Why Are Honda Generators Expensive? (Reasons)

Why Are Honda Generators So Expensive

Wondering why Honda generators are costlier than others? Well, the thing is- lots of factors decide their end price, and you should know about all of them.

Honda generators are mainly expensive because the company uses high-quality materials in manufacturing. In addition, it also spends millions on R&D and safety features, which is reflected on the end cost. Plus, the generators stay in high demand, so Honda puts high price tags on them.

Want a complete explanation? Then stay till the end.

I am also comparing Honda with other brands later as well. As a bonus, you will also find out which is the best and most affordable Honda generator.

Why Are Honda Generators So Expensive? – Reasons

In my opinion, Honda generators are expensive because of these nine reasons:

No Compromise on Quality

The biggest reason Honda generators are costlier than others is that the company does not take quality standards lightly. The generators are manufactured from top-notch materials, especially metals, that are durable and can stay in good shape for years.

To your surprise, I have seen five-year-old Honda generators looking like new ones. You have to do basic care like cleaning and oiling to ensure they don’t wear and tear.

Furthermore, Honda is also known for its advanced engineering and technology. That’s why their generators run more quietly than others. So, you or your neighbors will stay free from irritating high-pitch noises.

Consumes Less Fuel Than Most Brands

Honda generators use less fuel than most other brands. The reason is simple. Honda uses the latest and cutting-edge technologies to manufacture their generators, which are designed to consume less gasoline.

So, you will be saving money on the gas.

If you think about it- Honda generators are actually cost-effective because of the money being saved on gas.

Can Be Used Anywhere

Another reason Honda generators stay high in demand is that you can use them anywhere. They are perfect for both domestic/homes and commercial industries.

Believe it or not, I have visited dozens of farms and have noted that most of them had Honda generators.

That’s not it. I have also seen people taking Honda generators for camping and hiking too. These are important family times, and you can’t trust a new or average brand.

Includes Safety Features for Your Protection

No one prioritizes your safety more than Honda generators. As a generator geek, I can undoubtedly say that Honda includes the best safety features.

These are:

  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • Oil alerts
  • Circuit breakers, etc.

The one that I personally like is the CO-Minder system.

We all know that carbon monoxide is a big health concern. But unfortunately, generators emit this gas (although at low levels).

Still, if the ventilation is poor, the gas can accumulate and become a hazard.

Thankfully, the CO-Minder system in Honda generators can power off the device automatically if carbon monoxide builds up in the air.

Environmentally Friendly

Are you worried about the climate? Then, a Honda generator should be your first choice.

As I discussed above, Honda uses advanced technologies to manufacture generators, which are eco-friendly.

Let me explain.

The most important point Honda generators follow CARB emissions requirements (which is also why you can legally use them anywhere you want).

In addition to CARB, other environment-friendly standards Honda fulfill are:

  • OSHA
  • LA-ETL
  • ANSI.

You Can Resell Them At a Good Price

Most made-in-China generators have low reselling prices. But that’s not the case with Honda generators because they are mainly assembled in Japan and have a high demand.

Focuses on Customer Experience

Honda keeps customer experience as the first priority while manufacturing its generators. That’s why you get lots of options/benefits.

  • Let’s start with the warranty. Most Honda generators have a three-year warranty. During this time, if the machine ever malfunctions, you can contact Honda customer care and get the issue resolved for free.
  • Most Honda generators are portable. You can take them for camping, hiking, and any activities you do.
  • Some of them have Bluetooth enabled too. You can operate them by sitting in your home or anywhere far from them.
  • Every Honda generator is easy to start (unlike most other brands).

So, due to these reasons, it’s safe to say that Honda provides the best customer experience.

High R&D Investment- Basic Economics

Since I am on the topic of why Honda generators cost more than other brands, let me tell you about R & D (Research and Development) investment.

Honda is a pioneer of many things, and it is because the company spends millions on testing different things. It has the world’s best engineers that are working tirelessly to give you something unique. For example, Honda was the first brand to launch low-tone mufflers, which reduced the generator’s noise levels to the bare minimum.

So, the cost of these R and D experiments is reflected in the total price of the generators. Let’s face it- The company has to manage expenses, and keeping the price of the machines a little higher is the only way to survive and deliver the best products.

Consumers Are Willing to Pay More

The last big reason why Honda generators are a little costlier than others is that people are willing to pay more.

Yes, it’s true.

Most people still prefer quality over money. So, they are more than happy to pay a few extra bucks to get a better machine- a Honda generator.

Plus, smart ones understand that Honda generators justify the price and are worth the investment. You can use them to power up anything you want for five years easily. These machines can keep working for more years if you take care of them.

But if you get a generator that is $100 less, but goes bad after two years, then you will have to pay hundreds of bucks again to get a new one.

So, Honda generators are, in fact, cost-effective.

Comparison of Honda Generators With Other Brands

Here’s how Honda generators perform when compared with other brands.

Point of Comparison





Average price

Around $1000




Average Noise level

48 dB (exact depends on the model)

58 db (exact depends on the model)

51 dB (exact depends on the model)

58 dB (exact depends on the model)



Varies with models

Varies with models

Varies with models

Customer support


Good to Excellent



Note that I made this table by analyzing different review platforms and specifications of the generators. These are my average ratings, and some may disagree with them.

Still, there is no denying that Honda makes the best generators in the market.

So, if you have made up your mind to purchase them, then I have two suggestions for you. One is for those who prefer features, and one is for those who have a tight budget. Let’s delve further.

Which Are the Best Honda Generators?

I have picked two Honda generators for you- one has the most features while the other is also good (but affordable).

Honda EU 2200 ITAN1 2200- The Best Honda Generator


  • Weight: 47.4 pounds
  • Wattage: 2200
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Tank volume: 0.95 gallon
  • Starting system: Recoil
  • Displacement: 121 cc
  • Color: Red and black

Honda EU2200I is an upgraded version of the EU2200 and is considered one of the best portable generators anyone can buy. It powers 10 percent more than many popular generators out there. But that’s not it. You can connect it to any regular EU2200i generator if you ever need to power more.

The design is also compact. It’s lightweight, so you can relocate it anywhere you like too.

In addition, Honda EU2200I is Bluetooth-enabled. Suppose you want to turn off the generator. You can do this wirelessly by sitting on your chair.

Another thing I like about Honda EU2200I is that it has CO-minder, which assesses the carbon monoxide situation in the air and alerts you about it.

So, it’s definitely a great choice!



Lightweight and easy to carry

Goes out of stock quickly.

Low noise levels


App supported


CO-Minder included


Honda EU1000i- The Most Affordable Honda Generator


  • Weight: 28.7 pounds
  • Wattage: 900 watts
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Engine: 4 stroke
  • Color: Red

EU1000i is a great option for those who have a tight budget but still want to get their hands on a top-quality generator. This one has inverter and fuel-efficiency technologies. It can keep running for more than 8 hours on a single tank.

Plus, it also gives oil alerts whenever the fuel is low.

One more thing to like about EU1000i is that it has an eco-throttle system, which makes it an eco-friendly choice as well.




No Bluetooth

Ideal for outdoor activities


No irritating noises


It gives you low-fuel alerts


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Final Words

All-inclusive, there are many reasons which make Honda generators more expensive than others. The biggest one is that the company uses high-quality components in manufacturing.

In addition, Honda also includes the latest technologies and safety features, which come at a cost.

Furthermore, R & D investment and high demand also play a part in deciding the money on the price tags.

If you prefer features, then go for EU2200I. If you want something affordable, then EU1000I is for you.

However, Honda generators stay good for more years than other generators, so they are worth the investment.

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