Where Are Powerhorse Generators Made? Which One To Buy?

Where Are Powerhorse Generators Made

The Northern Tool + Equipment sells portable powerhorse generators. Donald Kotula, the C.E.O. of this company, founded it in 1981 and started as a mail-order company.

The Powerhorse generators are made and manufactured in China. Northern Tool + Equipment slowly grew into one of the largest hardware retailers in the United States. It has over 1500 brands, has a staff strength of over 3000, and is functioning in 17 states.

Powerhorse Generators

The generators are designed in the United States but are built in China. The company’s testing facility is where the generators are exposed to thousands of hours of rigorous testing to make sure that they perform well and have maximum durability. The Northern Tool offers a wide range of Powerhorse generators; the power ranges from 2500 watts to 13000 watts.

The company has all the conventional and inverter generator models in the store, and all of them are gas-powered. However, does not offer home or commercial standby generators or mobile generators.

The company says that the generators are operated by overhead valves (O.H.V.) engines that have good durability and are made using industrial-strength cast iron cylinder sleeves. They have dual ball bearings and high-performance Forged Crankshafts. The 100% copper-wound generator head allows the generator to function without overheating for weeks continuously.

Clean Power Generator

Northern Tool says that the product can generate clean power with less than 5% harmonic distortions. So you can power all the delicate electronic devices without worrying that they will be damaged. The brand is somewhat unpopular due to a lack of aggressive marketing; otherwise, this generator brand ticks almost all the boxes of top portable generators.

These generators have almost every feature and function anyone wants to have in a sound generator. Some of the units also offer dual-fuel functionality. These generators can be used anywhere.

In addition to this, the inverters are relatively quiet to use quickly and comfortably in parks and at home. These generators are designed to help you operate them efficiently. Many of them have a multi-functional V.F.T. LCD, some foldable handles, and oversized fuel tanks.

Some Distinguishing Features Of The Powerhorse Generators

All the generators have low oil alert and shutdown features. These two features are advantageous and protect the engine from any self-damage. Almost all the powerhorse engines have Overhead Valve engines, which means that it has a compact design and no compromise on the power output.

These engines ensure durability and efficient functioning. Most of the powerhorse portable generators have the feature of an electric start for easy firing. The only thing that might make some customers unhappy is that they would have to buy the battery separately because it is not always available with some models.

According to Northern Tool, most of the generators manufactured by the company have 100% copper wounded generator heads; this is a very beneficial feature as it helps avoid overheating, even if the generator is working continuously for a week. The most distinguishing feature of high-power powerhorse generators is that they have 4 to 8 120v 20A outlets.

This feature helps them stand out among other brands because they are not present in all brands. The Open-frame Powerhorse generators and inverters claim that they can produce power with less than 5% T.H.D. This threshold is acceptable for a generator and won’t harm your sensitive electronic devices.


The Powerhorse generators fall in the range that is affordable for the buyers. The prices are similar to other famous brands like Westinghouse and Duromax. These generators are not very cheap and not too expensive. There are many options for the buyers so that they can choose from them according to their budget.

The average price for a portable generator is approximately 850 dollars. You can get the cheapest one for 430 dollars, and the most expensive unit would cost you almost 3000 dollars.

Best Powerhorse generators

Powerhorse 7500 watt inverter generator

This generator is a top favorite of people, and it can produce 6500 watts; it can surge up to 7500 watts. This generator is very suitable for homes and offices because it operates at a quiet 55 dB noise level, which is relatively low. The best part is that this generator has a dual 120/240 voltage.

It has a parallel-ready design to easily be connected to another 120/240 voltage inverter generator for more additional and improved power. The cables needed for this setup, however, are not given with the generator.

Its completely copper-wounded head prevents it from overheating no matter how long it works. This machine is manufactured with an 11.2 Ah battery that helps in the electric start function. This generator can run for 16 hours continuously because it has a fuel tank of 6.6 gallons. You can carry it quickly because it comes with folding and lockable handles.

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Powerhorse generator 2000 watt portable inverter Generator

Powerhorse generator 2000 watt

This generator is a lightweight and compact gas-powered machine. It has an output of 1600 watts and can give a maximum power of 2000 watts. This one produces clean energy with less than 1.5% harmonic distortion, so it is very safe for computers, radio, and smartphone charging.

The machine has an engine intelligent control system that enhances fuel efficiency by using just enough engine power to deal with the connected load. This one can operate quietly as it has a measured noise rating of 52dB, which is less than the normal conversation.

You can double up the output of this machine to 3200 watts by adding a similar unit to the connection using a supplied cable. If you want to buy a portable generator, then this one is the best option.

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Which one should you choose?

No doubt that 1600 watt power is not that much, but the Powerhorse 2000 watt portable inverter Generator is a better option than the first one. The reason is that the former one weighs 46.3 lbs. while the latter one weighs 287 lbs.

So the 2000 watt generator sounds more suitable. Another thing that makes it suitable is that it operates at a significantly lower noise level of 52 dB and the harmonic distortion is also considerably less. Hence, it’s a perfect fit for your sensitive devices.

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Does the machine include batteries?

Some generators are manufactured with batteries, while others may not contain any.

Are they portable

Yes, you can carry them anywhere; they are very lightweight as compared to traditional generators.

Is the low oil shutdown feature present in all the generators?

Yes, this feature is present in all the machines made by the company; this is to keep the engine safe whenever the oil drops to unsafe levels.

Does the company offer any warranty?

Yes, the company offers a 2-year consumer warranty on all the machines except the 13000-watt model. It also provides a 90 days commercial warranty.

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