Generator

Many generators come with different power surges, thereby changing their capacity to support the operation of the electric appliances. People having a 5000-watt generator always wonder what appliances they can run with it.

A 5000-watt generator can easily run the electric surges for almost all home appliances, including small kitchen appliances, large kitchen appliances, electrical appliances, power tools, RVs, and even freezers. The ability of the 5000-watt generator has made it one of the leading inventions in the generator industry. Some other electrical appliances that a 5000-watt generator can support include TV, lamps, pumps, hairdryers, electric sprayers and much more.

The availability of a robust and durable engine, additional power outlets and dual fuel ability makes a 5000-watt generator perfect for providing a permanent power source to almost all electrical appliances of your house. Besides, this many adventurous people can have the advantage of running their large RVs with this 5000 Watt generator.

Before heading to know what appliances can run on a 5000-watt generator, you should know some basics about the wattage production and calculation of the portable generators.

what will a 5000 watt generator run

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Appliances That You Can Run on a 5000 Generator

After getting a profound insight into the running and surge wattage of the 5000 generators, all you need to do is list down the appliances you want to run with this generator. Make sure not to overload the engine of your 5000-watt generator since it can lead to accidents.

However, some appliances that you can run conveniently with a 5000-watt generator are listed as under:

Space Heaters or Air Conditioners

what will a 5000 watt generator run

Central air conditioning systems are considered the basic needs of every home, even during the power cut down. However, the power needs of the air conditioning systems range from 3800 watts to 6000 watts, depending on their size and model.

Thus, the power requirements of this significant home appliance lie between the power production range of a 5000 generator. You can use 5000 generators to support the working of the air conditioners even during power breakdowns.

Other than this, you can also pair up your 5000-watt generator with a space heater in your home. The power needs of an average home space heater come with a starting watt of about 1500 watt and running watts of about 1200.

This is why you can run it on a 5000 generator without putting any extra load on the engine. Along with these essential home appliances, you can pair your 5000-watt generator with some other low-power machines.

Small and Large Kitchen Appliances

What Can I Run with a 5000 Watt Generator?

The kitchen is one of the focus areas of the house where most of the electricity is consumed. As a result, many small and large appliances are present in a kitchen. Some of these appliances include a refrigerator, cooking appliances such as a blender, grinder or even a coffee maker.

A refrigerator is commonly more in use as compared to all other kitchen appliances. The majority of the refrigerators come with running watts of about 700 watts and starting watts of about 1200 watts. Thus, you can pair your 5000 generators with an average-sized refrigerator without impacting its engine’s efficiency at any cost.

Some kitchens are also equipped with electric stoves that need a continuous supply of electricity. They come with 800 running watts and 1500 starting watts. The wattage range of the electric kitchen stoves clarifies that you can cook everything quickly with an electric supply from a 5000 generator.

Electric Water Heater

What Can I Run with a 5000 Watt Generator?

People living in colder areas often suffer from power breakdowns. Thus, if you have an electric water heater with running watts of about 3500 watts and surges of up to 4500, you can use your 5000 generators to create heat through an electric water heater.

Moreover, electric pumps are also compatible with a 5000-watt generator since they can efficiently run on low power surges. Keeping in mind while using an electric water heater with a 5000-watt generator is not to overload its engine.

Make sure not to attach other heavy appliances with the 5000 generators when supporting the working of an electric water heater or an electric pump.

RV or Camping Vans

what will a 5000 watt generator run

Generators are considered as one of the necessities when you’re heading on a road trip or camping. Running all the appliances on an RV is pretty difficult when you don’t have a continuous power supply. But a 5000-watt generator can make your trip worth remembering.

The majority of the people tend to take almost all basic home appliances on RVs while on a trip. Thus, a 5000-watt generator seems like the best alternative to meet the power needs of your RV, no matter big or small.

Many different models of RVs come with different power needs. A 5000-watt generator comes with the ability to run the whole grid of a small-sized RV. Ranging from ovens, electric fans, electric stoves and RV engines, a 5000-watt generator can save you from suffering from power decline amid travelling.

Besides all the appliances mentioned above, there are many other devices which you can operate with a 5000-watt generator. Some of these appliances include power tools, ovens, electric drills and circular saws.

You can Use This Calculator to Calculate wattage for your home and workshop.

Visit: Wattage Calculator

5000 Watt Generator: Overview of the Wattage Production and Calculation

Every portable generator is available with a distinguishing power production that determines its ability to support the electric surges for several home appliances. Thus, a profound insight into the starting and running powers can differentiate between the voltage needs of several home appliances.

Running Watts of a 5000 Watt Generator

Running watts are considered as the first smaller number of watts that a 5000 generator produces while starting its working. These are the watts that a generator can produce for extended durations without any interruption.

In the case of the 5000-watt generators, the running watts are the same as 5000 watts which are more than enough to run heavy loads in your house. However, the running watts of other generators depend on their brand identity and the type of model.

5000 Watt Generator

Starting Watts

Starting watts or more precisely abbreviated as surge watts, are the number of electric watts that a generator produces instantly after it is turned on. Unlike the running watts, the starting watts of a 5000-watt generator exist only for a limited time.

Moreover, the starting watts of a 5000-watt generator range from 5500 to 6250 surge watts. This is an estimated value and can vary depending on the brand and type of the generator model.

Determine the Appliance Power Requirements

The power requirements of every home appliance vary significantly. For example, some home appliances can easily operate at a small watt supply, whereas other electric appliances need a substantial amount of watts to support their working.

If you’re looking to determine how many appliances your 5000-watt generator can support at a time, you must look for the power requirements of your appliance. The power needs of machines are generally mentioned on their labels along with their specifications.

If the power needs of the appliance you’re thinking of running with a 5000-watt generator are mentioned in amps, make sure to convert the value of current into amperes. On a broader note, the appliances that need 240 volts to operate need more power than usual to work correctly.

Other than this, appliances with lower voltage needs than 240 volts can efficiently run on low power surges.

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Running big and small appliances on a 5000-watt generator is not a big deal. However, one thing you need to consider is the perfect compatibility of the device with the power production of your 5000-watt generator.

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