Why Won’t My Generac Generator Start?

Why Won't My Generac Generator Start

Having a Generac generator in hand is the most feasible option when you are out of electricity. Several electronic compliances can be run on it easily. However, users often face trouble while starting their Generac generator, and it seems like the generator is broken down. So it creates a little frustration when your generator won’t start when you need it the most, and you can’t reach out to any professional as well.

However, you can start your generator yourself by applying some troubleshooting methods. Coming up next, we’ve enlisted the effective tips after great research. These are quick and easy ways to fix your generator by yourself. Make sure you read the instructions carefully and apply a proper method for it. So without any further delay, let’s get straight into it.

What Are The Remedies To Start A Generac Generator

Why Won't My Generac Generator Start

Often generators break down due to minor malfunctions, and there is no need to call for professional assistance at an initial stage. Instead, there are some effective solutions that you can do yourself and save your money.

Here is a list of home remedies you can apply to start your generator. Check it out!

(Note: Make sure there is no appliance or extension cord connected to the generator while starting)

  • Fill Correct Fuel
  • Check Valve
  • Oil
  • Check Spark Plug
  • Ignition Coil
  • Carburetor Clogged

Fill Correct Fuel

Here is the first and the most common cause why Generac generators don’t start. Calling a professional service dealer would cost you considerable bucks, but before that, ensure you fill the correct fuel in it. There are two cases when your generator doesn’t work,

First, when your generator contains fuel for more than 30 days without the oil stabilizer. Second, when your generator contains fuel for more than 6 months with a stabilizer. Either way, the carburetor gets contaminated, and the generator stops working.

So make sure you fill the correct fuel in the tank, which is 87 octane or higher; similarly, avoid pouring mixture for two-cycle engines.

Check Valve

The moment you fill the correct fuel, look at the valve as well. Valve allows the fuel to regulate in the engine, so ensure it is on properly. Often people keep it partially on, which could damage the carburetor, so keeping it properly on is necessary.

But if you don’t use the generator consistently, it’s better to keep it off. The unnecessary fuel flow leads to a carburetor mess, which could cost you a considerable amount.


Determining the oil level is another solution to starting your generator. Sometimes generators don’t run due to insufficient oil. So in case your generator doesn’t work, check out the oil level.

Ensure your Generac generator is on flat ground before checking the oil level. This will make it possible for the oil sensor to accurately identify whether there is sufficient oil to power the generator. Under the oil cap, the oil sensor is fastened. “H” and “L” stand for high and low oil levels, respectively.

If your appliance has run out of oil, unscrew the oil cap and properly refill it.

Check Spark Plug

Spark plugs that are disconnected frequently cause generators to malfunction. So, if you’re unsure of the cause of your generator’s malfunction, it may be a spark plug. Check the spark plug whether its wear or tear?. If the porcelain insulator is cracked, an electrode is destroyed or burned away, or there is a large carbon buildup at the electrode, replace the spark plug.

With a tester, you can examine the state of the spark plug defect. When the engine turns, a powerful spark should be visible between the tester’s terminals. If there is no spark, the spark plug is likely broken and has to be replaced.

Ignition Coil

Check your ignition coil’s functionality after looking over the spark plug. The ignition coil sends energy to the spark plug when the engine runs. If the ignition coil was damaged, the engine might not start. Before changing the ignition coil, make sure the spark plug is operating properly.

After confirming that the spark plug is operating properly, test the ignition coil with an ignition coil tester. If the ignition coil is damaged, replace it. Don’t bother contacting for expert assistance because you can replace it yourself with ease.

Carburetor Clogged

Among all the possible reasons, carburetor clogs are the most frequent. Perhaps the carburetor is blocked and needs to be clean. The most frequent reason for blocked carburetors is prolonged fuel storage in generators. . Over time, some of the components of the gasoline may evaporate, leaving behind a thicker, stickier substance.

This slimy fuel might clog the carburetor and prevent the engine from starting. If the carburetor is blocked, try cleaning it using a carburetor cleaner. If cleaning the carburetor doesn’t work, it must be completely replaced or rebuilt.

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Wrapping Up

Why Won't My Generac Generator Start

So these were some of the possible reasons behind a broken Generac generator. Before rushing to the service agent, try the solutions mentioned earlier.

Check the generator to see whether it will now start to operate once you’ve completed all the troubleshooting stages. But first, remember that your generator is not connected to any devices or extension cables.

Try to start your generator after unplugging all the electronics and extension cables. If you’re using a pull card to start the engine and it won’t turn, you may either remove the spark plug to let the pressure buildup in the engine out or wait for around 30 minutes for the pressure to go away on its own.

Make sure the battery is charged and properly attached if you’re utilizing the electric starter.

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How To Charge Battery Of Generac Generator?

Often the dead battery is why your generator is out of order. So if you want to charge your battery, here is the answer.

So to charge a Generac generator battery, you need to carefully and securely connect your battery to your device in order to charge a Generac generator battery. Next, connect one end of your generator’s wall charger to an outlet and the other to the charging port on the device. Make sure you have access to utility power to charge the device.

What Happens When The Power Comes Back?

Your generator might sustain significant damage if the electricity is restored while back feeding. Always maintain electrical isolation between the generator and the Energex or Ergon Energy electrical system to prevent back feeding.

Can We Use Carburetor Spray For Cleaning?

Yes, you can use a carburetor cleaner spray for dusting out purposes. The carburetor cleaner can be sprayed right into the carburetor’s body. Simply take the carburetor out of the generator and spray the carburetor cleaner on the targeted areas to get rid of any muck and filth.

What Does Green Blink Mean On Generac Generator?

The Green light on the generator refers to the proper functioning of the generator. So it means it’s working just fine. The yellow signal indicates to do a checkup. In other words, it indicates that maintenance is required.

However, the red signal is alarming, meaning you must stop it immediately and inspect the problem. Also, don’t just rely on the home remedies and call a professional if needed.

Hope this article will prove helpful to you.

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