Where Are DuroMax Generators Made? (Which Models To Buy)

Where Are DuroMax Generators Made

It is always a good idea to know where the generators are made and which models are the best ones before making a purchase. This is what I do too! But when it comes to DuroMax, everything gets interesting.

DuroMax generators are made in California, USA with head office in Ontario. From there, DuroMax manufactures top-quality models like XP5500, XP13000, ZP9000i, and many more.

But wait, Don’t go anywhere. I have gathered all the exciting info about DuroMax and shortlisted the best Duromax generator models for you after weeks of research.

Where Are DuroMax Generators Made?

Where Are DuroMax Generators Made

DuroMax generators are mainly assembled in the USA. The company has headquarters in California, and this is where most of the parts are manufactured. However, there are also some overseas contracts for motors, pumps, and other accessories.

But rest assured- DuroMax is an American company.

Are DuroMax Generators Manufactured in China?

People often ask me whether the DuroMax generators are made in China or not. Well, you can relax, as these generators are of “Californian origin.”

Wondering where in the State?

Well, ever visited Ontario? This is California’s city where the DuroMax plant is situated. The company has been manufacturing generators from this place since 2003.

Which DuroMax Generator Should You Buy? Consider These Factors

Are you a little confused about which DuroMax generator you should get? Well, it happens! Getting the right generator makes life easy. Therefore, I suggest you consider the following factors before making a decision.

Decide Which Things You Want to Power Up

Before buying a generator, I always suggest my readers first sit down and write the appliances they want to power up with it.

If you want to run bigger machines, then go for such generators that have above 400 cc engines and advanced technologies.

But if you only want to keep the light bulbs and fans on, then there is no need for any expensive generators. In this case, getting a portable one is recommended.

Know the Features

Another crucial thing you should check before purchasing a generator is to read all about its features. Maybe you really need some of them. For example, some people don’t have natural gas supply lines connected to their homes. In this situation, getting a propane generator is the best thing to do.

Similarly, some people live in congested areas where ventilation is not proper. For them, getting a generator that has CO alert technology is a must. It is because this device releases Carbon monoxide, which is extremely harmful to us.

Keep in mind that the generators release it in really small amounts, which does not hurt. But if the ventilation is poor, the gas can build up in the air, which will become a health hazard.

Therefore, analyze the area where you will put the generator and then decide which one to get.

Furthermore, I recommend you consider remote control, digital portability, tank size, and other features before placing an order.

Check Your Budget

Perhaps the most important thing to do before clicking the “Place order” button is to check how much money you have.

For those who have tight budgets, I always recommend DuroMax XP12000. But if you have a few hundred bucks to spend, then go for the ones that offer the best features (which I have discussed above).

Analyze Reviews and Ratings

Lastly, I suggest you read the reviews and see the ratings of the generator before buying. The ones I have discussed above all have received positive feedback from different review platforms, so you can trust these devices.

After considering all the things, making a decision about which DuroMax generator to buy will be a piece of cake!

What Are the Best DuroMax Generators to Buy?

Where Are DuroMax Generators Made

DuroMax has launched a series of generators, but I have shortlisted those that are the best ones (just for you). Let’s dive further.

DuroMax XP5500Eh- Best For Small Homes


  • Weight: 124 pounds
  • Wattage: 500
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Output Wattage: 5500 watts
  • Amperage: 37.50A / 18.75A
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline/Propane
  • Engine displacement: 224 cc
  • Tank: 3.9 gallon
  • Start type: Electric/Recoil
  • Recommended for: Residential

DuroMax XP5500 is a perfect generator for powering small and medium-sized homes. It can handle heavy loads, so you can run any home appliances you want. In fact, I have seen people using Air conditioners and refrigerators at the same time on DuroMax XP5500.

The reason behind this tremendous performance is the DuroMax 224cc OHV engine, which I think is one of the best in the generator industry.

There is also MX2 technology. You can simply choose between 120 and 240 V and start powering the home.

Don’t worry; this generator does not consume much fuel.

As a matter of fact, it is made with “Dual-fuel Technology,” which means you can use two types of fuel- Gasoline and Propane.



Reliable and durable

No oil alerts

All metal construction


Runs on both gas and propane


Powerful engine


GFCI protected outlet


DuroMax XP13000E- Perfect for Bigger Homes and RV


  • Weight: 236 pounds
  • Wattage: 13000 watts
  • Voltage: 240 V
  • Engine: 500 cc
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Tank: 8.3 gallon
  • Color: Blue & black

The DuroMax XP13000 is my first choice for powering big homes and RVs. It is because this generator has a 4-stroked and 500 cc engine that can bear heavy load without any issue. It can generate plenty of power (13000 wattage), which means you can run bigger appliances like refrigerators easily.

I know- most people worry that big generators cause more noise and pollution. That’s not the case with XP 13000. This generator is both EPA and CARB-approved. That’s why you can use it in all 50 states of the USA without getting into legal trouble.

Furthermore, another thing to like about XP13000 is its metal construction. I know it weighs a little more than average generators due to the metal body, but it also means this machine is durable. To my knowledge, this generator can run smoothly for four to five years easily.

That’s not it. Its parts are also easily available in the market/online. So, if it ever malfunctions, you can get its new parts instead of buying a new generator.



Easy to start

A little heavier.

Includes digital multimeter


Super powerful engine


EPA and CARB approved.


Low noise levels


DuroMax XP12000HX- Most Affordable


  • Weight: 222 pounds
  • Wattage: 12000 watts
  • Running wattage: 9500 watts
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Fuel type: Gasoline and Propane
  • Engine: 457 cc
  • Start type: Electric/recoil
  • Color: Blue

DuroMax XP12000 is a top-notch digital generator that you can control with just your fingertips. You can simply start it by hitting a “Push button” and stop it in a similar way. The interface also allows you to switch the fuel types from gasoline to propane (and vice versa) within seconds.

Another thing I like about DuroMax XP12000 is that it includes CO Alert technology. It’s impressive because even some of the expensive generators don’t have this feature. Yet, DuroMax chose to add it to XP12000.

Here’s what it does. This technology sends a signal to the generator to shut down when the carbon monoxide level rises in the air. So, it protects your health!

But don’t think that DuroMax compromised on other things. This generator has all copper wirings, which means you won’t face sparking and other issues with it in most cases.



Simple to operate

Can face trouble starting if the temperature drops really low

Does not wear and tear quickly


Includes four GFCI outlets


Can run on two types of fuel


Less fuel consumption


DuroMax XP4400E- Best Gas-Powered Portable Generator


  • Weight: 127 pounds
  • Wattage: 400 watts
  • Output wattage: 4400 watts
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Tank: 3.9 gallon
  • Engine: 210cc
  • Color: Blue and black

DuroMax XP4400 is one of my favorite gas-powered generators out there. The engine is 210cc, but it can fire up big appliances and high-amperage power tools seamlessly. The MX2 technology also allows it to run like a workhorse.

But there’s more. The reason I shortlisted this DuroMax generator is that it includes low oil alerts. You can re-fill gasoline or shut down the generator when it runs low on fuel. Most other generators don’t have this feature. And let me tell you this- the chances of wear and tear are more when you keep the generator running on low or no fuel.

So, is that it? Nope!

The copper wiring and metal construction also make it perfect for powering RVs too.

On top of all, XP4400 also has SurgeArrest technology, which allows it to run smoothly.




Does not give CO alerts

Available in two colors


Includes MX2 and Surge Arrest technologies


Low oil shutoff


DuroMax XP9000iH- Best for Commercial Use


  • Weight: 253 pounds
  • Wattage: 9000 watts
  • Output wattage: 9000 watts
  • Voltage: 240 V
  • Engine: 459 cc
  • Fuel type: Gasoline and Propane
  • Color: Blue
  • Warranty: 3 years

DuroMax XP9000 has matchless features. Let’s start with fuel first. The generator has “Dual fuel technology,” which gives you freedom about which fuel to use.

Plus, it is designed with cutting-edge engineering, which is why it consumes less fuel than other generators too.

In addition to it, DuroMax XP9000 uses inverter technology to provide seamless and clean power.

But the main reason I suggest this generator for commercial use is that it saves time and enhances productivity. How?

Well, the workers can operate it with a remote control. There is no need to go near the generator and then push the button. So, lots of time is being saved, which can be spent on other productive things (which boost business growth).

There’s more.

DuroMax XP9000 has CO-Alert technology. The generator powers off automatically when carbon monoxide accumulates near it. So, it will maintain your and your worker’s health. Getting this generator will also give the message that you care about your workers and family members.



Runs on two fuels

Have to clean air filter often

Includes CO alert technology


Digital control center supported


Easy to transport


Low noise level


DuroMax XP11500EH- Best For Recreational Activities


  • Weight: 224 pounds
  • Wattage: 5250 watts
  • Voltage: 240 V
  • Output wattage: 11500 watts
  • Fuel type: Gasoline and Propane
  • Tank: 8.3 gallons
  • Engine: 457 cc
  • Start type: Electric/Recoil
  • Color: Green and black

DuroMax XP11500 is the last model I have for you. The reason I shortlisted XP11500 is the wide selection of outlets, which are:

  • GFCI outlets
  • Twist lock
  • Digital voltmeter

Note that XP11500 starts at 11500 watts and then runs at 9000 watts. So, you can power literally anything you want. The 457 cc engine can bear loads of every type of appliance during a power outage.

In addition, this generator also supports low oil shutoff. Therefore, it is durable!

Moreover, XP11500 stays quiet when running. I was standing near it and having a normal conversation with a friend. Our voices were louder than what the generator was producing.

Some of you might now be thinking- “This generator looks too heavy.” Well, it sure has some weight, but it is super easy to transport. The wheels attached to it run smoothly when you give it a little push.

Long story short, getting XP11500 is a decision that you won’t regret later!



Large fuel tank

No Idle control

8 hours runtime on 50 percent load


No flat tires


Has fully loaded power panel


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Final Words

DuroMax generators are manufactured and assembled in California (but some parts are made overseas). The company has been delivering the best generators in the market since 2003 and has already sold thousands of units.

In this article, I shortlisted the best DuroMax models you can buy. Here’s the list:

Each of these DuroMax generators is full of features and provides the best experience. So, get them and make your life easy!


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