Who Makes Predator Generators?

Who Makes Predator Generators

Predator generators are quickly getting popular among the audience. In fact, I am sensing that they are giving tough competition to the bigger generator-manufacturing companies like Honda, DuroMax, etc.

But there is also a question people are searching about Predator generators- Who manufactures them?

Don’t worry! I’ve got the answer.

Harbor Freight Tools makes Predator generators. The design is engineered in California but the generator is manufactured in China. From there, the company ships the machines to all parts of the country.

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Don’t go anywhere. The manufacturing process of Predator is different from other brands (and I have explained it in detail later). So, stay tuned!

Who Makes Predator Generators?

Who Makes Predator Generators?

Harbor Freight Tools, a well-known California-based company, makes Predator generators. They’re experts in creating appliances for homes, businesses, or outdoor activities like camping.

They’ve been around since 1977 and have more than 1300 stores in almost all states.

The generators they sell are branded as Predator. The founder of this company is Eric Smidt and is still its CEO.

There is a myth/misconception that Honda makes Predator generators. That’s not true. The main supplier is actually Lifan Group.

Lifan Group comes from China and is an expert in making engines, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

Today, it is known to be one of the biggest engine makers in the world. They own 60% of the stake in Predator generators. But in the past, Harbor Freight also used engines from Honda, Robin Subaru, and others.

Where Are Predator Generators Made?

Predator generators are manufactured in Chongqing, China by a company called Loncin. The same company makes most of the reputable Chinese engines, including the Briggs and Stratton engines.

But note that not every manufacturing process takes place in China. The engine design is prepared in Calabasas, California.

Making of Predator Generator- The Process

After finding out who and where Predator generators are made, I decided to take a look at how they are manufactured. After extensive research, I found out that 9 steps are involved in the production.

Let’s have a look:

Step 1: Design and Manufacturing

This is where the process of making a predator generator begins. It all starts with design and engineering. Engineers and designers first work together to plan the generator. This includes deciding the:

  • Power
  • Fuel type ((like gasoline, diesel, or dual-fuel)
  • Features (like start and outlets)
  • Size
  • Design style.

Engineers also look at market needs, customer feedback, and new technology to create an advanced design. They use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to make detailed drawings of where parts will go and how big they are.

Step 2: Material Sourcing

After the design is done, manufacturers gather the parts/components needed for the generator. These include:

  • The engine
  • Alternator
  • Fuel tank
  • Control panel
  • Exhaust system
  • Frame
  • Other mechanical and electrical pieces.

The manufacturer makes some parts in their plants and buys others from different sources.

Step 3: Engine Production

As I like to say- The engine is the generator’s heart. That’s why experts focus on precision engineering when making an engine.

When designing engines, they do the following:

  • Plan how much power it will make and how efficient it will be with fuel.
  • Use techniques like Computer Numerical Control (CNC) to perfect the engine parts.
  • Check each engine carefully to ensure it’s reliable and follows the rules about pollution.

Step 4: Alternator Assembly

The fourth step was tricky for me to understand. So, I contacted the experts to get insights. Eventually, I found out it is one of the most critical steps in generator making.

The reason is that the alternator, the generator’s electric supplier, turns the engine’s power into electricity. It has parts like the stator, rotor, coils, and diodes that do this work.

Qualified workers carefully assemble these parts, ensuring they fit right and connect properly. They also ensure the spinning part (the rotor) is just right so the generator doesn’t shake too much. Moreover, the workers also check how well the alternator makes electricity and controls voltage.

Step 5: Fuel System and Wiring

I always say that the fuel is like the generator’s food. Therefore, the device must be assembled in a way to maximize the oil usage.

The Predator generator has parts like the fuel tank, lines, filter, and carburetor (or fuel injection system) for this purpose.

Moreover, the control panel, wires, voltage control, switches, and plug-ins are also put into the generator (for better fuel efficiency and handling).

Note that this step needs careful wiring and testing to ensure everything works safely.

Making the fuel system:

  • Special methods like blowing or injecting are used to make the fuel tank so it doesn’t leak and stays good.
  • They add fuel lines and filters to help the fuel get to the engine easily. The carburetor or injector is set up just right for the engine to work its best.

Step 6: Exhaust System Installation

The exhaust system is the generator’s breathing tube. It helps the smoky gasses escape the generator and the air around it. How? Well, this system has a quiet part called the muffler and pipes that help the gasses move.

Predator generators are designed to be quieter and safer. For this, the manufacturer also adds parts like the catalytic converter and muffler to make the air cleaner in this step.

Step 7: Final Assembly

Ultimately, all the parts come together to build the whole generator. Workers follow a step-by-step plan to put everything in the right place and connect them well. They follow the rules to ensure things are:

  • Lined up
  • Tightened correctly
  • Joined securely.

While they’re working, they check every part really carefully to make sure nothing is wrong.

Step 8: Quality Control and Testing

Checking quality is an extremely important step in making generators. The workers test the generators to ensure they’re safe, work well, and last long.

Testing includes:

  • Making the generator work at different strengths to see how it does.
  • Checking if the electricity it makes is just right.
  • Make sure it starts up well.
  • Measuring how loud the generator is to make sure it’s not too noisy.

Furthermore, the experts also ensure a generator is not too loud (so it’s good for homes and businesses).

Step 9: Packaging and Distribution

After passing the tests, generators are packed up carefully for shipping. They use soft padding and covers to ensure the generator doesn’t get hurt while moving.

In the package, the company also put in things like extra parts, instructions, and tips on taking care of the generator.

That’s everything about how Predator generators are made.

Best Predator Generator- Best Ones To Buy

Who Makes Predator Generators?

Now, you must be thinking- Which Predator generator should I buy? Well, just for you, I’ve shortlisted the top 4 ones.

Predator Inverter Generator with CO SECURE Technology 3500 Watt

If you’re on the road in your RV and need backup power at home, this generator is for you. The heart of this Generator is the powerful 212cc engine. It is designed to deliver clean power whenever and wherever you want.

This generator can handle various tasks with a remarkable 3500 max starting watt and 3000 max running watt capacity.

One of the standout features of this generator is its impressive runtime. With a 2.3-gallon fuel tank, the Predator 3500 can keep your essentials running for up to 11 hours at a 25 percent load.

The best part about this generator is its safety features. It comes with CO Secure technology that automatically detects and responds to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide by shutting down the unit. This crucial feature protects you and your loved ones from potential harm.

No one wants a generator that sounds like a construction site. That is why this predator generator should be your first choice. This generator operates at a mere 56 dBA, and keeps the volume down to the level of a “quiet conversation.”

It has CO Secure technology that ensures safetyHigher upfront cost compared to traditional generators.
Clean, stable power output with pure sine wave inverter technology
Whisper-quiet operation at 56 dBA, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
ESC Mode optimizes engine performance for longer runtimes and lower fuel consumption.
The four-wheel system enables easy portability and flexibility in placement.
Versatile outlet options

Predator Gas Powered Portable Generator EPA 4375 Watt

The Harbor Freight Predator 4375 is one of the best ones you can buy because it is capable of powering all of the critical circuits in your home. The reason is its dependable 212cc gas engine. With a runtime of up to 16 hours at 50% load, you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel.

Moreover, with this generator, keeping an eye on your power output is super easy as it has a volt meter and fuel gauge. These user-friendly features allow you to stay informed about your generator’s performance at a glance.

Durability is another strong suit of the Predator Inverter Generator. The outlet covers provide protection against the elements and rugged conditions, ensuring that your generator remains in top-notch condition even when the going gets tough.

It’s worth noting that this generator is not just a powerhouse; it’s also compliant with the ANSI/PGMA G300-2018 standard. This speaks volumes about its quality, giving you the peace of mind that you’re investing in a product that meets the highest levels of excellence.

Can run most appliances and tools in a home or workshopIt can be difficult to start in cold weather.
Easy to transport and set up
Built to withstand harsh conditions
Runs at a low noise level
Meets emissions standards for cleaner air
Affordable price for a generator

Predator Inverter Generator 1400 Watt

When it comes to portable power, the Predator Inverter Generator stands out as a true champion. This generator delivers impressive performance in a lightweight and hushed package.

At its core, the Predator Inverter Generator harnesses cutting-edge inverter technology to produce clean and stable power. With a maximum starting output of 1400W and a running output of 1100W, this generator ensures your TV, laptop, and other devices stay safe from power fluctuations.

The best part? It has ESC Mode (Electronic Speed Control Mode), a technological marvel that optimizes engine performance. This not only extends the generator’s runtime but also minimizes fuel consumption.

This generator weighs only 33 lbs., so it sets a new standard for portability. It’s like having a powerhouse in your backpack.

Electronic Speed Control (ESC Mode) optimizes runtime and fuel consumption.May not handle high-demand appliances simultaneously
Reliable power for tools, appliances, camping, boating, and RVs.
Up to 7.3 hours at 25% load per fill-up.
Option to parallel connect with a second unit for more power.
Low oil, overload, and output light indicators for easy monitoring.
Fully enclosed housing with outlet covers for protection.

Predator Dual-Fuel Inverter Generator with Remote Start 5000 Watt

Are you in search of a generator that offers both power and peace? Then, the Predator 5000 Max generator is your best friend. This remarkable generator is designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

What makes this generator better than the others is its 224cc gas engine. It provides reliable performance and an impressive 40% increase in starting power. Not only that, it has a dual-fuel capability. With the option to run on gasoline or propane, you can choose the fuel source that suits your needs.

For those needing even more power, the parallel ports allow you to connect two 5000-watt generators, doubling your power capacity. It’s a game-changer when you require that extra boost for demanding situations.

One of the best features of this generator is its Super Quiet enclosure which is just 60.5 dB(A). Tech-savvy users will definitely appreciate the digital display, which provides real-time information on output power, volts, and running hours. What’s more? Now, you can control the generator with a remote starting option up to 100 ft. away, providing ultimate ease of use.

Dual-fuel capability (gasoline and propane)Can be expensive
Super Quiet technology for reduced noise levels
Remote start convenience from up to 100 ft. away
Extra-large fuel tank for over 18 hours of runtime
Equipped with a TT-30 RV outlet for RV power needs
Quality construction for durability and longevity
Propane option is a cleaner-burning fuel source

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Final Say

All-inclusive, Harbor Freight Tools makes the Predator generators. It is a reputable company, which is why you should not feel hesitant to make a purchase. In this article, I explored 4 best Predator generator models.

Out of them, my favorite one is the Predator Dual-Fuel Inverter Generator with 5000 watt. It is perfect for every purpose- home, RV, job, etc. It also has one of the lowest levels of noise- which will give you peace of mind. So, get it now!


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