Who Makes Powermate Generators? Best Models to Buy

Who Makes Powermate Generators

Generators have been regarded as the basic necessity of everyone these days. The consequent power breakdowns and inefficient power supplies have made trustworthy companies launch new models of portable generators, but Who Makes Powermate Generators?

Paramac makes Powermate generators – Paramac is a European generator brand, is responsible for making the versatile and premium quality of the Powermate generators with innovative features. Powermate isn’t a company itself, but a prominent lineup of domestic and commercial power-yielding products. It is licensed and works under the supervision of Paramac that is registered in Long Grove, Illinois.

Where are Powermate generators made? Powermate generators are made in Italy by the Paramac because Paramac is a European brand that makes many products including Powermate generators.

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Paramac – Powermate Generators

Who Makes Powermate Generators

Almost all models of Powermate generators are made by the renowned company abbreviated as Paramac. No doubt, some of the Powermate generators are still known as the Coleman generators due to their resemblance and similarity in the characteristics.

But all parts of the Powermate generators are generated by Paramac in the main headquarters situated in Europe. Besides the stationary generators, Paramac also plays a leading role in producing light towers and material handling products.

In addition to this, some parts of the Powermate generators are pretty similar to the Generac generators making them called Generac Powermate generators. But now, Paramac has introduced productive innovations in the Powermate models, making them different from others.

Applications of Powermate

Powermate Generators

The need for continuous power generation and a reliable power back is no exception in household and industrial activities. Ranging from a traveler to a worker in an industry is all dependent on the recurrent supply of sufficient power.

Considering the Powermate generator’s efficiency, the users have concluded that they seem like the best alternative for power generation during recreational usage. Therefore, the applications of Powermate generators are restricted to recreational usage and support the regular house energy backup and professional contractors.

In addition to this, the availability of automatic transfer switches in the Powermate generators makes it accessible to the users to switch the transition power to the generator during use. However, the prominent wattage range of the Powermate generators has led to heavy electrical appliances during the power breakdown.

There is no need for you to worry about the voltage sags, brownouts, and even surges while having the Powermate generators in use. You can also determine the proper operational mode while analyzing the wattage worksheet.

Another worthy application of the Powermate generators is that it improves the voltage input and output in the house, maintaining the necessary power. Last but not least, Powermate generators are pretty reliable and easy to carry from one place to another.

Manufacturers of Powermate

Founded in 1966, Paramac has continuously evolved as one of the most prominent product portfolios among the competitors. The global benchmark of the Paramac has led to the creation of premium quality generators, either portable or inverter.

Besides this, the construction of warehouse material handling equipment is also included in the expertise of the manufacturers of Powermate generators. All parts, including the engine of the Powermate generators, are constructed by Paramac in the United States.

The headquarters of Paramac manufacturers are situated in the Casole d’Elsa, Seine. However, regardless of the central headquarters of Paramac, they transport the highest quality of Powermate generators all around the globe.


When selecting the Powermate generators, you’ll no doubt about their portability and performance even for a single time. Besides affordability and ease of transport, the simplest assembling of appealing Powermate generators has hooked the users to their features.

Some of the users are still not aware of this recognizable brand, but presently, it is giving tough competition to other generator brands because of its practical applications and straightforward assembling services.

Powermate generators are ensured with the highest performance along with the lowest noise production. Thus they can be your best pick for your camping trip. The easy assembling of the Powermate models with a wise integration of low noise production increased portability, and high safety operation is one reason for their demand among the users.

Many additional specifications, including the complete installation guide, a helpful manual to assemble the generator, and tutorials are also available with the Powermate generators. All these additional services are free of cost.

The integration of foldable handles and installation kit has made the users carry out their installation in less than the expected time interval. In addition, there are wheels on the lower side which play the leading role in dealing with the terrain.

R&D and Design

The R&D services are pretty assured by the Paramac – manufacturers of Powermate generators. They make sure to bring the most innovative and appealing design of portable and inverter generators.

The company’s bottom line is to create Powermate generators integrated with modern technology for better energy production. In addition to this, the design of the Powermate generators is power dial primarily designed.

This particular design specializes in working with two alternative switches, including the on/off switch and choke/run switch. Thus, the addition of this innovative design in the Powermate generators is responsible for setting them apart from other portable generators.

Paramac holds a potential place in the tech world for the production of modern portable and inverter generators. Almost all generators issued by Paramac are efficient enough to drive heavy electric loads.

The design of the Powermate generators is also associated with a LED display which makes it accessible for the users to get an idea about the generator’s performance and fuel efficiency. Moreover, advanced voltage regulation (AVR) is associated with automatic voltage regulation.

This tech innovation has enabled the Powermate generators to withstand significant voltages and power surges. In addition, all Powermate generators can automatically adjust the voltage output depending on the need of the tech appliances.

Best Powermate Generators To Buy

A wide range of portable generators is available at the Powermate working stations. Each of these generators plays the leading role in meeting the energy needs of the users.

Some of the top-rated Powermate generators are explained as under:

Powermate 6958 DF7500E

The Powermate 6958 DF7500E is famous for its dual-fuel technology since it is compatible with gasoline and liquid propane. In addition to this, the availability of a 420cc OHV engine with 9375 starting power and 7500 running power support heavy electric appliances.

There is a multi-meter pre-installed in it for checking the fuel gauge, low-oil shutdown, and electric kick start of the generator. The compatible transport is associated with the availability of folding handles, heavy-duty wheels. There are also potential outlets in it which include 120V 20A GFCI standard.

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Powermate PC0143500

The Powermate PC0143500 comes with a multimeter-tracked engine that has OHV technology. The addition of this innovative technology makes it best for supporting heavy appliances without a single chance of electrical damage. In addition, it automatically shutdowns when the fuel level runs low.

The running watt capacity of this Powermate portable generator ranges up to 3500 watts that are more than enough for supporting large electrical appliances. Other than this, there are sturdy wheels on the lower side for supporting its transport.

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Powermate 10000001790 PM2200i

The Powermate PM2200i is one of the compact models that are used in camping areas with great ease. The dimensions of the generators are portable enough to carry it from one place to another without any inconvenience. The engine is 80cc with an OHV 4-stroke that runs on gasoline.

The starting and running watts of this portable generator are 2200 and 1700 watts, respectively. Moreover, the harmonic distortion of this Powermate generator is only 3%. In addition to all these specifications, it comes with a low-oil shutdown and economy running mode.

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Powermate PM3000i

The Powermate 3000 is considered the traditional portable generator that comes with a manual starting option. There are many other appealing features, such as auto-shut-offs and easy assembling. The availability of wheels and movable handles have made it a perfect option for camping in the mountains.

The starting and running watts of this portable generator are 8000 and 6500 watts. The small LED screen makes it easy for the users to estimate the fuel average and performance of the generator without any inconvenience.

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Powermate 10000001787

Last but not least, the Powermate 10000001787 generator comes with a high-grade OHV engine with integrated outlets ranging from 120V 20A to 120V 40A twist lock. There comes a digital multimeter in this portable generator which supports the electric kick start system.

This Powermate portable generator has a starting power ranging up to 10000 watts and a running power of 8000 watts. Thus, both the starting and running power of the Powermate generator greatly support its efficiency and performance. The weight is also too light to carry from one place to another.

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When it comes to high-grade portable generators, there is no better alternative than the Paramac who makes Powermate generators. Low noise production, high energy efficiency, increased portability, and easy assembling is major reasons to buy Powermate generators.

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