What Is A Generator PTO? (Why Use)

What Is A Generator PTO

Thousands of kinds of generators have been introduced till today. If you have visited the market for generators, you might have encountered the term “Generator PTO”. Many of you are unaware of generator PTO.

A PTO generator is a gadget that transforms energy from your tractor into electricity with the slightest loss. It is generally used in the agricultural industry. A PTO generator is an immediate manner to turn your farm tools into a mobile power plant.

In this writing, I’ll walk you through the benefits and drawbacks of PTO generators. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Why Are PTO Generators Used?

What Is A Generator PTO?

PTO generators are basically used as an electricity backup. As you know, electricity is not accessible everywhere in the agricultural area. So, farmers always need an emergency backup to complete their work.

Let me make it understandable for you with a simple example. If a man is working in the field and needs to fix a fence at the end corner of his property, a PTO generator will help. He can complete his task by connecting the power takeoff generator with ATV or UTV.

Moreover, there are millions of examples that illustrate the uses of PTO generators. Farmers have been using PTO generators for numerous years to deal with agricultural mishaps.

How PTO Generators Work?

PTO generators work by using the power produced by the truck’s engine. This power will turn the PTO shaft that is connected to the generator. Now, the generator will convert the mechanical energy driven from the tractor to electricity.

The electricity produced by the PTO generator can be used to power tools that are required for agricultural chores.

Benefits Of A PTO Generator

The advantages of a PTO generator are given below.

Backup Power Supply

A PTO generator is also known as a backup power supply. Indeed, power outages and storms come unexpectedly. All you have to do is ensure a good fuel level for your tractor.

Whenever the light goes out, you can connect the PTO generator to the truck, turn on the tractor and the power will be produced by the generator.


The best thing about the PTO generator is that it is moveable. No matter wherever you’re stuck in the field and want power assistance, a PTO generator will be your field partner. You can easily carry a PTO generator along with you and generate electricity when required.

Hence, wherever your truck can go with you, the PTO generator will be with you too to fix any electrical problems.


Are you worried about the high prices of generators? Don’t worry. You’ll be amazed to know that a PTO generator provides you with the same output as traditional generators but at less cost.

So, if you’re struggling with power supply and looking for a pocket-friendly backup for your job, PTO generators are big thumbs up.

Low Maintenance

Usually, generators want additional maintenance including regular fueling and repairs. However, a PTO generator will help you to get rid of this duty. According to my research, PTO generators are designed with minimal yet modern parts as compared to traditional gas generators.

So, you may face less to no wear and tear in your PTO generators. Therefore, it doesn’t require any particular maintenance.

Drawbacks Of A PTO Generator

Along with the advantages, there are a few limitations of a PTO generator. Here are the disadvantages of a PTO generator.


The initial drawback of the PTO generator is its dependency on the truck. As you know, PTO generators are only operated by tractors. Let’s say if your generators become defective or unable to work, your PTO generator is certainly useless.

You can’t operate your PTO generator unless you have a new tractor.

Limited Output

As you know, the output of the PTO generator depends upon the power of your tractor. If you have a high-powered tractor, your generator’s output will be maximum. Likewise, if you have a low-powered truck, your PTO generator’s output will be limited.

The power supply of PTO generators also relies on the fuel level of your tractor.

Safety Concerns

You must be an expert to power your equipment with a PTO generator. If you connect the PTO generator to the tractor inappropriately, it may result in severe damage or injury. The drawbacks of PTO generators also include electric shock, fire, etc.

Choosing The Correct PTO Generator For Your Tractor

What Is A Generator PTO?

If you’re looking for a suitable PTO generator, you must consider the following factors. Here you go.

Engine Size (HP)

Engine size plays a crucial role in selecting the correct PTO generator. You should make sure that the engine size of the generator matches the HP (horsepower) of your tractor’s engine.

If the HP of your tractor’s engine is less than the PTO generator’s engine size, you’ll be unable to produce electricity to run your appliances.

Engine Speed (RPM)

While doing my research I have analyzed that the PTO shaft works at two different speeds. These speeds vary from 540 or 1000 RPM (rotation per minute). Nowadays, modern technology tractors are working at both speeds.

So, before choosing any PTO generator you must look at your truck’s model to investigate whether it works on 540 or 1000 rpm. Then purchase your PTO generator accordingly.

You can also take help from your truck’s manual.

Electrical Phase

Another thing that you must look for while purchasing a PTO generator is the electrical phase. You might be unaware that PTO generators generate two kinds of electricity. These include.

  • Single phase
  • Three phase

Single-phase electricity is the normal power coming out of your home’s sockets. On the other hand, three-phase electricity is utilized to power heavy appliances.

For example, if you want 200 volts or 480 volts of power to run your bulk equipment, you will require three-phase electricity to work.

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In conclusion, I would like to say that PTO generators are helpful in the agricultural industry as compared to typical combustion engine generators. PTO generators provide you with a power supply by producing electricity from your tractor.

PTO generators also have a few drawbacks including the limited capacity, risks of electric shocks, etc. By now, you’re also capable of sizing your PTO generator on your own.

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