What Does a Generac Generator Run On?

What Does a Generac Generator Run On?

Almost all types of home and backup generators need a consistent supply of efficient fuel for their continuous operation. After all, the kind of fuel is one of the most substantial factors influencing the working of generators. Generac is also one of those generators that need a durable yet compatible fuel type for its working operations.

Generac generator runs on natural gas we usually call it LP fuel supply. Besides the LP fuel supply, the Generac home backup generators also operate on liquid propane. In addition to natural gas and liquid propane, diesel is also one of the most typical fuel types for Generac generators.

Other than the fuel type, many essential factors are responsible for the unproblematic working of Generac generators. If you want to get a brief insight into how a Generac generator runs, the following guide will be beneficial!

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Best Type of Fuels for Generac Generators

Fuels for Generac Generators

The nature and type of fuel are responsible for the efficiency of the home and backup generators. Experts reveal that the better the fuel type, the longer will be the life of your Generac generators. However, the working efficiency of your home generator is directly related to its power source.

We can use different types of active and high-quality fuels for different types of Generac generators. The primary reason behind using versatile kinds of fuels is the generator’s compatibility with the fuels.

But almost all models of Generac are easily compatible with natural gas, diesel, and liquid propane.

Here are the details of each of these fuel types with their benefits for the efficiency of Generac generators:

Natural Gas

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a portable or an emergency power backup generator; natural gas seems like the most suitable fuel for Generac generators.

The primary reason behind its suitability for the generators is because it is one of the best renewable resources of power generators for the generators.

Moreover, natural gas is comparatively cheap and readily available as compared to other types of fuels. According to customer usage, natural gas generators perform better than other inverter generator models.

The cost-effectiveness of natural gas Generac generators stands on the top among all other fossil fuel generators.

The consistent and steady supply of natural gas to the Generac generators provides a reliable source of power. Thus, it makes the Generac generators powerful to cope with a power blackout’s natural disasters and situations. Plus, it has no odor.

Therefore you can use it for your generator without getting disturbed by its smell.

The chances of short circuits and other disasters are comparatively low when using Generac generators that run with natural gas.

Another primary reason for the preference of customers to use Generac generators is the lower knocking impact of this fuel on the generator’s engine.

Benefits of Using Natural Gas for Generac Generators

  • It burns cleaner than other types of fuels like coal
  • It is one of the cheapest types of fuel available for the Generac generators
  • Transportation of natural gas via tanks is pretty convenient
  • It can be easily used for generators that are confined in closed places
  • We can store it longer than diesel or gas


Besides the natural gas Generac generators, diesel operated generators are also common among the users. They are comparatively a better choice than gasoline and natural gas generators. It allows the users to store it in tanks which are easy to carry everywhere.

Thus, you’ll never be running out of power when you operate generators on diesel.

With a longer shelf life, diesel is available with high-quality additives. The availability of additives in this fuel plays the leading role in improving the lives of the generator engines.

The smooth operation of the generator’s engine is also due to the use of high-grade diesel fuel.

Moreover, it can last up to six to twelve months without using any kind of additives. Thus, it will benefit you from a cost point of view as well. You can save money while using fuel for your generator.

All diesel-operated engines are known for a better fuel economy because such generators don’t need to burn more than gasoline or natural gas generators.

Another critical point to prefer the diesel Generac generators over other fuel generators is the low noise. The smooth working of the diesel-filled engines is responsible for eco-friendly noise. You’ll never get bothered by the ear-scorching noise of the generators while using diesel as the source of energy.

Diesel can also be used for contemporary models of Generac generators. Plus, the diesel generators can efficiently operate at full throttle.

Benefits of Using Diesel for Generac Generators

  • It lasts longer, up to 12000 to 13000 hours
  • Creates a cooled working environment in the engine
  • It is easy to refill and maintain
  • Supports the generator to operate heavy appliances
  • It doesn’t cause knocking in the generator engines

Liquid Propane

If you prefer a fuel that doesn’t need much care or handling for your Generac generators, liquid propane can be your best choice. Thus, liquid propane – a type of liquefied petroleum gas is the most familiar choice of users for the Generac generators. The more extended efficiency of diesel to support the generator’s working is one of the primary reasons to choose liquid propane for both inverter and portable Generac generators.

Liquid propane is also readily available from the dedicated providers around you. Thus, you come across a sudden power breakdown and you’re out of fuel for your generator, you can purchase it easily.

The fuel tank of Generac generators is also very compatible with the liquid propane to support the working for all types of light and heavy appliances.

Unlike natural gas and diesel, liquid propane doesn’t degrade with time. There’ll be no change in the efficiency of this fuel regardless of time.

Moreover, you don’t have to spend long hours of your routine on maintaining Generac generators because of this fuel. You don’t have to clean the fuel tank most often because it doesn’t leave carbon deposits during combustion.

The clean-burning of liquid propane in the engine of Generac generators extends the life of generators to several years. Results have shown that it produces a half amount of CO as compared to other types of fuels.

Generac generators that operate with liquid propane are known to work without causing any hazard. It doesn’t evaporate if you accidentally left the tank open.

Moreover, Generac generators that work with the liquid propane fuel type are efficient in summers and perform best in extreme winters. The engine of Generac generators filled with liquid propane will not choke during winters.

Benefits of Using Liquid Propane for Generac Generators

  • It doesn’t crack the pipes of the generator’s engine
  • Doesn’t cause any problem while starting the generators
  • Produces less carbon dioxide during burning
  • It increases the lifespan of the generators
  • Liquid propane supports the working of the generator without any stabilizer


Regardless of the type of generators, Generac generators are known to perform the best among all models. All fuels, including natural gas, liquid propane, and diesel, are compatible with the Generac generators. You can choose any one of these fuel types to support the errorless working of your generator.

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