Where Are Caterpillar Generators Made? Best Models to Buy?

Where Are Caterpillar Generators Made

Caterpillar that is often shortened to CAT, is the world’s largest manufacturer of construction equipment. Not just a wide range of generators, but all the caterpillar generators have the most extensive range of unrivaled specifications.

The Caterpillar generators are made in China. Caterpillar is considered the pundit in manufacturing all types of generators. The sets of the portable generators are manufactured by the Rato Power Manufacturing Co. in China.

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Caterpillar Generators

Caterpillar started its operation by merging two companies. These two are the Holt Manufacturing Company and the C.L. Best Tractor Company. The merging of both of these created a legit company currently known as Caterpillar. Caterpillar is a California-based company making different products, including natural gas engines, diesel-electric locomotives, mining equipment, portable generators, and other useful equipment.

Who Makes Caterpillar Generators?

Where Are Cat Generators Made

U.S. Peoria, California, Illinois are the countries that own Caterpillar Inc. and have its dealing in the whole world. Caterpillar started its services in 1925 and is 95 years old. After five years, this name will be celebrating its 100 years.

The company has its headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois, and the United States. This world’s famous generator-making brand is from California, United States. And the world’s largest dealer of this company is Finning International. This dealer works in employing almost 15000 people both in selling and renting the produced equipment.

Their brand’s offerings include backhoe loaders, generators, motor graders, engines, dozers, articulated trucks, excavators, wheel loaders, and skid steer loaders. Caterpillar offers you a vast collection of options. It is totally up to you to choose your required one according to your budget and your needs.

As Caterpillar is serving worldwide, out of all the 110 countries, 51 of all plants are located in the United States. And 59 plants of this company are located in Australia, China, England, Germany, Brazil, Belgium, Italy, and many other countries of the entire world.

Best Caterpillar Generators:

Here is the list of top-rated caterpillar generators for your convenience. If you want to buy a caterpillar generator, this would surely help you choose the best one.

  • Cat RP7500E Gas Powered Portable
  • Caterpillar RP12000E Portable Generator
  • Cat 2000 Gas Powered Inverter Generator
  • Caterpillar RP5500 Portable Generator
  • Cat RP6500E Portable Generator

Cat RP7500E Gas Powered Portable Generator

It usually starts with electricity and has an OHV engine. This generator is small in size and portable. It also has wheels that provide you the ease of dragging them anywhere. They also offer you safety, as they have recessed sockets that are waterproof.

This pocket-friendly generator has 7500 running power and starting power of 9375, which is more than enough for heavy load appliances. Its weight is 191.6 pounds that make it light-weighted. But it is expensive, so keep that aspect in your mind as well.

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Caterpillar 2000 Gas Powered Inverter Generator

It is also a portable generator and is small in size. This generator is specially designed for those who prefer the point of high power among the other specifications. It has 1800 Watts of long-lasting and clean energy.

Cat 2000 is capable of running a mini-fridge, small power tools, halogen lights, and phone chargers. It has also optimized noise and fuel efficiency. It doubles the power when used parallel to another. Its weight is 48.7 pounds that are relatively less. You can use it for outdoor fun and work-site use. It has a three years warranty.

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Cat RP5500 Portable Generator

This small generator, RP 5500, has an engine of 300 CC and is an OHV engine. It provides you with durable and quiet operation. It has the potential to offer you 15 long hours of power access.

All Cat generators have the feature that they are effortless to operate and quite affordable as well. It is eligible to run all heavy-duty machinery such as microwave ovens, fans, T.V., and fridges. It has a warranty of 36 months.

However, it is an efficient generator, but sometimes you can face the issue of voltage.

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Caterpillar RP6500E Portable Generator

Like all other Cat generators, it is also small in size. Most customers consider this point very significantly; it will be the best option for you. With 6500 running and 8125 starting watts, it performs the best to support heavy appliances’ operation. The presence of two 120V outlets also increases the power generation.

It is beneficial for the smooth running of heavy load appliances such as computers, T.V.s, table saws, hammer drills, and air compressors. The average running time of about 12 hours makes it perfect for running for longer durations without any break.

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Cat RP12000E Portable Generator

This generator comes with the most delicate features like 12,000 running watts and 15,000 starting watts. This generator is also very fuel-efficient with a twin OHV engine. It also has a very long runtime of 11 hours.

Cat RP12000E has the potential to operate bulky-duty devices without creating a fuss. Cat generators also have very low harmonic distortion. They also develop trust with their customers by providing three long years of warranty. If you operate it carefully, it can run for many years.

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How To Choose The Best Caterpillar Generator?

Indeed, you would have encountered storms, natural disasters, and other agitating conditions. These conditions result in blackouts and power breakdowns, so you must have a backup to fulfill your energy needs. This era of inventions is no longer a problem because we’ve Caterpillar portable generators in the market.

If you want to get a caterpillar generator, you may have some hesitation about what qualities you should look for. Here is the list of some magnificent features that would surely help you in choosing the best one.

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Portability
  • Noise
  • Power

Low Fuel Consumption:

Whenever you go to buy a generator, always prefer a generator that has low fuel consumption. Caterpillar generators are known for their low fuel consumption, so always opt for a generator that meets the global terms of less fuel consumption. It will not only help to save money but also guard the environment.

This feature is usually neglected, people don’t look for low fuel consumption, but this attribute is essential.


Everyone looks up for a generator that is easy to handle. Caterpillar’s range of portable generators gives you a wide variety of portable generators. Having a portable in your car, or whenever you go for any adventure, gives you immediate access to power.


Always go for a brand that is reliable and globally acknowledged. Caterpillar is world-renowned for its amazing generators. So never hesitate to grab a caterpillar generator to solve all your power shortage problems. For over a century, Caterpillar is trusted by its customers.


Generators are often used in blackout and power breakdown; these issues take a long time. So always go for a generator that has a long runtime. Generators that have short runtime could turn out to be a big problem for you.


Noise is another salient feature to buy a generator. Generators are known for producing disturbing noise. We all are well aware of the hazardous effects of noise pollution. So keep this point in your mind as well. Generators with our voices can ruin the ambiance.


A powerful generator is capable of solving all your power shortage worries. Having a powerful generator in your home, workplace, or even car can be a quick fix. Caterpillar generators can provide 75000 watts of power. This feature makes it the finest choice for construction as well as for home-usage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Caterpillar Generators

Can a portable generator run a whole house?

To run power to the whole house, you must buy a portable generator with the range of 10,000 to 15,000 watts. This sized portable generator would be enough to supply power to the whole house.

Which is the best Caterpillar Generator?

Cat RP7500E is considered the best and even recommended generator made by the company Caterpillar. It has a power of 7500 watts. Thus it is best to use both for constructive purposes as well as for use inside the home. So, if you search for something with durable features, you must opt for this one.

Where are Caterpillar generators manufactured?

The portable generators of Caterpillar are manufactured in China by the Rato Power Manufacturing Company.

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If you are desperately looking for something durable, then we recommend you opt for the caterpillar generators. You will not just find a quality, but many other inspiring features will also tend you to select this brand for the generators.

Their generators are unrivaled in providing large outputs for the construction areas and for the house too. You have a vast list of offerings. So select the one that is really according to your needs as well as your budget.

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