Does a Predator 9000 Generator Charge its Own Battery?

Does a Predator 9000 Generator Charge its Own Battery

Generators work as lifesavers if you live in places with electricity shortages. It provides you with efficient electrical energy consuming low fuel. Hence, you don’t have to worry about fuel bills. There are multiple generator brands in the market offering various products. Each generator is different from the other in features and shape.

If we look at predator generators, then they are noise-free, highly efficient, and can support your house, offices, and institutes for 6 to 12 hours. That’s the reason you should invest in buying a predator generator. Some generators charge their battery independently, and some need an additional battery source.

This article will answer your question: does a predator 9000 generator charge its own battery? So let’s dig further!

Does the Predator Generator 9000 Charge its Own Battery?

Does the Predator Generator 9000 Charge its Own Battery

No, predator generators don’t have a self-charging battery feature. That means the predator generator 9000 also lacks the potential to charge its battery. It doesn’t matter which model of generator you buy; you have to consider buying a battery with it too. The predator generators have two types of charging inlets: internal and external.

Some generators come with DC cables, and you charge the generator internally. However, most portable generators charge through external outlets: wires. You can also use DC cables for portable generators as it helps the battery last longer and enhances the generator’s efficiency.

Connecting an automatic charger permanently to the battery can help overcome the charge shortage. Although predator generators are costly, they are worth the money. You can easily set up these generators without any hustle.

Basic Accessories for a Predator Generator

Does the Predator Generator 9000 Charge its Own Battery

Currently, the predator generator sells almost three accessories for their generators. You can use these accessories to move and run your generator smoothly. These accessories include two unique styles of 8 inches flat wheels. These wheels easily fit all the predator generator models. So, you don’t have to worry about the fit and size.

Besides, these smoothly running wheels convert your importable generator into a portable one. The second accessory is the adjustable steel handle. Moreover, if you are looking for something to make the generator sturdy and stationary.

The third accessory includes an RV-ready parallel kit. The purpose of this kit is to double the power output of your inverter generator. So, you can run more appliances without worrying about voltage dropping. It is suggested to buy these accessories with your generator as they can serve you in the long run. However, it is not compulsory to buy them immediately. You can buy it later as per your needs.

Does a Predator 3500 Generator Support all Electronic Devices?

No, a Predator 3500 W isn’t enough if you want to run heavy electronic devices. However, options like Predator 8750 and 9000 can solve this problem. These generators keep your other appliances, like the refrigerator, microwave, etc., running smoothly. The new models with huge watts also last longer than a small watts generator like this Predator 3500.

In case of emergencies like storms, this generator saves you from taking shelter in nearby hotels. You can turn on your favorite Predator generator model and enjoy time with your family in the comfort of your home. This comfort is because the generator helps run all the essential appliances of your home.

How Does a Predator 9000 W Generator Benefit Your Business?

It doesn’t matter what business you are doing; you need electricity to keep the appliances and essential tools running. For example, if you are a contractor working on a new building or site, you need electric tools running all the time. Otherwise, the work can face unusual delays making you feel distressed and desperate.

That’s where a 9000 W predator generator helps you. It needs gas as fuel for smooth running. You can charge its battery to complete and enjoy a maximum of 6 hours (with all tools running) and 12 hours (with half tools running). So, you can complete your projects and contracts within minimum time efficiently.

Does a Predator 8750 Peak Prevent Your Appliances from Damage?

It may surprise you, but a predator 8750 generator can prevent your home from any damage. Yes, you heard it right. If you are on tour and there’s an electricity shortfall back in your home area, a portable generator can save your appliances from getting damaged. The generator automatically takes charge of all the electronics when a power outage happens as it has 7000 running watts.

So, your appliances run smoothly and don’t get burnt. Besides preventing damage, the generator keeps your food fresh. Don’t know how? The predator 8750 generator keeps your fridge running despite a severe power outage. Hence, when you return home, you can savor the fresh food and juices. It also gives your home odorless air by keeping the HVAC system on. Isn’t it amazing?

Can you Use a Predator Generator for Recreational Activities?

Yes, you can buy any Predator portable generator for recreational activities. Portable generators are easy to use and move. So, you can take them with you on your next family tour. An efficient predator portable generator supports your mini-fridge and microwave while camping. You can put your food and meat in it. Therefore, you get the comfort of your home and don’t have to spend extra bucks on food.

Other than that, you can use it for your work. Yes, in this technology-revolutionized world, you must send necessary emails and engage in meetings. On tour, it is only possible if you have a Predator Portable Generator. You can charge all your devices and work tension free.

Similarly, you can use this highly functioning portable generator for an outdoor wedding. This fantastic generator can handle all the lighting and foggy environment.

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Maintenance of a Predator Generator

Change the Oil

Changing the oil can increase your inverter’s lifespan and is among the easiest ways to maintain your generator. However, you can’t just buy any oil randomly and fill it in on your device. Consult a professional and get the necessary guidance. How frequently should you change the oil? It depends upon three factors:

  • The environment of generator operation.
  • Type and model of your generator
  • Total usage of your generator

If you need an idea, it is suggested to change the generator oil within 50 to 200 hours of operation.

Clean its Parts

The generator primarily works on two parts: stator and rotor. These parts are located inside the generator. If you place your generator in a dusty area, the dust can accumulate inside these parts, reducing the overall efficiency of the generator. That’s why you should clean its parts more often.  For more about Audio gadgets, check out

For this purpose, check your generator’s air filter and clean it using a soft brush. Once cleaned properly, the working will be back to 100%. Generators that aren’t in dusty areas also need proper cleaning. When to clean it? You can check the generator’s air filter; if it has debris, the generator needs cleaning.

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Generators are the need of the current world. You can’t properly function without a generator as there can be unannounced power outages at any time. You can try the predator 9000 generator for this purpose. We hope this article provides an appropriate answer to your question: Does a Predator 9000 Generator Charge its Own Battery? uses affiliate links (No Additional Cost For You). As an Amazon Associate, I earn when you purchase Using My Affiliate Link. Learn more.


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