Where are Yamaha generators made? Best Models to Buy

Where are Yamaha generators made

Yamaha is a leading brand in the world of generators and mechanical equipment. Yamaha provides you with a wide range of apparatus. From musical instruments, sporting goods to mechanics, every product is fantastic.

Yamaha Generators are made in Japan; Yamaha is a Japanese multinational company. Torakusu Yamaha established Yamaha in 1887; the first gadget made by Yamaha was a reed organ. But now, this brand has excellence in generators, musical instruments, and other equipment.

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Yamaha Company – A Short Introduction

It started its journey from a reed organ. Yamaha is a Japan-based multinational company. They have grown to a significant magnitude after 130 years of their establishment. Yamaha is the biggest production house of musical accessories. Their equipment range includes motorcycles, vibraphones, violas, guitars, generators, and motors.

Who Makes Yamaha Generators?

As we all know that Yamaha is very famous for building generators and other machinery. Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd headquarters is located in Iwata, Shizuoka, Japan. A large group works under this company, as it manufactures many different products with the best quality.CEO of Yamaha Company is Yoshihiro Hidaka.

Although the company was established in 1887, Yamaha made its first generator in 1973. Most of their generators are portable. Yamaha has had a remarkable journey as they have made generators for many companies in the past.

How To Choose Best Yamaha generators?

You must have faced various blackouts, power breakdowns, and power outages. In these calamities, undoubtedly, you felt a need for a good generator. Yamaha generators could be the solution to your setbacks.

Before buying a generator, you should clear your mind of what features you are looking for. A bulk of Yamaha generators are available in the market with inspiring specifications. Consider these points when buying a generator.

  • EFI-Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Noise
  • Size of the fuel tank
  • Type of fuel used in generator
  • Portability

EFI-Electronic Fuel Injection

EFI inserts the fuel directly by using electronic controls. First of all, you should look for the fuel consumption of the generator. If a generator fuel consumption is less, then it would be easy to afford. It eliminates the need for a carburetor for your generator.


Small generators don’t produce much noise as the bigger ones do. That means the size does matter in noise production. If you are camping at a place it’ s quiet everywhere, it will be better for you to go for the generator that produces less noise. Consider a generator with fewer clamors if you’re in a crowded area.

Size of the fuel tank

The size of your generator tank also plays a vital role in the overall generator’s performance. Generator with the bigger tank will give a maximum of 7 to 9 hours of 50% power. If you have to use more fuel, then Yamaha generators would be handy for you.

A generator with a large tank would surely help you in solving power shortage issues. Keep in mind a bigger fuel tank will be heavier with fuel in it.

Type of fuel generator used

Most people are confused about whether they should go for a gas or diesel engine. Many people use gas generators. They are very common now. But these fuel generators are better in harsh weather and storms. If you have a lot of fuel in your engine, then diesel is better. For long time usage, diesel engines are better than petrol engines.


Portability is one of the most exciting features related to the generators. Most people have switched to portable generators. It provides you the ease of dragging to any desired place. In the past, the generator’s size was a big issue for generator users, as it occupies a lot of space and can’t be lifted due to heavyweight. Most Yamaha generators are portable, so whenever you purchase a generator, always prefer a portable one.

Top-Ranked Yamaha generators

To buy Yamaha generators is one of the smartest choices you could make. So here is a list of some top-rated Yamaha generators that are quite good.

  1. Yamaha EF1000iS Generator
  2. Portable Ef2800i – EF2800IQ Generator
  3. Yamaha EF2600 Generator
  4. Yamaha EF12000E Generator
  5. Yamaha EF2200iS Generator

Yamaha EF1000iS

Yamaha EF1000iS is a gas-powered generator with 900 starting watts out of 1000. This model is a gas-powered portable inverter. Its price is approximately 1000$. It can continuously work for 12 hours. Its weight is 27.9 pounds which is easy to carry. It has an engine type of four-stroke. Its total output wattage is 1000 watts. Its dimensions measurement is 17.7 x 9.4 x 14.9 inches.

This model is noise-less as it has a Noise block acoustically designed sound reduction system. Well, it also has a Smart Throttle Load sensing throttle control. It has a long run time as it runs 12 hours continuously without refueling. So overall this model is best for new customers to buy. Logistical operations are usually easy to handle.

Portable Ef2800i – EF2800IQ

The EF2800IQ model is capable of supplying electricity continuously for at least 7 hours on a single tank. While if you are using ¼ power of this generator, then it can work for 15 hours. This generator has high efficiency. Air conditioners, chainsaw vacuum cleaners, routers, and even a blow dryer could be easily used on the generator’s power.

  • The engine type is OHV 4 stroke.
  • The overall weight is 70 pounds.
  • and Its dimension size is 16.5 x 70 x 18.5 inches.

The model number of this generator is EF2800IQ. Overall, this model EF2800IQ is best for generating power that can hold your house’s full power load. The noise level is 60-67 decibels. The warranty of this generator is three years.

Yamaha EF2600

This model is a portable gas-powered generator. Its watts capacity is 2300W. It has an engine type of four-stroke. The fuel capacity is 3.2 Gallons. This generator can give power to your home appliances in an emergency. There is an auto-decompression system that reduces compression for easier starting.

It provides extended durability. It automatically shuts down the real power when it detects a fault in the system. This generator has a fuel gauge used to fill it up with fuel without opening the cap. It gives you 11 hours continuous power supply at ½ rated load. It has improved efficiency, increased reliability, and a quieter operation system.

Yamaha EF12000E

This generator is compact and has high power; its fuel consumption is deficient. This model EF12000E is noise-less. This generator has an oil level warning system. This generator is easy to operate with ON & OFF of AC output. It also has a circuit breaker with it, which makes it more appealing. This generator is easy to use and easy to carry. And it has reliable protection.

Yamaha EF12000E has an auto Choke System. Its fuel tank capacity is 44 liters. The engine type of this generator is a four-stroke OHV V-Twin. You can use a maximum of 40 energy savers,14 Fans, a CD player,1 TV, and 1 AC(1.5 ton).

Yamaha EF 2200iS

The most exciting feature of this generator is the MZ80 engine. This engine tends to give maximum output. Another fantastic feature is Quiet Technology, which is specially designed to decrease the noise of the generator. Most other brands’ generators have a very high level of noise, so by using the Yamaha EF2200iS generator, you can reap the generator’s benefits without any hustle.

Its LED illuminated Control Panel gives you access to check the generator’s status. Its weight is 55.2 pounds, which makes this generator even better. The carburetor is another fantastic attribute of the Yamaha EF2200iS that permits you to get rid of stale fuel.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Generators

What is an INVERTER Generator?

The inverter is a device that is capable of converting the direct current into alternating current. Inverter generators have three phases. The alternating current is converted to the direct current; then, this direct current is again changed into the alternating current.

What is the durability of Yamaha Generators?

You can quickly figure out how long your generator can operate by seeing the ‘Specifications Table.’ However, they can operate for more than ten years.

What is meant by ‘unleaded gasoline’?

Most of the generators have’ use of unleaded gasoline’ written on them. It is the commonly used gas that is available at a gas station.

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If you are looking for something as efficient as Yamaha Generators, then you must go for them. For the past 130 years, they never disappoint their clients with outstanding features in every product. They have customers from all over the world, which makes them even more trustworthy.

Not only generators, but their other products are only worldly acclaimed for their bewildering features. They have a wide range of generators, so select one capable of fulfilling your needs and light to your pocket.

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