What Size Generator To Run An Air Conditioner?

What Size Generator To Run An Air Conditioner?

An unceasing AC in your place would be a blessing in the looming summer heat. But if you have a power outage, what can you do to combat the scorching heat? A generator of satisfactory quality can be your best partner for this purpose. For better analysis, you should research the size guide and the appropriate type.

The reliable generators provide a power supply to run your air conditioners and other appliances efficiently. To buy a compatible generator, you should know what size generator to run an air conditioner?. Well, it mostly depends upon the power capacity and surges wattage of your AC unit.

Generator to run an AC: Specific Types

Generator to run an AC

To buy a generator for your home or workspace, you must analyze various aspects. The power capability, fuel usage, wattage compatibility, etc. You can check on the basis of these what size generators to run an AC. Among various popular types of generators, learn about some specific ones here.

Whole house

With the huge capacity and wattage compatibility, the whole house generators would be an appropriate choice. The whole house generators have the capacity to run all of your appliances. The phenomenal advantage of this generator is its connection facility to fuel, natural gas, and propane.

Modern generators provide display and control through an application on your smartphone. If you have a workplace or residence at a place where you have to face frequent hurricanes. Ultimately you have to combat a power outage. Hence you‘ll need a whole-house generator. To run an air conditioner in your home, a whole-house generator would be a helpful choice.


  • In an emergency, the generator will turn on automatically.
  • It can provide power to whole house appliances.
  • You don’t have to set up extension cords for connection.
  • It has a reliable design that lasts a long time.


  • Will count expenses on your budget.
  • Takes up huge space.
  • Requires maintenance every year.

Natural gas generators

The ultimate way to reduce emissions is to choose natural gas generators over gasoline or diesel ones. These are easy on budget, durable and huge capacity generators.

You can easily connect these generators through existing pipelines of natural gas. You don’t have to make specific storage fIt requires lesser maintenance and creates a lesser mess of pipelines.

The reliance on natural gas is the ultimate advantage of these generators. In case of an emergency, cutting off the power will turn off the generator. The power capacity of these generators can run an ac easily. The basic advantages and drawbacks of natural gas generators are :


  • Produces fewer emissions.
  • Cleaner fuel utilization.
  • Easy connection accessibility to existing pipelines.


  • The costs of maintenance are comparatively higher.
  • It cannot run efficiently indoors.
  • The cost of installation is also higher.

There are other types of generators too which involve diesel generators, and propane generators. But modern generators provide running features at combinations of propane and gas. You can switch among different inputs for the same generator.

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Which one to buy

What Size Generator To Run An Air Conditioner

The portable generators are quite powerful and consist of exceptional qualities. There are different types of generators that can be gasoline, natural gas, propane, and diesel generators. or combinations of these.

You can choose the generator for our The customer views provide an easy analysis of the efficiency of any generator. You can easily choose by checking customer reviews online.

To provide you with the ease of popular and affordable options we have categorized here some compatible types of generators. Keep reading to know what size generator to run an air conditioner?.

DuroMax XP15000E gasoline generator

The V twin engine of DuroMax makes it powerful enough to run an ac. It has the capacity of running 12,000 watts. For a heavy-duty power supply, this massive capacity generator is ideal for heavy-duty supply power. It produces up to 23 horsepower which is enough for the home or workspace.

The multiple options for outlets provide you the facility to choose between heavy and lower power supplies. Additionally, the huge fuel tank of the generators will last for nine hours at a load of fifty percent.

The tank of this generator contains a capacity of 10.8 gallons of fuel. At fifty percent load, it has the capability to last for nine hours. The automatic sensor provides extraordinary benefits. In case of low fuel, the sensor sets the device off automatically.

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Champion power 3500W

The generator comes with huge power that can run 15,000 BTU RV AC. The embedded 224cc engine produces 4500 watts using gasoline which is pretty enough to run an air conditioner. The 3.4-gallon fuel tank can run for nine hours.

It also offers four outlets, one of which is a locking outlet and the others with different properties. The locking outlet, the outlet for RV, and the other two outlets for household appliances make it perfect for your home usage. It provides 3150 watts that can last for more than ten hours along with the utilization of just 20 pounds of propane.

Another quality aspect of this champion power generator is its ability to work efficiently yet make lesser noise. The noise level of this generator is 69 DBA which is pretty bearable for human beings.

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WEN GN6000 6000-watt

One of the most affordable generators on your budget that has all the essential properties. The 6000 W generator can produce up to 500 running watts which is enough to run an air conditioner. The power of this generator is 272 cc along with a 4-stroke, OHV engine. The main feature of this generator is its facility of six outlets.

You can run appliances of different voltages at these outlets. This budget-friendly generator that can run ac and all of your home appliances should be your considerable choice. Though its speed is not extraordinary, the speed of 3600 RPM is satisfactory for your small residence.

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Buffalo Tools Gen1000 watt

Smaller in size but can be considered a small air conditioner. The less noisy and easy-to-install generator produces 1000 watts of power. The Buffalo toolsGen1000 watt generator is extremely quiet and it operates at 56 decibels of the noise level.

The small tank of this generator has a capacity of 0.55 fuel gallons. At 50 percent of the load, this generator can work for six hours. The facility of two outlets provides the best compatibility option for a small apartment. Another eco-friendly approach is tried to achieve and the smart feature in this regard improves fuel efficiency.

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Champion 3400 inverter generator

With compatibility with propane or gasoline, this generator offers 3100 watts of running capacity. These features are enough to power a window air conditioner. The noise level of champion 3400 is 58 DB. The noise level does not disturb and you can install it near your apartment window.

The fuel tank of this generator is 1.6 gallons capacity. While the run time is seven and a half hours at twenty-five percent of the load. The run time for gas and propane is different. You can use propane input to run this generator for up to fourteen and a half hours.

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Bottom line

In the sweltering noon of summer, an air-conditioned room in your home or job site would be your favorite place to rest. Moreover, People who have to tolerate power outages have to install generators.

The generators that are affordable and durable are a blessing. People with workspaces or residences in the areas where frequent hurricanes or thunderstorms occur need such generators. Reading the above options and types of the generators, you can analyze, what size generator to run an air conditioner?

Popular brands that offer multiple options in generators can be considered to buy an affordable generator. You should customer reviews of different types of generators to choose the suitable one for yourself.

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