What Does a 7000 Watt Generator Run?

Having a generator that can supply steady electricity to all appliances in your house is a sigh of relief. It can help you tackle sudden power breakdowns without suffering through power losses. However, the peak and running watts of a generator are responsible for running different appliances. Thus, a 7000-watt generator also has certain specifications to run a long list of devices, even the whole house.

A 7000-watt generator can run refrigerators, air conditioners, casual lights, kitchen appliances, microwave ovens, coffee makers, and televisions. In addition to this, it can also run the essential appliances of a house, such as the LED lights, window AC and many other small appliances. It can also provide electricity to the whole house.

If you’ve bought a 7000-watt generator and wondering about the number and types of appliances you can run with, the following guide is going to help you a lot. But before exploring the list of appliances that you can with a 7000-watt generator, let’s know some basics about its power evaluation.

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7000 Watt Generator – A Perfect Investment for House

The majority of the homeowners search for a generator that is not cost-effective but also extends power production for the house. Many replenishing brands have now issued varied models of inverter and portable generators. An average home demands approximately 3000 to 6500 watts to run all its appliances without the power breakdown.

So a 7000-watt generator will be more than enough to assist the continuous power supply of all your home essentials. The majority of your appliances will quickly run under 3000 to 3500 watts. Thus, a 7000-watt generator having a large power backup can support your power supplies under unfavorable conditions.

Furthermore, you’ll not need to increase its power production by using compatible cords. The running and the peak power production of a 7000-watt generator will assist a continuous power supply to all small and heavy appliances for longer durations. Moreover, the size of the engine in a 7000-watt portable generator is efficient enough to bear the load of heavy appliances.

Another amazing about the 7000-watt generator that gains the trust of many customers is its ability to run all the heavy power tools. You don’t have to worry about the construction work going on in your house. You can run all the construction devices with a 7000-watt generator because of its increased efficiency and compatibility.

Evaluate the Power Requirements Before Running Appliances

It’s essential to evaluate the power needs for the different appliances before running them on the 7000-watt generator. You should have profound knowledge about the watt requirements of a machine. The manual present on the devices will help you get a brief idea of the power requirements of a device.

In addition to the power requirements, you should also check the specifications of appliances, particularly in Amperes. Make a list of the appliances that need only 120V for their operations and separate the other items that demand high power supplies for their working. Don’t try to run the power-hungry appliances on your 7000-watt generator since they’ll consume all power of the generator.

The area of a house is directly related to its power consumption numbers. It has been estimated that a home having a 3000 square feet area will perfectly run with a 7000-watt generator. Thus, if you have a house more significant than the assessed value, you should purchase a generator with more power than 7000 watts.

Check the Starting Watts

Starting watts of a generator is the power that gives a turn on to the appliances. They are required to initiate the working of a generator. In other words, the watts that are needed to create the starting momentum for a device are known as starting watts. Thus, it’s essential to evaluate the value of a generator’s starting watts for better compatibility with the generators.

It’s essential to check the starting watts to maintain a steady electricity supply and prevent the shot circuits in homes. The maximum wattage of the generator is its fundamental property to operate the appliances safely.

What Can You Run On a 7000 Watt Generator?

After comprehensive research and analysis, we have collected some completely compatible appliances with the 7000-watt generator. These appliances don’t overload your generator, thus enabling it to perform with its total efficiency.

A large-sized 7000-watt generator comes with a property to support the working of heavy appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners. However, the number and types of appliances depend on the size and engine of the 7000-watt generator. However, the portable size of the 7000-watt generators is perfectly compatible with handy devices like phone chargers and lights.

Let’s explore the list of appliances that you can run with a 7000-watt generator.

Phone Chargers

It’s pretty overwhelming when the light turns off, and your mobile has zero battery charging. Versatile types of generators provide varying electric powers to the phone chargers to run them. A mobile charger demands a small number of watts ranging from 3 to 5 watts. Thus, if you have a 7000-watt generator, there’s no need for you to bother about charging your phone.

Moreover, the production of steady electricity will not impact the charging ability of the charger. Furthermore, it will provide compatible sine waves for the perfect working of all types of phone chargers.


The laptop is considered one of the essential accessories for working persons or those who work from home. But a sudden power breakdown can make you suffer a lot. The availability of a 7000-watt generator at your workplace can assist your power needs in the best way. All you need to do is to plug in your laptop charger and continue your work.

The power requirements of an average-sized generator range from 50 to 100 watts per hour. However, the total power consumption of a generator ranges from 150 watts to 300kWh. However, you can decrease the power needs of the laptop by turning it to standby mode.

75 Watt Light Bulbs

Lighting up your house with a large number of compatible lights is necessary. A breakdown will cause a blackout in your home. But you don’t have to worry a bit while having an efficient 7000-watt generator. The steady production of electricity will light up all the bulbs in your house without consuming much power and fuel.

You can run all the lights in your house as long as you want. That’s why the people who often suffer through the power losses prefer to keep a 7000-watt generator since it lights up all the bulbs of a 3000 square feet house. Furthermore, the 75-watt electric bulbs can efficiently be run with a generator capable of producing more than 7000 running watts of electricity.

Home Projector

Visiting cinemas is good, but you’ll enjoy it to the fullest when creating an in-house cinema. A home projector needs a continuous power supply for its proper working. A sudden power failure can make you suffer from financial loss by damaging your home projector. A 7000-watt generator will support the working of the home projecting without disturbing the continuous watt supply.

An average-sized house projector needs almost 300 to 800 steady watts for its work. However, the efficiency of a 7000-watt generator to run a home projector will depend on its type and the brand. The cheap-rated generators are not designed for running heavy house projectors. The larger house generators can run up to 3 to 4 hours on a 7000-watt generator.

Washing Machine

A washing machine is one of the handiest appliances to increase your comfort zone and working productivity. The continuous working of the washing machine depends on the ability of a generator to produce efficient starting and running watts. With a 7000 watt generator, either portable or inverter, you’ll be able to operate all types of manual and automatic washing machines.

The power needs of a washing machine range from 1600 starting watts to 800 running watts. A 7000-watt generator can produce 7000 starting watts and compatible running watts. But you have to place your generators outdoor while running your washing on a generator. Make sure to observe your washing machine’s running or starting watts before connecting it to the generator.

Toaster Oven

Making your toasts for your breakfast can be the most challenging task when you don’t have a consistent power supply at your house. The loss of power or inconsistent sine waves of electricity can cause significant financial loss to the users of a toaster oven. But the good news is you can never miss a brunch or a breakfast due to the unavailability of electricity.

A standard toaster oven demands only 1200 watts to run. The 7000-watt generator will not wreck the working efficiency of the toaster oven. A standby power generator of 800 watts will be the most helpful backup power supply to all your kitchen appliances, including the toaster oven. Thus, you can operate the compatible type of toaster oven with your generator.

Hot Water Heater

A water heater during winters makes many tasks relatively easy and comfortable for the users. You can use a water heater for cooking, cleaning the dishes, bathing, and space heating your house. But the inadequate supply of electricity will ruin its working ability. The inverter and portable generators supply the best form of electricity to all types of water heaters.

The average power needs of a water heater range up to 1500 steady watts. Thus, using a 7000-watt generator gives a plus point to the users to use it during extreme winters without having any problem. In addition to this, if you have a large water heater for the whole house that has more power needs than 1500 watts, you can use a 7000-watt generator to operate it.

Central Air Conditioners

Summers can be stressful, but frequent power breakdowns can make it even worse for people. In such a case, the central air conditioner plays a leading role in supplying fresh air to the whole house. If you cannot run the central air conditioner on the standard electric power source, you can make a 7000-watt generator its most efficient power source.

The power supplies of the water heater range from 3000 watts to 5000 watts. Thus a 7000 watt will provide some extra watts for the proper working of such heaters. There’s no need for you to worry about the working time of the water heater with a generator because it doesn’t produce fluctuating electricity.

Clothes Dryer

Another most essential appliance of every house is known as the clothes dryer. It helps people to dry their clothes in no time. But the majority of the people are unable to run the clothes dryer while suffering from power losses or blackouts in their area. You can use a 7000-watt generator to provide the most required number of watts for operating the clothes dryers. The production of enough starting and running watts will never cause a problem in the operation of the dryers.

The power needs of the clothes dryer range up to 5400 watts. If you’re not running other heavy appliances on a 7000-watt generator, you can use it to supply electric power to the clothes dryer. It will produce steady sine waves for enabling the clothes dryer to work with total efficiency.

Final Verdict:

The number of appliances depends on the power production ability of a portable generator. The more the running and starting watts, the more will be the running appliances. Thus, if you have a 7000-watt generator, you can even run a whole house with it during the blackouts and power breakdowns.

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