What Is an Inverter Generator? Is It Better?

What Is an Inverter Generator

In this age of technology, where we see launches of new and advanced machinery every day, we can also see that inverter generators have taken the place of conventional generators and are all the hype in the industries.

You might be wondering what an inverter generator is? An Inverter generator is responsible for inventing electricity and providing safe-to-use energy to the machinery. I will discuss this in detail and tell you all about inverter generators, so keep reading.

What Are Inverter Generators?

Inverter generators are the more innovative form of conventional ones as they provide energy according to need. Unlike conventional ones, these generators don’t put excessive stress on the engine, and they let the engine relax if less power is needed.

Inverter generators use their inverting technology by balancing the production of energy. It does not run at the same pace all the time because it understands the energy demand, so it supplies energy accordingly.

The electricity that these inverters produce is clean and efficient. Unlike traditional generators, you don’t even have to fill up the gas tank as often because the inverter generator only uses the limited current required.

How Do Inverter Generators Work?

Now that you know what an inverter generator is, you might be curious how exactly these generators work. Well, first of all, these generators convert AC into DC.

That is not it because this DC current is again inverted to AC to create more sustainable and cleaner electricity. The electricity waves produced by an inverter generator don’t harm your electric appliances.

That is because the waves reach your appliances in perfect flow without breaking somewhere or without any breaks as an inverter generator produces energy in a flow, saving your appliances from bursting up.

The quality of electricity is improved because of this inversion from DC to AC again. Also, the inverter generator can change its rotating speed, which is particularly helpful when you don’t need a lot of power. That is why the electricity produced by these generators is often referred to as clean and safe electricity.

Why Is An Inverter Better Than Conventional Generators?

People often find themselves wondering whether they should go for a regular generator or an inverter, so we are going to straighten it all out by explaining whether an inverter actually is better than conventional generators or not.


The inverters are a lot compact and lightweight compared to other generators when it comes to size. Another perk of this small size is that they can also use lesser fuel because these generators have small fuel tanks.

Inverters can be very handy, and you can even move them around because of their lightweight. A regular inverter would hardly weigh 40 pounds, which is less than a conventional generator.

On the other hand, the conventional generator can weigh even more than 80-90 pounds, and it is bigger than a garage at times, so a normal person cannot carry it around because of its gigantic size and weight.


Conventional generators are very noisy, and they exhibit around 76 dB of sound, which is not pleasant at all to hear, and that is why these generators are not deemed good to be used in houses or small spaces because they make the space very noisy.

However, inverter generators are comparatively light on your years. They don’t make as much sound as the traditional ones mainly because they are compact, and have a smaller engine and fuel tank, so you can count on them if you need a peaceful sleep.

Power Output

Conventional generators are considered excellent for power output mainly because they can produce even more than 17,000 watts. Because of their bigger size, they have improved their capacity to produce and store all this electricity.

But, when we talk about inverters, even the best quality inverters produce around 7,000 watts of electricity, and that is because their fuel tank, engine, and overall size are smaller. They are ideal for a smaller setting.

Conventional generators are suitable for industries because of their greater power output. At the same time, inverters are perfect for domestic use as we don’t need that much electricity at home, and inverters would be great for small places like shops or homes.

Safe To Use

Inverters are a lot safer to use than other generators as there aren’t any irregularities in the electric waves in the case of inverters, and you can charge your phones, use your laptop or use your curling iron on an inverter without worrying about any harm.

Conventional generators are pretty dangerous in this regard, and they certainly are not safe for domestic use because the irregularities in the electric waves can damage your appliances.


Sustainability is something that everyone is rooting for these days, and it is crucial to have a very sustainable power supply. It is precisely where the inverter generators come to play because they do not pollute the environment by producing excessive smoke.

Other generators usually produce black-colored smoke that certainly is not good for the environment and makes it unbearable for people to stand beside these generators, so they are not a sustainable option in the long run.

Even though inverters are not 100% sustainable, they are better than most options available in the market and provide you with cleaner electricity without posing excessive harm to the environment.

Which One Is Better? Inverter Or Conventional Generator

According to some points I made above, the inverter generators are certainly in the lead. They also have an additional benefit because we can connect two inverters together with a cable and increase their power production.

But, that does not mean traditional generators are of no use; in fact, they are still used in most factories and industries mainly because of their capability to produce greater watts of electricity.

If you are in search of an excellent generator for domestic use and want to use your electric appliances on that generator, then an inverter would be perfect.

Types Of Inverter Generators

Inverter generators vary based on their sizes, and we are going to give you a sneak peek at sizes as well, so it is even easier for you to pick a suitable inverter for yourself.

Small Inverter Generator

These generators are so lightweight that a person can even carry them with just one hand. Small inverters usually weigh around 50 pounds, and they only produce 2000 watts of electricity which is perfect for a small house or camping.

Though the size of these inverters is very small, the 2000 watts of electricity is enough for smaller shops or households, and these inverters are super-compact, so you don’t even have to worry about their storage as they will fit into any corner of your garage.

Medium Inverter Generator

The medium inverters are a little more advanced than the small ones, and they weigh anywhere from 70 to 80 pounds. These generators are deemed perfect for regular households as they produce 2500 to 4500 watts of electricity. You can also use a curler or toaster on this inverter.

Moreover, the inverters of this size come with wheels, so transferring them from vehicles to the house is very easy and hassle-free, and you can use the appliances by plugging them directly into your inverter.

Large-sized Inverters

These inverters are more than enough to bear the energy needs of a big house, and they also come with wheels, so carrying them around becomes relatively easy as they can even weigh 250 pounds which is very heavy for an inverter.

These are full-sized inverters and produce anywhere from 5000 to 7000 watts of electricity which is more than enough for a house or a big shop. You don’t have to plug your appliances directly into the inverter with a full-sized one because you can easily connect this inverter to the electrical panel at your place.

Things To Look For When Buying An Inverter Generator

You certainly are ready to buy an inverter now but don’t forget to go through all of our below-given points to make a conscious decision and buy the best type of inverter available. So, let’s get right into it.

Inverter Generators


Suppose you are planning on using your inverter excessively for multiple electrical alliances. In that case, you need to buy an inverter and keep in mind that inverters that produce more watts of electricity are comparatively pricey.

However, if you don’t use tons of electrical appliances and are meaning to save a few bucks, get a mid-sized inverter because it produces enough electricity to suffice a home. So, you must know your electricity usage, and you can pick the correct type of inverter accordingly.


Most of the large-sized inverters are very pricey. Traditionally, inverters are considered a lot more expensive than conventional generators, which is fair enough because inverters use more advanced technology.

But when it comes to price, you need to decide whether you can afford a large or medium inverter or not. Also, you don’t always have to go for the high-end brands because you can even choose local brands that are just as good as the high-end ones.

Size Of Inverter

Size also plays a key role in picking up a generator, and it is better if you get the one that produces enough watts to light up a house, yet you can easily pick it up because it is just the right type of inverter for your place.

You can also go for the large size, but only if you have enough space to store it and if you actually need those extra watts of electricity; otherwise, a medium-sized is also pretty decent.


If you are buying an inverter for its performance, its outlook would undoubtedly be a cherry on top because a decent-looking inverter adds a lot to the overall aesthetics of your house.

So, when picking an inverter for yourself, make sure to choose the one of perfect design and color.

Top 2 Best Inverter Generators

We have also short-listed two inverter generators to make things easier for you, as now you can just pick one according to your need. So, keep reading because you certainly are in for a treat.

WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator

It is a highly portable and compact inverter generator as you can carry it around, and it even looks like a suitcase, so full marks for the aesthetics. Moreover, it produces 2000 watts of electricity which is just right for traveling, camping or construction sites.

The inverter does not make a lot of sound as the maximum it goes is around 53 dB. The Wen inverter is also very easy to use with its straightforward buttons and powerful engine.

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Champion Power Equipment 100520 8750-Watt 

The champion inverter uses advanced technology to produce around 7000 watts of electricity so that it can be categorized as a larger-sized inverter. Also, the brand promises that this model is 30% quieter than all the other inverters available in the market, which is a big selling point.

Moreover, despite producing 7000 watts of electricity, this inverter is not as heavy as one would expect it to be, and it makes very clean electricity while saving fuel. The inverter has a tendency to run for about 10.5 hours, and it also comes with a warranty of three years.

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Which One To Buy?

The Champion Power Equipment 100520 has to be our first pick as it offers the starting power of 8750. Then it provides consistent power of 7000 watts, so it is a perfect pick for anyone who is looking for a better alternative to conventional generators.

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Lastly, We hope that this descriptive article helped you solve your inverter problem and you have finally decided which inverter you are going to pick.

We also hope you won’t have the “what is inverter generator” question anymore. Just make sure to purchase just the correct type of inverter for your needs, and don’t go over the board with it.

Adios from our side.

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