Why Are Honda Generators So Expensive?

Why Are Honda Generators So Expensive

Honda is among the top brands in the industry of manufacturing portable generators. For almost 60 years it has been considered the market leader because of its high-quality generators in the market that runs for a long time.

Honda generators are expensive because they are designed with modern technology. Besides they are also durable and they cannot be beaten in terms of reliability. This is not wrong to say that Honda generators can work under any kind of circumstances including natural circumstances, climatic changes like floods or hurricanes, and unexpected tragedies.

People when buying a generator or considering buying a Honda generator usually think if it is worth the investment or why is it so expensive if it also functions the same? Should they buy one? And if they should consider another cheaper alternative? These questions are natural. No one wants to spend their hard-earned money randomly. Wise customers always conduct market research before making a final decision.

Let’s have a look. What are the qualities that make a Honda generator expensive and shall you pay for it or not?

Let’s first know more about Honda.

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About Honda

Honda jumped into the market in September 1948, with the name of Honda Motor Company. Primarily the company came into the market just to manufacture different kinds of power products for the vehicles including motorcycles, and automobiles.

In 1973 the business manufactured its first-ever generator considering the extreme weather conditions of the USA and launched it in the US market. The life-saving gadget soon became a necessity of many US households because of its extreme durability and reliability. Soon the Honda generators were sold out to the worldwide markets.

At the moment the generators of the brand are manufactured in eleven countries of the world and exporting them worldwide.

The company’s generators are the most demanded brand of generators across the globe. Let’s read why? the most demanded generators in the world.

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Why are Honda generators so expensive?

Why Are Honda Generators Expensive

We all know that good quality comes at a high price. Honda is a premium brand, which makes it high in price. But other multiple features make a huge price difference between the generators of Honda and other brands.

Latest technology

The most important factor that makes a Honda generator expensive is that it is equipped with the latest technology. The brand is famous for integrating the most modern technology in its generators as quickly as possible and launching them in the market before any brand.

For instance, in the late 1980s, Honda launched its first inverter generator. Now, each model of generator has an inventor. The purpose of an inventor is to level out electricity from the coils of the generator. This produces a waveform that is similar to the power from a household outlet. This makes the generators run the household electrical appliances.

Though the grand models of the brand don’t have an inverter installed in them, they are equipped with voltage controllers. This provides a smooth flow of electricity and minimizes the chances of wear and tear.


Honda manufactures the most durable generators in the market. That’s the reason, its generators are expensive. Of course, no one would want to invest in a gadget that does not last for long and runs out of service in the time of need.

For the durability of a generator, it must be professionally intelligent and shall also be secured with any kind of enclosure. Honda knows this fact, and most of the Hondas models are equipped with these qualities.

People invest in the Hondas generators as they are durable and this high demand encourages the brand to take advantage of its position in the market and sell its life-saving equipment at a high price in comparison to others.


The company’s generators are also known for their reliability. Reliability means performing well consistently. Reliability makes sure that a generator runs under all kinds of circumstances.

Most of the Hondas generators are appreciated highly in terms of reliability. The public trusts those gadgets that are durable and reliable.

Safety Characters

Though a generator is life-saving equipment, if not handled or used properly it can be dangerous too. That’s the reason most of the generator manufacturing companies have introduced generators that are equipped with the safety features and parts that give maximum protection to the owners.

Almost every model of the Hondas generator is equipped with safety features that make them the most reliable life-saving gadgets. These features also aid the market value and high prices of the brand.

Quiet Operation

Generators are noisy. The kind of power they produce makes them noisy. Usually, a generator makes a noise between 70dB and 100dB that can be heard from 20 feet away. This noise becomes irritating if it is installed inside the premises of the home. In some cases, it also leaves the neighbors complaining too.

The generators of Honda are considered the quietest generators in the market. These generators are equipped with a special kind of mechanism that reduces the level of noise to a major extent. The maximum noise level of one of the Hondas generators is just 76 dB. are environment friendly and even the household or neighbors are also happy.


An engine is the most important component of a generator. If the engine is strong and durable, the generator would run for a long. That’s the reason, all the Honda generators are equipped with engines that are designed with environmentally friendly 4-stroke technology. This is modern-day technology and lets a generator start and operate smoothly.

Carbon monoxide is a life threat for generator users of any scale. Honda cares about your life and its latest models are designed with a CO-MINDER system. The engine of the generator shuts down automatically with the help of the installed CO-MINDER system if the level of CO emissions increases.

Regulation of voltage

The latest models of the Honda generators are designed with the new Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulation technology. This feature makes the generator regulate the fluctuations in power, which shuts down the generator and the connected appliances. In some cases, the power fluctuations can also damage the generator.

These features also play an important role in increasing the prices of the brands’ generators.


People usually prefer to invest in a portable generator. They believe a portable generator is easy to move and can be adjusted according to the weather conditions or personal preferences. Honda generators are designed considering easy transportation.


All the models of the company are launched in the market after they meet the CARB emissions requirements. This certification makes sure that you can use the generator safely anywhere. The commercial generators of the brand also meet the requirements of the OSHA, LA-ETL, and ANSI, while the latest models also have the outlets of GFCI.

These certifications rely on the generator owners to get the brand portable generator for their dwellings or offices and while considering all the safety regulations. Very few other brands of generator producers could maintain the requirements of OSHA and LA-ETL. Thus the Honda generators are a bit pricey than others.

Customer Service And Support

People when investing in an expensive machine normally prefers to buy the brand that offers reliable customer services and also the parts of the machine are easily available in the market.

While most of the other brands of generators lack their spare parts available in the market. Especially they are not available at the local spare parts shop. While in most cases, newer manufacturers of generators usually disappear after a few years and so as their spare parts. If this happens in your case, your huge investment would be ruined.

Honda is known for its customer dealership networks including shops and company-owned stores across the globe. The parts of the oldest and latest models of Honda generators are available in the market. The company provides first-class services for any repair or replacement. Excellent customer service and support make it a high-priced brand in the market.


Mankind has become so much dependent on this man-made lifesaving equipment and electricity and electrical appliances, that power failure is almost unbearable for them. Imagine our daily necessities rely upon multiple electrical appliances like our smartphones, laptops, cooling of heating systems, fridge, TV, etc. In this condition, it is wise to invest in a generator either portable or stationary to make your life easy and avoid a tough situation in case of a power failure.

Today realizing the need, multiple companies have launched their own manufactured generators. Among them, Honda managed to acquire a large market share in different countries across the globe. Honda is the true reflection of a famous phrase, “Quality over quantity”. This means though the Honda generators are high in prices in comparison to other brands, we believe the company’s generators are worth paying for.

Concluding that the major reasons behind the price difference between Honda generators and other manufacturers are the quality and reliability. It is wise to pay more at the moment and make it a lifetime investment.

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