Where Are Predator Generators Made? Best Models to Buy

Where Are Predator Generators Made

Life has become so annoying just because of the recurrent power losses. Still, on the other side, generators have popped up to provide ease and convenience to users for meeting power requirements. After hearing the name Predator Generators – the leading company of generators, the first question that comes to mind is where predator generators are made. We’re going to disclose this description in detail today.

Predator Generators are made in China and Harbor Freight makes predator generators, and the main models and engines are generated and assembled in China. Harbor Freight is a well-known company that is famous for manufacturing electrical equipment all over the world.

Predator Generators

Where Are Predator Generators Made

Predator is the leading brand of generators that are powered by Harbor Freight. It’s famous for manufacturing generators, and a wide range of tools and electronics fall into its category. With low prices, all the Predator generators are quite renowned for fulfilling the users’ ever-growing demands.

One of the primary reasons for their fame is the engine they use in the manufacturing of generators. Plus, their portable and inverter generators’ sound levels are beyond excellence and never fail to amaze people with their performance.

Best Buying guide for Predator generators

A generator can keep your house warm in winter and cold in summer besides blackouts and long hours of load shedding. Electricity, nowadays, has become the most basic need. The generators can help you in getting non-stop electricity.

But how to select the best generator is the main problem. Do not worry; we will guide you in this.


The predator generators have the feature of portability that makes them the best for outdoor use. This factor helps in the protection of generators from extreme weather conditions. They can be easily used for picnics and events. A portable generator is highly recommended as compared to the standby generators.


The generator you spend money on should not go wasted. Make sure you invest your money into a useful thing. Always check for the life span of the generator before buying it. A useful generator is, on average, 20 to 25 years. Go for a durable generator that will help you for a long time.


The generator seems simple to use, but it is recommended to get a safe generator from electrical or potential hazards. Modern predator portable generators have safer technology that protects them from misuse in homes or offices.

Electric Start

Most of the generators, incredibly portable generators, have now evolved and offer a simple push button that starts the generator. This frees you from the stress of pulling the rod for starting the generator which creates a hustle. Some of these generators use a battery for this purpose.

Fuel Gauge

The fuel used by generators is mostly gasoline and diesel; diesel is preferred. It is recommended to get the best fuel and also has a generator with a larger fuel gauge. The fuel gauge must also be checked regularly, especially during days of extended use.

Multiple Outlets

When you select the generator with multiple outlets, it divides the load, and hence the best wattage can be obtained. For this purpose, you can have the transfer switch, which connects the home supply with the generator. It is recommended to get these installed; otherwise, it could be life-threatening.

Low Oil Shut Off

The generator set on low oil shut off will turn the generator off when the oil falls to a minimum. This prevents the generator from damage and also protects the appliances from damage. This feature is enabled in portables mostly.

Removable Console

The removable console is one of the critical factors in predator generators, which helps connect the generator to plug the devices directly into the generator if you are using it in outdoor environments without using the potential risk of extension cords.

Top-Rated List of Best Predator Generators

Where Are Predator Generators Made

After complete research, our experts have got their hands on some trustworthy predator generators that are worth buying. Let’s discuss them in depth below.

Predator 2000 Portable Generator

Starting our exciting list with this fantastic item, Predator 2000 is suitable for those who’re searching for a generator with a compact and stylish design to carry on their RVs. Moreover, this item’s small size and lightweight have made it the perfect option to go with for making your trip memorable.

The engine, sound system, chokes, power outages, and fuel tanks are all up to the mark. It’ll prove your money’s best investment if you want to have a handy electrical source in your house.

Features You Must Know About It

Some of the great features in Predator 2000 are given as under.

  • Engine

This predator 2000 runs on an efficient 79.7cc energy compatible engine, which produces maximum wattage of about 2000 watts. These numerals of wattage are quite enough to run the sensitive appliances on the RV.

  • Run Time

Besides a fantastic ability to handle diverse power, it has got a great run time of sixteen hours straight. Thus you can run it for a longer duration without having a single thought about power breakdown.

  • Lightweight

Another great feature to discuss is its lightweight. It weighs about 50 lbs. Thus it’s relatively light to carry on your RV during long continuous trips.

  • Power Outlets

Just don’t worry about meeting the power requirements after getting your hands on it. It comes with two parallel power outlets ranging from 12 DC and 120 AC. Thus you can easily connect it to other power sources for boosting up its role.

  • Noise Level

The operation of this generator is relatively low even to hear. It produces a sensation of 52 dBA, which is generally low than the normal audible range.


  • Available with longer run times
  • Compatible with diverse power sources
  • Comparatively reasonably priced
  • Highly durable for heavy appliances
  • It comes in a very compact size


  • The fuel tank is a bit small

Predator 3500 Super Quiet Inverter Generator

Searching for an item that comes with both portability and a reasonable price isn’t an easy task. But you don’t have to worry as we’re going to introduce a unique item ahead. Predator 3500 Super is mainly designed for those customers who are demanding reliability and portability at the same time.

It comes with a cool gas engine, which saves your money and performs well in meeting the power needs in the best manner. Moreover, it serves the best in the case of longer run times. There’s no need to worry about the extra load. It can handle 25% additional loads.

Features You Must Know About It

A complete plethora of unique features are present in it. Let’s have a glimpse at it.

  • Engine

The Predator 3500 super generator engine is a 212cc gas engine, which runs the best to generate a mean starting power ranging up to 3500 watts at a time.

  • Run Time

Most of the generators fail to provide longer runs when overloaded, but in its case, you don’t have to suffer as it can run up to 11 hours continuously with about 25% load.

  • LCD Screen

You’ll be pleased to know that it comes with a convenient LCD screen, which will help you get a better idea of the fuel levels and electricity pressure.

  • Weight

Fortunately, it weighs up to 110 lb, which favors customers for moving it to their desired location without any hassle. Not only this, but you can also carry it to your RV.

  • Adapter

It has got a 30 amp RV adapter for better compatibility and assistance, which will easily connect to your RV to provide the maximum level of power needed.


  • Exceptionally lightweight to carry from one place to another
  • Presence of 212 cc engine for better power generation
  • Produces shallow sound below the audible range
  • Can run up to eleven hours
  • Wheels are present beneath for better transportation


  • Absence of a built-in fuel gauge

Predator generators 63968 9000

Generators for the whole house generally come in large sizes that are too hard to move from. But a predator has now resolved the issue by featuring Predator 9000. This item is going to blow your mind with its ability to generate power. No matter how big your power needs are, it always stands as the highest power source.

It’s not too large, not too small; it’s keenly manufactured according to the users’ ever-growing demands. The power generation, noise production, engine quality, mean run time, and many other qualities are present in it, which are of no comparison.

Features You Must Know About It

It seems you’re quite curious to dive into the ocean of its features. So let’s just get straight to the point.

  • Engine

The presence of a sizeable 420cc engine makes it produce immense power ranging up to 9000 watts. This power will be enough even to run your refrigerators for a longer time.

  • Electric Start

The inconvenience of running the generator manually is to an end now because it’s directly coupled with the electric start. All you’ve to do is to switch the key for starting it.

  • Run Time

Most of the generators offer less run time when given 50% of the load, but this model by predator gives a longer run time of 13 hours without any break.

  • Low Oil Indicator

The engine is greatly affected by running the generator on low levels of fuel. Thus Predator 9000 is equipped with an alert system that can notify the people whenever their generators are depleting the normal fuel levels.

  • UL Circuit Breakers

The majority of the electrical appliances are unable to operate generally in large circuits of power. For this reason, it has got a fantastic feature of UL circuit breakers. Thus you can divide the power generation for each appliance.


  • Comes with Gfci outlets
  • Available with high power engine
  • Can run up to 13 hours with 50% load
  • It has an electric start
  • Presence of low fuel indicator


Relatively expensive than others

What is the best model to buy?

Preferring the portability and compactness for RV use, Predator 2000 wins the race of best Predator generators. No doubt its runs somewhere in the case of the size of a fuel tank, but on the whole, you’ll love all its features. The engine is quite sufficient to generate a maximum power of 2000 watts for RV equipment. Thus don’t look around. Spend your bucks on it for better assistance of power.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the generator fuel is not checked correctly?

When the fuel is not checked correctly, the generator runs out of gas during a long time of use. In this situation, the fuel-free generator makes the generator coil lose its magnetism. This will damage the machinery of the generator.

What is the reliability of predator generators?

The predator brand of generators is a known reliable brand of generators. These generators have a good-quality engine that lasts for 2 to 3 years. A good generator lasts for about 20,000 to 30,000 hours.

Can an overloaded generator be fixed?

Yes, a generator can be fixed if it gets overloaded due to any reason. This problem can be solved quickly. Shut the generator off and then restart it from the power switch. But be careful enough not to let the generator overload.

How does the generator backfire?

A generator is backfired when the unburnt fuel in the exhaust system of the generator is ignited. It causes an explosion or combustion in the generator even when the pipe itself does not have a flame.

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Wrap Up!

Predator leads the list of best generator brands. We’ve discussed some top-notch options with a handy buying guide in the content above. Read the whole article above if you want to get some beneficial information.

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