Where Are Northstar Generators Made? Best Models To Buy?

Where Are Northstar generator made

Going through a sudden power breakdown when you’re on a trip or having a casual party at your house is worse. But generators now prove the best solution to your problems related to power needs. Many notable brands like Northstar are actively producing top-notch quality portable generators.

Northstar generators are assembled and made in the USA. Talking more about Northstar generators, they’re manufactured by Northern Tool + Equipment. In 1981, the first store of Northstar generators was founded by Don Kotula in Minnesota, but now this recurring company has its stores all over the USA.

Want to read about the best models of Northstar Generators? Read Below.

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Northstar Generators

Being the best generator manufacturer in the power industry, Northstar has always been at the top for producing reliable and long-lasting electrical equipment. More than 40,000 Northern Tool + Equipment products have been launched now, which are aiding people to meet power deficiencies requirements.

All generators manufactured by the Tool + Equipment company – Northstar are relatively lightweight, portable, and of premium quality. Northstar aims at producing gasoline and high-wattage generators to remove the concerns of those who want a continuous and smooth electric flow in their houses. Moreover, all Northstar models’ fuel consumption and fuel consumption are entirely compatible with the user’s needs.

Where Are Northstar Generators Made
Northstar Generators

Frequently Asked Questions About Northstar Generators

Do Northstar Generators Come with Honda Engines?

Yes, almost all Northstar generators are integrated with the Honda engines, which specialize in increasing their efficiency for producing power.

Are Northstar Generators Environment Friendly?

Some of the Northstar generators are environment friendly as they produce less noise than standard generators. But some of their models have high noise of about 74 dB.

Are Northstar Generators fuel compatible?

One of the reasons for the increasing demands of Northstar generators is that they’re compatible with a wide variety of fuels. Moreover, they consume minimal levels of energy for generating electricity.

Best Model Of Northstar Generators

After knowing the basics of buying a portable generator, you should head to selecting the best models issued by Northstar. Almost every Northstar generator model is more than impressive, but we’ve tried to collect the top 3 Northstar generators for you.

Let’s get started on the list of best Northstar generators.



Power Rating

NorthStar Portable Generator with Honda GX630 OHV Engine

Durability, 3-Year Warranty, High Power Generation

Surge watts: 13,000 watts, Rated watts: 10,500 watts

NorthStar Portable Generator with Honda GX690 OHV Engine

Low fuel consumption, longer run time, compatibility

Surge Watts: 15000 watts, Rated Watts: 13,500 watts

NorthStar Portable Generator with Honda GX390 OHV Engine

Electric start, easy transportation, lightweight

Surge Watts: 8000 watts, Rated Watts: 6,600 watts

Quick Overview

NorthStar Portable Generator with Honda GX630 OHV Engine

The first masterpiece by Northstar stands out of the list as it meets the needs of users in the most promising ways. With less consumption of fuel, it is now able to generate the highest power output. Thus you can run all appliances with this portable generator.

It’s considered the first choice of those homeowners who demand utility-grade electricity production. Not only this, it satisfies its users by producing steady power for job sites, home projects, and standard appliances.

NorthStar Generator GX630 At a Glance

There’s no need to suffer from power deficiency emergencies as it’s powered by reliable Honda engines, which prove more than fantastic to produce considerable power. The top-of-line Honda engine runs quite smoothly to generate the highest power ranges.

Easy to start mechanism with excellent fuel efficiency is the best feature to talk about in this reliable generator. Moreover, it comes with a three-year warranty, which includes the assurance of repairing the damaged parts. The robust construction of this generator is responsible for its long-lasting life.

It keeps the electronic appliances safe as it generates steady sine waves of electric power. It produces clean electricity with low harmonic distortion; thus, all your devices will perform best. Many outlets are also available for increasing the power generation according to needs.

Technical Specs of Northstar Portable Generator GX630

  • Surge watts: 13,000 watts
  • Rated watts: 10,500 watts
  • Engine: Honda GX630 OHV
  • Run Time: 10 hrs
  • Start Type: Electric
  • Fuel Capacity: 11 gallons

What Do We Like About It?

  • It gives a steady power supply for electrical appliances’ reliable performance plus; it runs for long hours without any inconvenience.
  • Exceptionally lightweight to handle; thus, the users can enjoy the access of moving it from one place to another without any extra effort.
  • This Northstar generator’s fuel capacity ranges up to 11 gallons, which is more than enough for generating electricity for many days.

Any Downsides?

  • The extended sockets and power outlets are not much efficient to support high power output.

Final Decision

As we’ve already discussed, it stands at the top of the best Northstar portable generators list. The availability of ever-demanded features, including low noise production, high power generation, and compatible fuel capacity, makes it the best choice for many users.

NorthStar Portable Generator with Honda GX690 OHV Engine

Our next model is mainly designed for searching for a portable generator within an affordable range. Regardless of the low price, all features ranging from noise production to durability are of premium quality.

It comes with an electric start; thus, users can start it without spending any extra effort. The portability and the power production of Northstar generator GX690 give a healthy competition to the other series’ models. All the spare parts are readily available and come with a leading warranty.

Northstar Generator GX690 At a Glance

One of the best things to talk about this portable generator is its highest performance with low maintenance. The extended fuel tank within it reduces the repetitive filling of fuel. It can run up to several long hours with a single fuel filling.

The whole build of Northstar portable is made with the highest quality of materials, ensuring long-lasting durability. You can use it for more than ten years without any maintenance. It comes with an industry-leading warranty of about two years. Furthermore, the Honda GX engine is perfect for yielding the cleanest electricity.

Lastly, a guaranteed satisfaction is ensured with the availability of service support by the company. It has a CDI ignition, which gives the highest power output. Plus, additional output outlets perform the best to increase efficiency.

Technical Specs of Northstar Portable Generator GX690

  • Surge Watts: 15000 watts
  • Rated Watts: 13,500 watts
  • Engine: Honda GX690 OHV
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Start Type: Electric
  • Fuel Capacity: 11 Gallons

What Do We Like About It?

  • The portable engine of this portable generator requires low oil shutdown while turning of the electric power supply
  • A monitor is available with it, making it easy for the users to take account of the volts and hour meters.
  • It has a solid base that doesn’t allow the grass, dirt, and dust to enter into the generator engine.

Any Downsides?

  • The installation and handling of the generator kit are a bit hard for some users.

Final Decision

The affordability and high-performance features are responsible for its everyday increasing demand among the users. It ensures the supply of cleanest and steady supply of electricity for the safe operation of appliances.

NorthStar Portable Generator with Honda GX390 OHV Engine

Here comes the best Northstar portable generator that suits perfectly for use for house power needs. Its compatibility and power production has led many users to choose it over all other models of Northstar.

With extra power outlets, high power generation, low noise production, and an efficient engine, it fulfills all durability standards and quality standards. It gives a clean and smooth flow of electricity.

Northstar Portable Generator GX390 At a Glance

It offers CDI ignition, which saves the users from recurrent kicks to start it up. It also comes with a 12VDC outlet that increases the production of electricity in the most promising means. There’s no need to worry about damaging it as it comes with a full roll cage.

The ease of transportation is integrated with wheels on the lower side. Thus you can easily slip it from one position to another. Moreover, the electric start requires only a minimal effort to run it with less effort.

It comes with a longer run time of about eight hours, supporting the continuous flow of electricity without any interruption. The use of premium quality materials in its construction has increased its durability to exceptional levels.

Technical Specs Of Northstar Portable Generator GX390

  • Surge Watts: 8000 watts
  • Rated Watts: 6,600 watts
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Engine: GX390 OHV
  • Fuel Capacity: 6.5 gallons
  • Run Time: 10 hrs

What Do We Like About It?

  • It demands very little oil for shutting down the electric supply. Thus you can save fuel to the fullest.
  • It’s manufactured with the highest quality of materials, which boosts up its long life.
  • The receptacles are also present within it for increasing the ability to generate power.

Any Downsides?

  • Fuel capacity is a bit low

Final Decision

Regardless of the low fuel storage, it is regarded as the wisest choice to purchase for houses. A complete bunch of features ranging from longer run time to high efficiency of power production increases its worth among people.

Guide for Buying Northstar Generators

Any natural calamity can cause lengthy power breakdowns in your house, but there’s no need to stress out when you have a portable generator. Buying a portable generator for your home isn’t always an easy task, as many factors can influence the performance of this power-yielding device.

After comprehensive research and time investment, our experts have gathered some to-do points that should be pondered before selecting a portable generator. Power demand, noise production, fuel tank, wattage output, and fuel consumption are essential factors to look for while purchasing a generator.

Without any further, let’s get straight to the points which you should follow!

Power Output

One of the first factors to notice in the generator is the power wattage it’ll yield. The majority of the generators come with labels where the power production is mentioned. You can take account of your power needs by noticing the power production of your generator.

It’s suggested that the selected generator should produce a wattage output that lies in the range of Watts and Kilo-Watts. Generators lower than this range of power production aren’t suitable to use for the house.

Run Time

The run time of the selected portable generator matters the most. Every Northstar generator comes with a different run time. Notice the maximum rating and the run time of the generator before choosing it. There’s no benefit of investing your money on a generator that doesn’t run for more than 5 hours.

Consider buying the model which supports the power supply for more than nine hours. A steady supply of power for long continuous hours is the essential requirement to look for in a portable generator.


It’s quite hard to move a heavy machine from one place to another. Thus portability holds a vital position when purchasing a generator. Notice the weight of the generator as it dramatically affects the portability of the generator.

Twenty pounds is the ideal weight anyone can carry with utmost comfort. Thus try to choose those generators which lie in this weight range so you can enjoy the convenience of moving them from one place to another.

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Wrap Up!

Generators’ importance can’t be denied in any way as they provide the most vital support for resolving deadly power breakdowns. Northstar is the leading brand in the production of generators. You can choose any product from the list above and enjoy the continuous flow of electricity.

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