Where are Kohler generators made? Best model to Buy?

Where are Kohler generators made

Kohler generators are one the best generator products available in the market. Many features separate them and rank them among the best generator products. I will guide you about where Kohler generators are made and will help you to pick a generator according to your needs.

The Kohler generators are made in Wisconsin, the USA, near the village of Saukville. Production plants are also working in France and China to cover the different regions of the world. Before moving to the salient features of the brand, I would like to share a brief history that will help develop a bond of trust and authority.

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When was the first Kohler generator made?

According to their official site, Kohler’s power dates back to 1873, and they launched their first modern-day generators in 1920. It was made to power plumbing instruments in rural America. But soon, It became a famous invention to powerhouses, boats, and different industries worldwide.

Since then, it has achieved many milestones like powering many Hollywood cameras and sound recording systems. It was the brand to launch the interchangeable engine technology.

Currently, Kohler has made much advancement in its products. Kohler power has always tried innovation that has kept its customers way ahead of its customers and helped it become a people’s favorite.

Notable features of Kohler generator

As mentioned previously, Kohler generators are working hard to improve themselves. Over the decades, it has developed many unique features that distinguish Kohler generators from other generators. These features will help you to make a conclusive decision.

Noise Optimization

Kohler runs ten identical generators and records an average sound power and sound pressure generated by the products. The results always come lower than the maximum acceptable limits. The results are also per the official governing bodies like COFRAC and CETIM.

Noise optimization and cancellation are essential when generators are installed in hospitals and urban areas. And Kohler generators fill those criteria satisfactorily.

Steady Power Supply with extremes in temperature

Kohler works with its 100% capacity on 40-45 degrees Celsius, a temperature on which most brands fail to supply bearable output.

Cooling system and Air-to-boil(ATB) level are two main characteristics to consider while buying a generator. The quality of the engine, the frames, and the main design allows a minimum ATB level of 40 degrees on standby and 45 degrees as the primary power source.

To summarize, Kohler generators produce maximum output at extreme temperatures while their competitors fail to follow its footsteps by a good margin.

Fuel Consumption Adjustment

Kohler’s SDMO generator saves a lot of fuel when compared to its competitors. These measurements are taken on similar engines and similar power output settings.

Fuel consumption is a crucial factor when choosing a generator. Its importance rises to manifolds when a full-day-long uninterrupted power supply is required. Kohler generators are made using high-quality parts that ensure maximum performance and minimum fuel consumption.

Small size, big performance

The compact design of the generators helps to reduce the size to a minimum while keeping the performance end the same. It occupies less space as compared to its competitors.

  • Its small size helps to fit in narrow spaces.
  • Lightweights reduce the transport cost.
  • Multiple connections help to establish an accessible power supply.

Enhanced Protection

Kohler enhanced safety is equipped with:

  • Neutral system Management
  • Quality of circuit breaker
  • Generators coupling

Generator Preheating

All these added features provide maximum safety to the machine and consumer. Neutral management helps the device to adapt and switch from one system to another. This ensures safety for both consumers and installers.

Kohler uses B-type circuit breakers for short circuit prevention. These breakers can better detect the abnormal flow and trips down with more accuracy to save the generators from any damage.

The generator coupling system ensures the activation of limited generators according to the output required. Generator preheating warms the cooling agent and generator blocks which results in improved output capacity at low temperatures.

All these features are installed to ensure the safety of the user and the property. It also protects the generator from any potential harm.

Sturdy base frame

Using high-end material for base frame and enclosure ensures the machine’s longevity despite the harsh external environment. The following features ensure the safety of the device from high temperature, rust, and heavy rain, making it an ideal choice:

  • Europe based electro-galvanized steel is used for the enclosure
  • Double paint coat and optimized base frame design protect the body against corrosion
  • Annual UV rays testing and 100% impermeability test ensure the protection against leakage

The base frame and enclosures are made in France to ensure the quality of these components.

Approved by highest quality standards

Kohler Power does not give an inch of space when it comes to quality and standard maintenance. Every generator is tested in highly advanced labs with a capacity of 10kW. This high-end capacity is only available in 2 labs around the world.

The generators are passed through different quality ISO, including engine, alternator, electrical equipment, and general generator standards. These tests guarantee that the highest quality standards are matched in each unit.

These features are convincing enough, and you should compare all of these features ( several others) before purchasing a generator.

How Kohler generators are tested

Testing of a product is essential. It provides proof of quality and ensures the consumer’s safety. Kohler generators are passed through multiple tests to match those standards. Some of the significant tests conducted are:

  • The cooling system is tested by thermal balance test
  • Noise level measurement as mentioned in Directive 2000/14/EC and ISO 8528-10
  • Electrical checks according to (EN12601-ISO8528)
  • Production Control test

All these tests are done according to the ISO17025 and calibrated by COFRAC.

Generators offered by Kohler brand

Kohler offers a wide range of generators, each with its unique features, power output, and price. I will review some of their most popular products with their main features.

KOHLER Generators 14RESAL

14RESAL is a small but powerful machine. It is perfect to light your house and power your refrigerator in case of a power break. The generator is very easy to install. Connected to the fuel supply and main electrical supply of the house.

It can automatically detect the power cuts turn on in less than 10sec. KOHLER 14RESAL has a sturdy frame that can easily stand the harsh climate. It generates a stable 14000 watt of electrical charge, making it a great choice as a standby generator.


  • 14,000 Watt or 10 Amp air-cooling generator
  • Response to power cuts in less than 10 seconds
  • Strong frame with 100% corrosion-free enclosure


  • No sound optimization
  • No special cooling system

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Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS Air-Cooled Standby Generator

Suppose you are looking for a powerful machine that can supply vast loads of power, look no further. With a robust enclosure and 20,000 Watts of power generation capacity, Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS is the generator of choice. It comes with a transfer switch and the response time is also less than 10 sec.


  • Produces 20000Watt of uninterruptible electrical supply
  • 200-amp transfer switch that is attached to the house
  • Respond to power cuts in less than 10secs


  • Replacement of transfer switch is not easy.

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KOHLER Generators 12RESVL100 Amp Standby Indoor Generator

One of the most popular Kohler generators is Kohler 12RESVL100 Amp. It has a strong exterior and commendable internal technology. Kohler 12RESVL100 generates 12kW energy, which is sufficient to run your heater and AC. It also features the transfer switch and power boost technology which helps you to start heavy machinery without putting extra load on your circuit.

The generator response time is lower than most of its competitors. Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS delivers consistent and high-quality power, which protects your digital and electronic devices from damage.


  • Produce 12kW high-quality charge
  • Power boost for initializing large loads
  • Strong and heavy framework


  • Its weight is on the higher side.

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Consumers review

Over the years, Kohler Power has generated many satisfied customers through its products and customer service. People claim to be dependable during pandemics. Some buyers claim that they initially had an issue kick-starting the generator. But after discussing it with the customer support, the control panel was replaced, and the generator worked flawlessly.

These reviews are taken from consumeraffairs.com, which are famous for their honest and unbiased reviews.

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Power outages are pretty common in pandemics, especially if you are living in a far-flung area. The generators come in very handy during those dark times. Kohler is one of the leading generator brands in the market and consistently produces innovative and robust products. You can quickly look for a generator according to your budget and power output.

Kohler generators have a compact design and robust enclosure. Their power boost technology and fuel optimization make it an ideal candidate looking for a strong generator on a low budget.

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