What Size Generator To Run Refrigerator And Freezer?

Generator To Run Refrigerator And Freezer

There are not many options for a good generator that can tackle such heavy loads, which is why most people find it difficult to search for the right size of generator to run their refrigerator and freezer. I will recommend reading the whole article to choose the best generator size to run your refrigerator or freezer or both at the same time.

The size of the generator depends on the size of the refrigerator and freezer. Still, it is better if you find a generator with more than 1500 watts of power because both freezer and refrigerator require around 1000 watts. Still, again it also depends on the size of the refrigerator and freezer:

  • Mini Refrigerator and Freezer: 1000 – 1500 Watt Generator
  • Large Refrigerator and Freezer: 3500 – 4000 Watt Generator
  • Both Refrigerator and Freezer on one generator: 5000 Watt

Want to know more about it? Keep reading because I have written down everything you need to know about it.

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What Is The Best Generator Size To Run A Refrigerator And Freezer?

Refrigerator – 2000 Watt

If you want to run a medium-sized refrigerator, a 2000-watt generator is more than enough for it. But, you need to keep in mind that you won’t be able to run any other powerful electric appliances when running a refrigerator.

For example, people often want to use a toaster or coffee maker on generators, but when you already are using a refrigerator, it won’t be possible for a 2000-watt generator to handle any more load, and it will end up damaging your appliances.

Freezer – 3000 watt

The best size for a generator to run a freezer would be a 3000-watt generator, so you can also use other appliances on the generator without overpowering it. Moreover, a 3000-watt generator is also strong enough to run all types of household appliances.

The best type of generator for running a freezer is Generac 7129 GP3000i Inverter Generator because it is quiet, easy to carry, and perfect for an average household. Another great option for a 3000-watt generator is the CHAMPION POWER EQUIPMENT 3100-Watt generator, as it is just the right combination of power and convenience for running a freezer.

Like a refrigerator, the 2000-watt generator can also run the freezer, but again, the problem arises when you have to use other appliances but cannot do so because the freezer is eating up all the power of your generator.

Freezer usually uses 1000-watts of power at all times, and for that, you need a generator that is more powerful than 2000-watts so your freezer gets an endless supply of energy and runs smoothly for several hours.

The best generator size to run a freezer is also 3000-watt if you plan to use other electric appliances. If you only need to use a freezer which certainly would not be the case usually, then even a 1500-watt generator would do the deed.

But, running a freezer along with things like electric bulbs, fans, TV, and other electric machines is not that easy, and you would certainly need a freezer with a lot more power than just the standard 2000 watts.

Can You Run Both Freezer And Refrigerator On One Generator?

If you are wondering what size generator to run both the refrigerator and freezer both, you need to understand the watts of your appliance. Each appliance has its own starting and running watts, so if you want to use a freezer and refrigerator simultaneously, you need to understand and know the running and starting watts of both appliances.

By knowing these watts, you will be able to determine whether you can run a freezer and refrigerator together on your generator or not. Also, if you haven’t selected a generator yet, this calculation will help you select just the right generator size for you.

A super-basic refrigerator usually needs around 800-1000 starting watts, and then it can run on 700-800 watts depending upon the type of refrigerator you have. The running and starting watts are usually mentioned in your refrigerator’s manual.

The freezer’s starting watts usually are 1000-1200, and running watts are 600-800. So, if you go for a 2000-watt generator, you won’t be able to start a freezer if the refrigerator is already running on the generator because the refrigerator is already using 1000-watts, and the freezer will need an additional 1200 watts.

It is better to choose a generator with 3500-4000 watts if you want to run both the freezer, refrigerator, and other basic household items. If you are getting a generator of 5000 watts, you will even be able to use a refrigerator and freezer with a small air conditioner.

Best Generator Size For Mini Freezer And Refrigerator

The best generator size for a mini freezer and refrigerator is 1500 watts because even though you can go for 1000 watts, you won’t be able to run other electric appliances. In addition, some mini fridges only use 50-100 watts.

Mini-freezers and refrigerators are very common in households, and they tend to consume less energy, so people prefer to use mini-freezers and refrigerators on the generator. You don’t need a very high-powered generator to run these small appliances.

Mini refrigerators and freezers hardly use 350-650 watts, and they won’t be putting a lot of load and pressure on your generator. So, a low-powered generator is also good enough for running these small appliances.

Mini freezers and refrigerators also don’t require a lot of starting watts, which is why running them together is also very easy, and you can do it on a generator with 2000-3000 watts quite easily.

Recommended Generators For Mini Freezers And Refrigerators

Let’s find out the best generators that I have tried and tested for mini-refrigerators and freezers.

WEN 56203i Super Quiet 2000-Watt

  • Does not make a lot of noise
  • Perfect for running a mini freezer or fridge
  • It saves a lot of fuel
  • Convenient to carry
  • The weight of this generator is less than 45lbs

Firman P01201 1500/1200

  • Can run for up to 10 hours with a full tank
  • Does not make noise
  • Also comes with a voltmeter
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty
  • Shuts down on its own in case of low oil levels.

Best Generator Size For Large Freezer And Refrigerator

large refrigerator and freezer

Large freezers and refrigerators are just another way of making your life easier and efficient. But, when it comes to finding what size generator to run a refrigerator and freezer of large size, it is where this scenario gets tricky.

So, take a look at the manual that comes with your refrigerator or freezer and choose the right generator size accordingly. Typically, a 3500-4000 watts generator is enough to run a large freezer and refrigerator.

You cannot obviously use your regular 2000-watt generator for a refrigerator or freezer that is much bigger than the usual ones and eats up a lot of power. If you are running a larger refrigerator or freezer on a 2000-watt generator, it is most likely to damage your appliance because of power overload.

But, if you are not sure and need to use more electric appliances, you can always calculate the watts of each of your appliances and then run them safely. Moreover, you cannot run a large refrigerator and freezer together on a 3000 or 4000-watt generator.

The reason behind it is that these appliances use a lot of energy, and generators with the power of 3000-4000 watts won’t be able to bear the load and will damage your appliance.

There are some fridges and refrigerators available out there that even use around 6000-watts just for starting, and for such refrigerators, you need to pick the right kind of generator accordingly.

Recommended Generators For Large Freezers/Generators

We are listing some of the finest generators you can find out there for running your larger freezers and generators.

WEN GN400i Inverter Generator

  • Produces clean and safe power
  • Comes with a panel for better connection
  • Powerful and efficient engine
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Low consumption of fuel

All Power America APGG4000 Portable Generator

  • Runs for about 8 hours straight with a full tank
  • Shuts down automatically when oil is low
  • Low noise feature
  • Portable and compact
  • You can add 4 gallons of gasoline at one time

Can You Run a Refrigerator And Freezer On A 5000-Watt Generator?

What Size Generator To Run Refrigerator And Freezer

Yes, you can run the refrigerator and freezer both on a 5000-watt generator, and you will also have quite a lot of power to spare to run the other low-power appliances in your house. A 5000-watt generator offers very efficient performance and is suitable for an average to a larger house.

Even if you want to run both the refrigerator and freezer together with other appliances, a 5000-watt generator will be just the right choice. You can run almost all types of refrigerators and freezers on a generator that has 5000 watts.

You can even run a medium-sized heater or any other high-power appliance along with your freezer, and it won’t affect the overall efficiency of your generator.

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We know how hard it is to find just the right type of generator that can run a refrigerator and freezer without posing serious harm to your costly electric appliances. We have given you the answers to all your questions, so we hope this article was helpful for you.

Moreover, make sure that you know the starting and running watts of the refrigerator and freezer you have because these watts can determine what type of generator you need to buy for running your electric appliances.

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